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Mountain Men: BRUTAL WINTER STORM Brings Dangerous Conditions (Season 11)

The team works on securing a permanent outpost ahead of a major winter storm, in this clip from Season 11, “Forever Free.”

Yeah these are ready these strings are really tight that’s just right for de herron yeah if we get these down out here we bring the other two skins in and get them dry most of the hides that we tan go to the trading post will if it makes rawhide knife sheets and lines them with our brain tan buckskin the hides have been drying by the stove for several days but

Before they can be cut off the rack and stored all the hair has to be removed all right grandma a couple of scrapers we’ll get at it thanks the primitive scrapers are crafted from elk antlers and fashioned with a steel blade which does the dirty work not only does it kick the hair off but it takes the epidermis layer off the leather at the same time so it has

To be a very sharp blade that you use the sharper the better once fully de-haired the hide can later be brain tanned into soft leather did we get to our 300 000 scrapes i think we must be pretty close well we tend to go and you’re done okay all right well let’s cut this sucker down and fold it up okay it’s lots of hard work to do this but that’s what it’s

All about all right we just need to bring them other two skins in it’s a good haul for a single day and a promising start for an all new season in the mountains all right it’s a crazy thing to do but i love what i do so i’m gonna keep doing it as long as i can they all need to dry your stove all set yeah okay let’s go home there isn’t a day it goes by like wow i

Got all this to do you know that’s what keeps me ticking while the mild temperatures of fall linger across much of the country winter is closing in fast in the wind river range i’ve got to get this cabin moved asap because last night it dropped 10 inches of snow and i don’t know when the next storm is going to be coming in and how much snow it’s bringing with

600 bison to protect this winter josh is planning on creating a permanent outpost deep in the heart of the herd and now in the wake of the storm the job just became priority number one i’ve got my wife bonnie charles my father-in-law he’s here to help also my buddy randy’s going to be here so it’s going to be a community effort for sure so guys what we’re going

To do is we’re going to shore this up i want to put a board here and a board here and i want to keep that structure intact the cabin is a twenty thousand pound one hundred and fifty year old homestead that currently stands uninhabited on the outskirts of the ranch if josh can move it three miles it could become a new outpost that will help him protect the herd

Last year we had major issues with predators golly this is a yearling cast this is definitely wolves it’s a day-to-day struggle so i set up a teepee and staying in that teepee made me realize how important it is for my presence to be out there the cabin is a far better long-term solution than a tp so we’re going to do these braces on every corner but brittle

With age it has to be well prepped before they can even attempt to lift it onto a flatbed trailer all right we’re going to do these other corners now one wrong move and the entire structure could collapse we’re talking about lifting a 20 000 pound log home and you don’t just lift that up off the ground i’ve got to make sure that the structure is sound perfect the

Weakest point on this cabin is the front where there’s a door and two windows by using the angle with these two by eight boards on the front of this cabin it’s adding strength josh’s friend randy helps install the final layer of bracing we want to put these straps all the way around it to about right here and we want to cinch it up really good and we’ll tighten the

Piss out of it the danger is it could fall apart so we’ve got to be super careful this building hasn’t moved since 1886. it’s seen over 150 winners big moment i’m ready to start stacking cribs man me too all right yeah let’s get her done hey the next challenge is to raise the cabin high enough to get a flatbed trailer underneath think about lincoln logs they’re

Flat lincoln logs and we jack it put more under jack it up put more under step after step we slowly work around the house so far so good about one more we’re gonna be high enough there you go yeah you think we can get a trailer under i think so well i’m gonna go get the trailer and let’s find out sounds good buddy it’s noon by the time they’re ready for the

Flatbed and while snow was their adversary this morning rising midday temperatures have created a new problem the sun is coming out from behind the clouds the snow is melting fast it’s getting muddy and i’ve got to get this cabin on the trailer as fast as i can before we get stuck right now it’s inch by inch josh come on back we’re back we’re back okay cut it

With that way looks good perfect once the trailer is centered the cribs are removed one by one we’re going down watch out i’m all the way off i guess all we got left to do is strap her down and try to get her out of here you ready ah yeah all right we good yeah tight and right slow and easy here we go this cabin is a little over 17 foot wide and we’re not

Driving on asphalt so we’ve got to be super careful we’ve got a journey ahead of us so i’ve got a lot of snow it’s melting fast and it’s really musky and slippery and with a half mile still to go they’re facing their biggest obstacle yet i’ve got to go over a culvert that’s got water running through it so it’s not going to be easy the culvert is a narrow eight

Foot wide land bridge with a six foot drop off on either side randy i need you to go around me in case you need to pull me forward to cross it in these conditions josh needs to balance the speed of his 20 000 pound load with momentum too fast and he could slide off the edge got to catch this culvert just rider gavin’s going in the ditch but too slow and he might

Not make it through the mud here we go come on come on yeah i’m stuck the truck’s not gonna move we’re gonna have to hook up to the forklift to get this cabin across pulling this cabin like this it’s a dangerous move if we get too much speed we’re just going to slide but right now i don’t have any other choice while a forklift can provide a tow it will reduce

Josh’s control over the steering if we lose the cabin here there’s going to be no way to retrieve it the forklift’s telescopic boom allows it to pull from a distance and his dual anchors provide increased traction slow and easy here we go but there’s no telling if it can handle the 20 000 pound load till they give it a go come on pull pull get it low go low

With it go low with it come on baby come on come on come on come on come on pull it pull it pull it pull it pull it pull it pull it we’re good we’re good i love you randy my man my man hey i wouldn’t go that far home is right around the corner i can see the cabin site come on baby the final stretch is a 250 yard push straight up hill i’m almost to the top of

The hill hell yeah we got it we finally made it to the homestead site it feels good to be walking on level country you

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