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MUK LUKS 12 Days of Socks Gift Set on QVC

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Um as you get older advent calendars get juicier and by that i mean like by the time you’re 10 11 12 you’re like okay where’s where’s the chocolate behind the door it doesn’t start out like that it starts out i think with just the purity of the season yeah but advent calendars are really an innate part hi hi um and wiggins of the christmas holidays and you guys your

Feet are about to sing the 12 days of christmas because this is 12 days behind each door mukluk socks we have thank you push it in yeah pull it out we have guys we have gals and we have kids and they’re all on your screen pretty much a one size fits most you’re gonna get out of the 12 pair six will be cute little no shows so think tennis socks but all with holiday

Themes and then look up here six because you’re getting a pack of 12 um will be like a crew or a tall crew they’re a polyspan blend this is a brand new set with the cute advent calendar box that debuted today again choose women men’s or children’s but no size because they’re all essentially stretchy and one size fits most um girl i love this idea and before we’re

Done we are going to sing a little rendition of the 12 days of christmas okay putting it out there okay okay i’m gonna tell her to sleigh bell steve last week his debut he played aladdin at disney for several years did you know that no it’s true major so he’s he can carry a tune anyway tell us tell us about about socks and the 12 days of christmas oh i would love

To so this is the most fun gift to give and i know this because i i mean i’m surprised there’s any left i’ve been ordering these all afternoon for all of my family and friends so everybody gets different socks there’s no repeats in any box and the men’s are different from the women’s are different from the children so if you get one for each person in the family

There will be no repeats but look how fun this is and the numbers you have to sort of like find them on the box as well but i want to point out sean that last year you told us that you had a little bit of a hard time getting that perforation poked out so we put the little finger holes at the top this year so push it in all the way there it is and then just simply

Peel it down and it will come out the box is a beautiful glossy substantial box we made the socks a little bit stretchier a little bit of a silkier hand and i love the vintagey sort of vibe that all of these have so whether you’re you’re thinking about something for your family maybe like me you have some friends that are just going through some rough health times

What a spectacular thing to send them so that every day they have something to look forward to as they’re recovering from their surgery and anne whose husband is a pastor uh tell everybody what the cardinal is symbolic of i believe that people think that the cardinal is sort of a nod from your loved ones who have passed on is that correct right all right girls so

I want you to take us through one by one if you could this is the women’s set men’s and children available also come in the same 12 days of christmas box and again no size to choose for great for gifting because they’re all just really stretchy yeah but the update before anne takes you one by one through what you get in the women’s set for the day over 15 000 sets

Ordered in the men’s 500 left that’s it children’s 700 remain that’s it and the reason why i give you those updates is because there’s one order of the year for this item it debuted today this is it all we got i love that deer um those are the men yeah yep okay so these are fantastic i’m trying to find my favorite oh here it is okay so the men’s this is my favorite

I’m gonna put my hand in it so you can read it um this is oh yeah boss elf right there for the guys so i mean this it’s guys are hard to buy for and quite honestly sometimes children are even a little hard to buy for especially if they don’t live with you you don’t quite know what they want or what they like these days what a great little gift for the kids look

This children wait will you do me a favor yeah the penguins are just two lots of kids and these fit sizes nine to two and a half in children’s and if you have a kid who’s a little bit larger than that just go ahead right on up to the adult sizes because the men’s fit in eight to twelve and the women’s fit um about a six two and eleven oh those are my favorites

They’re gonna take us through the women’s set because remember you get 12 pairs so six are going to be that kind of tall crew and then six are going to be those no-shows that are perfect for sneakers yep all of these obviously could be slipper socks and keep in mind holiday return policy everything this weekend ships for free even bill to ship to if you’ve got

Grandkids somewhere else take me through what’s in at least the women’s side okay okay so you can see on our mannequin legs here we’ve got the the crew socks you’re gonna get this beautiful green snowflake oh i love this one wait is this the one i’m thinking of i don’t know yeah this one has the like the candy canes and stuff on it that’s super super cute um oh

This is the one i was looking for okay so this one has the the coffee it’s got literally like the get it from a coffee shop and it’s got the at-home mug which i think is adorable i love that one i love this one on the little ankle sock the little no-show it’s got the candy cane this one has all kinds of wonderful things sheet on the back just like a great box of

Candy and you know on the front it’ll give you just a hint of what is inside every box so as you kind of open that up and it’s just sold out oh my gosh get over here right now in this pajamas okay she’s got two different socks okay because my new year’s resolution was pretty more eccentric we have five seconds are you ready so good 12 drummers drumming 11. hypers

Piping ten ladies dancing lords of leaping uh and seven swans are swimming five golden rings for halloween there it is oh and that’s why tickets are free thanks girl all right um

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