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MUK LUKS Aloe Infused Cabin Socks Set of 4 on QVC

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And a wonderful value this time of year already 500 sets spoken for it’s a set of four you get four of these always be loved super super cozy cabin socks that are also aloe infused and they have so many great fun colors again four they also have two from tags on them four pairs so four individual gifts get them all for you whatever works but get them now on a black

Friday sale price which will go away and five easy payments in the only order of the year down here is our jewel tones uh you also have your navy set do i have that right or that opposite uh just kidding you know who’s going to come in and wiggins she’s an accessory expert she also knows colors better than i do no that i mean how can you possibly know the jewel

Set is kind of stuff like this so it’s a square it’s a square so you can get the marigold this really beautiful deep red with i love this i know don’t you love the teal with the little buffalo check so that’s jewel yes okay this is navy set right here there’s your navy this one right here is your black set this one right here is your neutral multi with that fun

Pink oh look at that olive that’s great here is your gray set so pretty so smooshy gushy yummy that’s your gray this is your berry set oh but we didn’t forget the men because we also have them in the men’s we have the black set for the men we have the very handsome navy set for the men this one is your gray set 900 is all we have left only order of the year first

Time you’re seeing them this is your multi-set i kind of like that one right there 700 is all we have left in that set and then this one is your green that’s our most limited we only have 400 left oh my goodness look at the little elk that you have right there on that one right away they’re very very popular and brand new today we literally literally

With really quick story here so i’ve never said this on air but a confession is good for the soul my first major airing on qvc we’ll use the music was with these and dan wheeler and they absolutely blew out and i thought it was me i thought it was amazing and now you are well i was thank you i was terrible but but the socks i mean i could have stood there and said

Nothing and these sell out every single year the reason that we have this problem with them selling out so fast is because not only are they the softest sweetest bridge-sizing by the way two sizes we’ll get to that in just a second but they’re infused with aloe on the inside both the men’s and the women’s infused with aloe so it feels so good keeps your foot warm

And you’re also secure as you’re running around those hard surface floors because of the silicone grippies yeah very important to note the silicone grip is on the bottom so you’re not going to slip and slide this is not just a sock this is more the feel of a slipper and you’ve got the grippies there on the bottom um kids love them teens love them adults love them

You know grandparents love them this is absolutely age gender everybody appropriate i’m sure if you gave them to a cat they would love them too i mean honestly that’s how great they are i’m gonna start down here with what we have left we have the men’s and it which is way more limited and you get four pairs so break them up brother husband cousin whatever it might

Be you can break them up or give them all to the man of your dream so he has all of them that one’s the green fewer than 400. this set right here is called the multi you get a little bit of everything 650 that’s our most popular if you like that sweater that i have on we just popped it up it’s from um from peace love world this is the gray fewer than 900 left this

One’s the navy i love that 1500 left that’s a good looking one here’s your black fewer than 2 000. now for the women’s and again one size uh small medium and one size is large extra large right six to eight is our small medium eight and a half to eleven it’s a large extra large berry 2300 left grays we 3200 left neutral multi 3 700 left for the year we won’t get

Any more back in stock black 3 700 is all we have left navy 4 400 is all we have left and then this is your jewel tones we have fewer now than six thousand it’s also free shipping and handling for you today 1300 sets have now been spoken for a lot of people are getting multiples and i’ll say it again it’s the only order of the year so when this huge 49 hour event

With free shipping and handling ends tonight at midnight you’re not going to get free shipping and handling most likely anymore we might have more left but you’ll tack on that that shipping and handling so get them now while we have them let’s go a little bit deeper into sizing because i think we have a graphic oh wonderful yeah maybe we don’t okay i can handle it

I want you to draw well you do not want me to drop him but for the men we have also two sizes so our small medium for the guys is about an eight to a ten and then the large extra large again one size is about a ten and a half to a 12. and they do have stretch i’m holding the men’s by the way this this one is and they have the same faux shearling on the inside my

Husband cannot be without his mukluks cap and socks once they try these it’s true whether you’re a guy or a girl i mean really like you get addicted to these they’re so soft they’re so comfortable and unlike a typical slipper that you would never dream of putting in the washer because it would completely destroy it these you can absolutely put in the washer and

Dryer which means they’ll always be fresh and clean and sweet smelling in addition to just keeping your feet so toasty warm you’re literally the epitome of cozy right now with the socks and then the rope and then beautiful honestly that’s just that’s a dream she’s wearing one from our jewel set in the women’s by the way uh how many now spoken for today here 2300

And climbing is the best place to go you get free shipping and handling and five easy payments on these uh my dad who um currently they split time so just to paint a little bit of a picture 75 years old but he’s still a volunteer firefighter he’s still a marshall at the golf course like this guy is very very active they slip time between living on a boat

In southern california and then living in a lake house in washington they come to my house they’re here last week and they brought he brought his socks with him and he wore them everywhere and it was so funny to see like this big like you know like you know not beefy but you know like he’s a macho guy he’s a guy walking around in his cabin songs nice and cozy it

Was so well you know the thing is that the guys used to steal their gals cabin socks all the time and this is why we started making them for guys because the women were saying can you please help me out here because he’s wearing my pink socks so we made them with all the nice guy colors they have different color faux shearling on the inside depending on the pack

That you buy but they have all the benefits that the ladies have the silicone grippies on the bottom the aloe infusion on the inside and by the way aloe has its own just very very faint fresh fragrance so if you do smell just like oh it smells fresh we didn’t scent them that scent is the aloe infusion and by the way that aloe will wash out a little bit at a time

Every time that you wash it just dissipates a bit don’t put them on heat yeah well that would be i just let mine air dry to be honest with you i think it’s easier on them but but you’ll always have a super sauce let me tell you what we have oh we have left this is the only order of the year brand new today 3 400 sets now spoken for jewel tones are right here so

You get like this mustard this burgundy and then you get these two in your blues 5700 left there there’s your navy all different navy way 3200 left there blacks this this is your neutral multi 3500 is all we have left there there’s your grays fewer than 3 000 those are actually going very very quick look at how fun this gray one is i love that with that chick uh

Barry over here is also very very popular now fewer than 2 000 left they also have your two from tags on them so they’re perfect teacher gifts a bus driver mail carrier yeah hairdresser there’s your black in the men’s 1700 left this is your navy in the men’s 1100 is all we have left as you can tell we’re a little bit more limited in the men’s there’s your grays

Fewer than 800 this one is your multi 500 i like this set and there’s the green fewer than 200. i just love that it has a mousse is that a mousse or an elk yeah but we’ll call it whatever we want i just love that though isn’t that fun they’re just fun they’re whimsical you know we’re a fourth generation family owned company we’ve been knitting socks since 1911

And we started with two brothers in milwaukee wisconsin doing this very thing of course now we’ve incorporated all this technology with the aloe infusion with the silicone grippies on the bottom that means that your foot will not be slipping and sliding around as you’re scooting around those hard surface floors and yes the men’s and the women’s have the very same

Elements to them it’s just that the women’s has a little bit of a notch it’s a more ankle profile and the guys also ankle but maybe just a little bit higher on the leg for the guys sitting by the fire middle of winter or tomorrow when it gets really cold my my brother’s in washington state right now with his girlfriend and he’s like oh yeah there’s snow it’s snowed

We’ve got snow i’m like snow i didn’t know that um it’s it’s upon us friends so it’s time to get those warm and cozies what a great great gift because you get a set of four at 29.98 but it’s the only order of the year and this is our big free shipping and handling event we’re calling it our 49 hour non-stop holiday shopping party did i say those the right words

I don’t know i might have put them out of order you have every right to message but there’s something it’s something like that 5 000 pairs have now been spoken for uh rachel what’s the math uh brown educated smarty pants uh less than four pairs at 29 is how much each none of us seven seven and change right seven dollars and 25 cents yeah with the pinks because

You know i love the blushes yes yeah all these things are so beautiful and what better gift could you give than to warm somebody’s toesies because my feet are always cold i come from minnesota as you know so minnesota minnesota accent comes out and my feet were always always cold so definitely socks and little slippers and fuzzy wuzzies like that was always on

The gift list and i always received a new every christmas so if that’s you if you’re from a place that’s cold i’ve lived in minnesota illinois indiana you of course have lived not in any freezing place southern california northern california las vegas a little bit las vegas gets a little chillier i moved here okay um is do you know how to ice skate though right

Because yeah i was again i was and i ice skater for disneyland disneyland right so your feet got a little cold oh i’m always cold is minnesota like verified like the coldest date i think like it is right don’t you think you think minnesota you think freezing freezing or the dakotas north dakota craig smith he’s saying alaska as well okay continental u.s all right

I mean truth the last time but they’re like way up there i mean seriously if you go to northern northern minnesota it can be like 20 34 degrees below zero and in minneapolis minnesota it gets to 17 degrees below zero so that’s real but listen me from southern california who i get upset when it’s below 70. i need these on my feet too and you know how that goes so is the best place to go in order to get your set you get you get their pears so you’re really getting eight socks you get four pairs of socks how many now spoken for how funny is that over 6 500 only order of the year brand new and we’re getting limited in some of these here’s the green in the men’s it’s now last call this is the multi in the men’s fewer

Than 300 in all men’s we also have these colors the gray 600 hundred left the navy 800 and then also the black wow 1400 we might not be able to have the men’s much pass tonight uh the women’s we have the berry 1600 we also have the gray 2600 the neutral multi that’s my favorite that’s that’s rachel’s favorite three thousand left the black 3 200 we have the navy’s

3 900 and i love these jewels this one makes me happy 5400. if i step out with one of the seven thousand pairs spoken for yeah let’s show them on you i just saw maybe um since i had this on that we would we would just kind of show a different colorway these are my favorite they’re from the neutral model from my set okay thank you very much because i’m a pink oh

Do these ever match your sweater yeah that is really really pretty so if you have somebody who loves pink i mean we’ve got something for her if you have a lady who loves purple we’ve got stuff for her if you have somebody who’s just more about those fall colors i mean the marigold here and the deep red i love that in that jewel set it’s just beautiful so we really

Put something for everybody’s personality and think about color coordinating gifts too so like these with some pink nail polish and a pink philosophy gel or something but you could really do something fun with creating your own like curated gift set and these just make a wonderful part of a spa gift set rachael just asked me because my daughter’s birthday georgia

Uh her birthday is right before thanksgiving and she’s like give me george’s birthday list because she’ll come over for the birthday um you could give her these she can’t get enough of these so if you picked up it had a four gift for one of those yeah okay he loves that oh does she yeah okay cool i totally will um wow and i love that you clarified that the set

Of four is actually four pair yeah eight times it’s not just four sides more than eight would be two thousand eight thousand sets yes navy black neutral multi gray berry in them that’s probably gonna be the first to sell out that berry in the men’s don’t blink because they’re gonna go black navy gray multi last call green okay georgia colorway then which one the

Georgia that’s what i would like okay yeah all right she likes fuzzy cozy stuff okay cool thank you

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