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My Little Pony Rainbow Dash Takes Bath with Fizzy


Cookies world cookie fans rainbow dash is gonna be taking the coolest bath ever today i am she’s gonna be bathing with really out-of-this-world like really look at this is supposed to be a golden planet surprise bath bomb surprise on the inside ooh and they’re scented – so rainbow dash will have to guess what each bath bomb smells like oh i can do it no problem

He’ll be easy alright so we’ve got the water all set in here it’s nice and warm i’m just gonna style rainbow dash’s hair up and out of the waters way way her hair doesn’t get wet in the back bomb water and we’ll clip it up there we go and now it will stay nice and dry and won’t get back bomb water on it now she’s ready to hop on in alright into the water she goes

Alright rainbow dash is ready for the first bath bomb yeah let’s start with this really cool little rainbow ball look at those colors on this one this one’s like perfect for rainbow dash so let’s remove it from its little packaging whoa whoa whoa really really sandy wow oh it smells so good already i can’t quite tell what it smells like but it just smells really

Good right here we go let’s go ahead and put the rainbow bath bomb in hmmm oh it’s starting to fizzle all the waters gonna be rainbows i cannot believe it oh no all the colors are starting to mix together so now it’s kind of like making like a brown black color right let’s kind of move the fizzy bomb around we there we go there we go there we go what do you think

Rainbow dash oh it’s pretty fizzy in the water and i think i’m smelling bubblegum it is still busy there we go kind of swish it around in the water come on bad phone what’s the surprise now the water looks like it’s turning green oh yeah it does so while that one’s still fizzing let’s add another one in this one’s pretty cool because it’s supposed to be a silver

Planet look at that one i’d love that silvery color and wonder if it’s gonna add like a metallic silver shine to the bathwater oh i can’t believe it how metallic it is it is very metallic it looks like it would be made out of pure metal well look at my hands so we can take the fizzy out of the water and there’s like a little toy capsule in here let’s see if we can

Break it apart and what is it here’s the toy and we can crack it open and okay now that that bath fizzy is just about fizzled away now we’re gonna add in our super planet ball one two three oh i can smell it that’s definitely orange the other side of the bath bomb that silver’s gone away and now it’s kind of a yellowy orange kind of light color whoa that is cool

Spin it around that’s the last little bit of silver on it the rest of it look at that is all of that orange color it’s the only piece of silver and look it’s already starting to fizzle away well better put it right back in so what do you think rainbow – can you see the surprise here um let me see no it’s the list of fizzle a little bit more file that’s fizzling

Away let’s get the next two back bombs ready so we’ve got another planet this one is golden oh it’s gonna be a golden bathtub oh and i can hear the surprise already whoa whoa look at that metallic color whole dilute totally golden and as if that ball wasn’t enough let’s add in a golden diamond can you imagine if gold was cut into the shape of a diamond like this

Oh you’d be so valuable so we’ll unravel the diamond and get it ready to add into the bathtub whoa look at that with all that gold dust on it alright let’s check it out now let’s see if we can see the surprise yet let’s see nope it’s still kind of like a solid fizzy ball hey cookie it’s ready whoo okay i didn’t see the toy capsule so now we can take it out oh it

Still have a lot of 50 on it kind of break it off whoo and open it up so what is inside the little bubble which toy is it oh we’ve got a little while in here it looks like a little beluga whale these are so small and so so very adorable so let’s see if we can turn the water completely golden with these two golden bat bombs but in the ball first okay let’s put the

Diamond in there we go put the diamond in there now it’s gonna fizzy fizzy fizzy baby you’d hopefully turn the water all gold is we can easily take out the little surprise from this one since it cracked open anyways there we go the surprise toy oh there’s a little that has a little flower on its roof that’s adorable so is the bab turning golden yeah it does look

Kind of golden oh wait a minute there’s a surprise right there yes we got the other surprise and this ball has a little froggy on the inside wow rainbow dash i would say the water does look pretty golden there’s even like a hint of metallic there – do you see that yeah i see it oh right no we’re really gonna spice things up we’re gonna add a unicorn into the water

Look at oh it’s a double sided unicorn it’s one side it’s pink the other side’s purple tulle this into the golden bathwater look at that you can even see details on it you can see its mane and its eye and its muzzle perfectly clear this rainbow behind so we’ll add this one in the water tail along with the unicorn alright rainbow – say goodbye to the gold in water

And say hello to unicorn rainbow water whoa or you can still see the shape of the horsehead a little bit no all right let’s see how is it going in this purpley blue water oh look at what this looks like it looks like kind of like a little mountain volcano or something and then our unicorn head what does that look like oh it’s still kind of in the shape of a unicorn

A teeny tiny little pointy horn oh i just broke it that is so cute oh wait there’s a surprise you can kind of crack open the neck right here turtle ever oh there we go there we go there we go i see that other surprise there we go we can grab it what is inside of this toy capsule well and this will only have another turtle we just got two turtles so you know we’ve

Got like a lighter color one in a darker color turtle whoa and those two bath bombs mix together to make this super dark purple ii kind of bath water and it’s so scented i don’t even know what it smells like now we’re really gonna screw things up these bath bombs then we’re gonna be adding in our almost too sweet for words i almost don’t even want to put them in

The water they look real this looks like a real donut and a real cupcake with lots and lots of icing maybe they even put sprinkles on these bath bombs oh it’s really dusty on this one there is a lot of sand coming off of it oh look at that look at the little whipped cream on the tops just starting to fall off already alright let’s dunk the donuts into the water

Here we go take him in and dunk them out look at that look at half of it is fizzing like crazy blue the water’s gotten already so we’ll dunk the doughnut all the way in you oh you can’t even see looking it looks like it’s a deep fryer that water is extra beautiful to look at there’s some sprinkles – all over in the water yeah we’ll dunk it in the cupcake we’ll

Do an icing first oh look at that powder coming off look at all that so powdery okay dip in the frosting look forget it now it’s just fuzzy and bubbly whoa now this is playing with your food except for it’s not really food all right let’s just dunk it all in put it right into the water weep oh wait a minute i think i can actually see the little toy bubble in there

Let’s reach on in and crack it open it’s at time yep there it is whoa so we got the toy from the cupcake this one it oh we have another frog that’s teammate oh froggy let’s see if the done’ is ready i see a lot of sprinkles over here where’s the doughnut don’t feel it where is it where is it oh no is it done did it already is he away where is it rainbow dash where

Is it i’ll find it oh no i don’t feel anything in here i wonder is this one didn’t have a surprise oh no you guys seriously i do not feel the surprise in the bath so let’s dump out the water and see if we can see it there should be a surprise in here where is it oh nope that wasn’t it oh it was not in a toy capsule at all it was just hanging out now we’re gonna

Dunk the last donut the pink and yellow frosted donut into the water here we go dip it in oh look at the fins look at this sprinkles this one is so spring clean it’s kind of circling around and around and around get it all in the water just let it kind of fit oh it’s so so bubbly it’s bubbling in my hand dunk it in pull it out i want to see the surprise we’ll get

All the sprinkles they’re just melting off of the donut keep talking keep dunking keep dunking do you guys see the surprise too i see it is so that is the surprise i can’t believe it that there must not be enough room to put the toys in a toy capsule so they just put the toy right in the donuts so we’ll just let that fizzy fizzy fizzy fizzy just dunk it in right

Where the turtles at and that way it will fizzy extra fast donnell look at how much thinner it is on this side of the donut come on turtle come on turtle oh there we go looks like it’s just about out here we go we could probably just take it right from the donut there we go there’s a teeny tiny little turtle it’s another one of those light-colored turtles so here

Are all of the surprises that were found inside of these really really cool bat bombs lots of turtles and little froggies these are really cool these these were such a little variety surprise that i am so happy that i found these i think my favorite one might be the little whale because look at how smiley it is so happy oh and look at the turtles are actually kind

Of two different colors between the light ones yeah what is a little bit orange and what is a little bit yellow on its body whoa i hope you cookie fans enjoy the rest of your day splash around and fun and happiness and i will see you guys dive into my next video there’s gonna be more fun don’t miss it bye alright cookie fans who is paying attention to the video

Which color turtle was found first one of the green ones the yellow or the orange one

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My Little Pony Rainbow Dash Takes Bath with Fizzy By CookieSwirlC