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My Gear – Pacific Crest Trail 2022 – NorCal Tenkara

Hi everyone!

Hi guys norcal 10 car here getting ready to start the pct soon and i wanted to show off some of my backpacking gear in addition to just my fishing gear that i talk about all the time to kick things off my backpack itself i have a gossamer gear mariposa 60 liter it’s pretty big to be honest and when i’m not carrying my bear can which i’ll get to when i’m not

Carrying the bear can it’s often a little too roomy but i do like having the ability for long water cherries and long uh long food hauls my favorite thing about it is i just pop this bad boy out and use that as a sit pad we stop places so that’s really nice i like the easy access on the water bottles you can grab them while you’re walking have some more stuff

Up high big tall side pouch on the um left side here where i usually keep my 10 car rods got a bunch of patches from some friends on here got one for doing the tahoe rim trail 10 car rod co get out and fish one from yonah pax taco flyco dust off fishing he’s one of my buddies and public land cleanup shout out shea but that’s what i’ll be having on my back and

Let me show you what i’ll have inside start things off my tent gossamer gear the two it’s a two-person tent i carry the shelter maddie carries the stove so you won’t see the cooking setup in this but i will make another video about that um it’s a very roomy two-person tent it’s a non-freestanding tent it’s a trekking pole tent so we set it up with our trekking

Poles that we’ll have anyway which i can show you mine right now i have just a couple of fairly budget cascade mountain tech uh i don’t think these are the hiker buddies these are something else but i’ve snapped one of them already and had to replace it but i’ve put a few hundred miles on them easily and they hold up pretty good to rocks and lots of granite my

Sleeping setup let’s see i have my my sleeping pad which is a climate v static climate static v2 sorry they make these things so complicated with the naming um just blow it up lay on it it’s a little noisy when you’re laying around rolling around but some of the other ones are noisier in my opinion so and that’s a good budget one my pillow is just a ultralight

Air core travel pillow from cocoon just super cheap little i think it’s meant for like flying but it’s great just blow it up my quilt is a custom 30 degree bag from ugq outdoors i usually keep it in the stuff sack not when i’m at home i had it in stuff back for the video but it’s a big ol nice fluffy down quilt and this thing probably doesn’t smell the best but

I do love it next up will be my food storage for sections where i need it like the sierra i’ll use a bear can this thing is covered in stickers from the last year everybody if you see one on there tag yourself in the comments or something shout out thank you all so much for all these rad stickers i hate carrying that thing though it’s awful it’s awful and heavy

I much prefer the ursac which is allegedly bulletproof and i kind of believe it because i had an old one that actually some bears tried to get into and they couldn’t so they are bare they’re bear resistant they’re not bear proof because it did crush up a lot of my food but it’s my only it’s a long story we can go into that another time but these things are great

I also like to double them with a smelly proof heavy duty smell smell proof scent proof bag in there zip it up tight put ziploc double that with the ear sack and generally you shouldn’t have anything mess with you hang it in the tree do a simple bare hang pct hang whatever you want to call it if you’d like i can make a quick video on that and gotta have the

Long handle spork it’s very important for getting in those getting in those deep zip locks i’m gonna get into my food in another video so i’ll show you about how i how i cook and how i eat um probably also in the sierras possibly earlier when i get the bear can i’ll get my micro spikes and i can post a picture of how you put those on your shoes and they’re kind

Of like tire chains for your feet they really help a lot in ice they make dangerous i wouldn’t say they make dangerous conditions safe they help a whole lot i have a frog tog emergency poncho it’s just an ultralight poncho for thunderstorms when we do get into washington i don’t have it here apparently but when we do get into washington and some of the rainier

Sections i have real rain gear mountain hardwear jacket and heli hanson pants but the clothing that i’ll be carrying with me for the better most of it is going to be my base layer an audlo long sleeve base layer shirt super warm super nice super light and patagonia base layer pants same thing light warm ideal maddie bought me a melon zahna these things are

Hard to come by here in california so big thank you to her this will be my warm layer and then a puffy in case we get too cold just a simple mountain hardwear down jacket nothing too wild the clothes that i’ll be wearing oh can’t forget also i have a beanie carhartt beanie and hester gloves super warm gloves only they’re not that heavy and they really just they’re

Super warm so when i do get cold but what i’ll be wearing on the day just on the daily patagonia baggies seven inch baggies things are super roomy super breathable and they’re just great and a uv uv sun hoodie i can’t think of a brand of this one any brand is great they’re all they all do pretty much the same thing i don’t know if the spf actually does a whole

Lot but just blocking the sun helps so and then i’ll be bringing three pairs of socks two pairs of sock liners one of each will be on my feet at all times i like darn tough socks they’re a little bit pricey but you get a lifetime warranty with them and they’re good for it because i’ve redeemed i think five pairs now and the injinji sockliners when i did the

Tahoe rim trail i got horrible horrible horrible blisters so ever since i switched to injinji’s that has never happened i’ll probably switch my camp shoes right now i have tevas that are just kind of for when i want to wet weight at camp or something but i don’t want my shoes to be wet the next day or i don’t want to do it barefoot per se i need a pair of camp

Sandals not need want a pair of camp sandals my shoes that’ll be on my feet ultra lone peak fives to start out the trail got this new pair in like gray orange i think they’re pretty sleek i’m excited i’m excited to get those dirty and they pair a pair of gators to keep the rocks out these are just cheap ultra brand gators and cheap sunglasses to protect my eyes

Polarized so i can help see the fish and one of them little neck lanyards because i don’t always like to put on my hat gets weird when you have the sun hoodie on my water system generally i’ll probably have two smart liter smart water life water one liter bottles carry two of those with me probably at all times i might switch down to one liter here and there i

Use a catidine b free water filter super easy just scoop up the water let it trickle in here and just because it’s a nice pliable bag it’s easy to fill up screw that on and you squeeze it out ready to drink nice and easy i like to bring a collapsible cup because i like to have cereal and cocoa and i don’t like to have either of those out of a bag so this nice

Little light collapsible cups really nice clip to one of my shoulders will be my emergency beacon just on the off chance something happens in an unforeseen accident i’ll be able to signal for help in the event of a small incident i do have a tiny first aid kit i use one of these sweet little bags from tankara rodco uh mine is about as basic as you can get i have

Band-aids alcohol pads some mole skin for blisters a bag with some ibuprofen and benadryl and some aaa’s from my headlamp which i’ll get to in a minute if you have some suggestions for other small things that i can throw in there let me know but i’m not trying to bring a huge extravagant first aid kit um i i understand that there’s things that are important but

You also can’t prep for everything out there or else you’ll bring the whole kitchen sink i have a i also have a mosquito bug net for when it just gets too buggy that’ll be in my little bivvy bag along with my first aid kit my bivvy bag is have this cheap little rei thing my headlamp will also be in there maddie just got me this petzl tikka headlamp pretty excited

About that it’s got a red light my old headlamp didn’t have red light so that’ll be nice for doing night hiking and playing around in the tent um big old anchor i think i got a 20 000 amp battery pack to start the trail yes in a couple of just tiny little cords because i don’t i’ve before i’ve had these big long huge cords and they end up getting bent and then

It doesn’t want to charge right so the shorter the cord the better i figure we’ll see if i regret that and i think that just leaves my fishing stuff which i’ll cover in another video which i think i’ve already posted at this point i’ll put a link for that at the end of the video and that’ll just be a yonah pack strapped to one shoulder in a kari fly box loaded

With as many flies as i can carry two spools of line and i’m probably going to end up taking both the bear tooth rod and the yari rod from tenkara rodco i really can’t decide between the two and what’s two extra ounces i guess i’m not gonna bring a net so i think i can afford the extra rod and that way when i run into someone who might be curious about what i’m

Doing i can offer them my i can offer them my other rod and just fish for a while show them what’s up if it’s at camp yeah hang out catch a few fish for a couple hours probably not but i don’t realistically see having that much time but we’ll see what happens it’d be nice to let someone else try um yeah i think other than myself that’s about all i’m going to be

Taking this hat because it is mesh in case i do need to net a fish would be better than nothing yeah if you have any questions about any of my gear or want to suggest anything let me know drop it in the comments thanks everybody get out and fish

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