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Must have natural oils for skin Lightening and Skin building

Hey guys welcome to my channel hello hi it’s me hey so today we’re going to be talking about natural oils okay um natural us is a must if you are into skin lining or skin care in general you don’t need to be doing a particular skin lightening routine for you to use skin of natural oils natural oils come in very very handy it’s very healthy it hydrates your skin

It helps you against stretch marks blemishes and every other thing that comes with a day-to-day activities going under the sun coming in contact with harmful chemicals in the air in fact when you step out of your house the air is already so polluted so a lot of things can go wrong so you need to protect your skin and you need to keep your skin hydrated okay and

So the first i’m going to talk about today which is actually kind of like amongst my first uh my top favorite my top three so it will be bio oil okay so bio oil i know who hasn’t heard of bio oil but if you have not heard of bio oil get you some bio oil okay anybody can use bio oil whether you’re light skin whether you’re a medium a tan or dark skin no matter

The race you can use bio oil bio oil is extremely good for your skin i’m just going to read a few things here that bio oil does but before i do that bio oil is very famous for treating for fading stretch marks okay so you can i don’t think you can really treat stretch marks with just oils what you can do is you can fade the stretch marks and then they will have

The same um color as your skin that will have your your skin tone so it will not be too visible but you cannot completely treat stretch marks so bowel oil is known for treating um stretch marks scars uneven skin tone and aging and dehydrated skin which is one of the reasons why i am using this okay i i have been using bio oil for a long time i did stop for like

A year um i don’t know why i did but now i’m getting back to it i use bio oil all of 2018 and 2017 and my skin was looking so nice and flawless and it did help to fade some stretch marks on my skin so if you did watch my previous video that i used graveyard cosmetics it did it really did a number on my skin if you can see from the video my face had a different

Color my skin had a different color my arms had a different color my chest a different color i was so uneven i had an uneven skin tone and i will tell you how this oils help me to balance my skin so if you are into skin whitening we all know that skin whitening agents kojic acid lactic acid glycolic acid hydrokina whatever you’re using whatever you’re into

It dries the skin so you need to hydrate your skin you need to moisturize your skin and this is where these oils come in handy and so um bio oil is not also known to heal scars and um it clears acne scars as well and it balances your skin tone it’s all around a good body lotion okay so um bio oil you can apply it however you want there’s nothing like going

Overboard or don’t put it on your face or don’t put it here or you have to mix it in this bio oil is a natural oil you can apply it on your skin however you want there are no rules with this you can go crazy you can slather it all over your body and be like a greasy donut there are no rules to this okay bio oil is extremely good i love love love by oil is one

Of my favorites so um the next oil we’re gonna talk about will be the sweet almond oil okay this is my third bottle of sweet almond oil so that will tell you how much i use this i mix sweet ammo oil in everything that i use i mix the one time i feel to mix sweet ammo oil in graveyard cosmetics it ruined my skin but i don’t think it’s because i didn’t mix sweet

Ammo maybe it’s just because it was a bad lotion so even if you’re using a lotion that contains hydroquinone which is known for drying your skin my advice would be to add sweet almond oil in it so um sweet ammo oil is known for moisturizing the skin and it says here um sweet ammo oil for nourishing and it promotes healthy looking skin and so it says for skin in

Need of clean and natural nourishment you can use this as a moisturizer and this is 100 pure almond oil this is cold pressed okay cold press so it has not come in contact with heat i got this at amazon for eight dollars and some change okay so let me try to google real quick the uh benefits of sweet amount of you know what i don’t need to because i’ve been using

This for quite some time how did i come up how did i come in contact with su amo it was on youtube so i watched this channel and this girl she was raving about sweet almond oil and then i started watching one channel after another and everyone is talking about sweet almond oil back then i was just using my coconut i was like okay so i’m gonna try sweet almond

Oil and behold it works amazing it makes your skin so soft it gives you that healthy glow and if you are pro mixing your lotions you need this because it will break down any skin reaction that that lotion was supposed to cause on your skin it will completely break it down and you’re not going to have any skin damage or if you were supposed to have skin damage

Because of all the harmful chemicals that you put in your pro mixing this would break it down you might just have only 30 of the damage and you just you know took away the other 70 which is it’s a pretty big deal if you ask me so you need almond oil in your routine this is not an option you need this in your routine there are so many oils you can you can make

Your pick but this one i love this one i will go with this one any time this is from the now brand um a lot of people buy glutathione vitamin c and other supplements from now now they’re on amazon they’re really good they have really good natural products all my oils are from now from now solutions so the next one i’ll move on to is jojoba oil i don’t know do

They say jojoba or jojoba oil i have been trying to get the the right pronunciation for this i have no clue okay talking makes my mouth so dry so the next one this one is jojoba oil jojoba oil i’m just going to read um 13 um benefits of jojoba oil off the internet the first one is it is very moisturizing that’s the first it’s antibacterial because um jojoba

As a knot it contains antimicrobial and anti-fungal properties okay so it also kills for it will kill fungi and bacteria infection on your skin so when you’re doing pro mixing sometimes um if you do not use uh major colors a prism preservator or pretty something to preserve your oil so they might get bacteria or fungi or because of all those things this this

Mixology that we’re doing this chemistry we’re doing in the bathrooms it might make your skin get catch infections easily so jojoba oil works perfect for that it also works for dry skin it’s hypoallergenic okay so jojoba oil essentially is a wax it’s a wax and although it can be absorbed into the skin its waxy nature allows you to create a soothing seal on the

Surface i don’t even know what that means but it sounds good okay and this is the most important one it helps promotes collagen synthesis okay so um the antioxidants in jojoba oil may help your body produce collagen and we all know the importance of collagen right especially if you are into healthy skin care you know that your collagen needs to be top-notch

You need to take collagen peptides or collagen supplements if that’s what you’re into anything that you know strengthens the elasticity of your skin you need it you desperately need it if you’re into skin lightening so this is jojoba oil this jojoba oil is a little bit more expensive than the all the other oil probably because it’s very effective i don’t know

Why maybe jojoba is generally rare i don’t know and so it says it may help speed up a wound healing okay and also it helps to suit eczema psoriasis and other drying skin conditions so if you have dry skin my skin is notoriously dry so i need all those oils when i mix my oil i take a tablespoon of all these oils depending on the quantity but i always go with

Three tablespoons of almond oil for everything for everything so i just put all of them together so this one was eight dollars and it is eight ounces it’s not a lot but little goes a long long way and also um it helps treat acne and it helps for sunburn so if you you can do your skin care at night you can scrub your face you can use your niacinamide you can

Use a retin-a on your face at night and then during the day you use your normal soap and you use jojoba oil on your face it varies from one person to another it might not work for you on your face but for another person it will work so it just depends but this is good for acne and this is good for sun burns so it basically serves as a sun block kind of but not

Really so if you cannot afford um sunscreen you can use jojoba oil for the meantime until you can afford sunscreen but it’s always very important to wear uh protective clothing so the next one we’re gonna move on to will be grape seed oil grape seed oil i love grape seed oil all of these are from now solutions on amazon grapeseed oil is very very good for your

Skin this is cold pressed it’s very moisturizing it gives your skin a very soft texture now one of the good things about grapeseed oil is that it is very light okay it is very light so do not be afraid that it’s going to cook your pores it is very light and your skin will absorb it quickly all right so this one also retails for eight dollars and some change on

Amazon from now solutions um let’s see here benefits of grapeseed oil so when i do my mixtures i always put i take all these oils together like i said before i will put a teaspoon a tablespoon of all the oils and then i will put three tablespoons of my almond oil now i know people who are impatient with skincare they’ll tell you oh it’s gonna it’s gonna slow down

The strength of my lotion it’s really not and even if it does it is a good thing because it allows your skin to you know gradually gradually accept the the new lotion that you are you’ve included to your skin care okay so um great sleep oil makes your skin softer and more elastic still skin elasticity i think this is one thing that all the oils have in common

They’re very good for the elasticity of your skin and when your skin loses its elasticity that’s it you need to work on getting it back because that’s when you start getting um stretch marks you start getting green veins you start getting sunburns because your skin has become so thin and it is there’s no more collagen in your skin so every little thing can irritate

Your skin when i did when i stopped using the oils i had all the stretch marks that’s why i wore these spaghetti straps so i can show you what the results of not using skin building oils are this is one of the results you see right there so um grape seed oil will also um even your skin tone it will protect your skin from sun damage okay so you can use grapeseed

Oil however you want there is like i said all these oils there’s no dose there’s no recommended way of using it but if you want this to really really work i say you put it on your on your skin while your skin is still damp so you don’t let your skin dry all the way so we’re going to move on to the next which is castor oil now castor oil you know a lot of people

Will say castor oil is for most people no casso oil for their hair but you can also use castor oil for your skin not jamaican castor oil jamaican castor oil if you ask me is mostly for your hair but just the regular castor oil you can use it for your skin this is very good for your skin it helps with hydration it will hydrate your skin if you have stretch marks

It will help fade them but with time do not expect any rapid results okay with time keyword time with time it will work okay and the next one will be my carol first things first ignore the fact that my current oil is in a witch hazel a bottle okay i make my my car oil by myself so i need a container to put it in and i found the witch hazel container suitable

For this so this is my carol carol is extremely good okay it’s extremely good especially if you’re into skin lightening it’s one of the the natural skin lighteners out there so the next oil will be coconut oil now for a very long time i always tell people i use coconut oil on my face during the day i still use coconut oil on my face during the day except now

I updated my face routine i add a little bit of sweet almond oil to my coconut oil and rub it on my face during the day and then at night i do all the necessities on my face so um the acne scars are starting to clear up they’re not all gone but they’re starting to go away i will make a separate video on what i do on my face okay so yeah if you are into skin

Lightening please do not forget to include this oils into your routine it will help you a whole lot it will help with your uneven skin tone it will help with a lot of things and especially stretch marks by oil bam this this i need to insist one more time this i don’t even know i don’t even know i’m so happy that when i buy my bio oh you need to see me i’m so

Excited i actually got this one yesterday at walmart it was about 27 or 28 dollars then i found that it’s a little cheaper on amazon but whatever all right guys thank you so much for watching this video i will see you in my next video do not forget to like share and subscribe and also one step at a time skincare it’s not a race it’s a marathon if you try to race

You will damage your skin i have this to prove it you will damage your skin you you will bring a lot of ham to your skin so just take it slow one step at a time you might think it’s not working but it’s actually working okay so just give yourself a break all right thank you so much for being with me today like share and subscribe until the next video it is bye bye from this end

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Must have natural oils for skin Lightening and Skin building By May Skincare