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My Opinion On – HAIR CHALK

Hi Honeys! It’s ya Queen! i hate hair chalk, i think only children should wear it, watch the video to find out why!

Hi honeys it’s your queen bee so i when i was like a little i think i used to use this hair chalk stuff and you press down on it and you just slide your hair through and it gives you a collar obviously it doesn’t work obviously i’ve always had dark hair but even whenever i would try it on like blonde wigs and stuff like for tik-tok videos like recently didn’t

Work doesn’t work hair chalk does not work and here is my opinion on hair chalk now i’m a very opinionated person i will tell you straight up how it is and all my friends like that i do that but i don’t know how well the internet’s gonna take to it um i don’t really try to cover controversial like topics that’s why i’m keeping it like kind of pg and everything so

This is not like me bashing people who use hair chalk this is just why i think it’s kind of dumb and should stay within the five year old to like seven year old range so the only acceptable time to like call your hair with hair chalk and not permanent dye or semi-permanent dye is halloween like halloween is a great example for dressing up and just like all they’re

Wearing wigs and doing stuff or just like maybe even like pride parades or something like something to be colorful for but just going out and like or even waking up in the morning saying i’m gonna buy hair chalk and i’m gonna put it all over my hair and make myself look really greasy and just disgusting that is not okay thing and i know like i probably get very

Heated over this but too many times i see you like fail videos and stuff of like people trying different hair things now i am like a realist i am not really pressing this but i’m a very realistic in middle school i dyed my hair at the bottoms i think it went up like about maybe halfway or something like maybe not even that but i dyed it and i dyed it with them

I think it was flat and it was like this very red bright red color and i’ll like this is gonna look so great and the only reason i did it is gonna be a shocker to some people i was in a very abusive relationship at the time and i wanted to try to get out of that relationship in the most nonviolent passive way i could because i didn’t want to be anymore because i

Didn’t want to get hurt anymore than i had and breaking up with someone when they’re like abusing you is very hard and just like from me to you if you’re ever in that situation definitely try to reach out and get help because i didn’t and i suffered so don’t do what i did because that’s dumb and i was dumb but it’s fine because i moved past it and like that person

Is not in my life anymore and it’s all good the reason i’m telling you that story is because he told me that if i ever dyed my hair and unnatural color that he would leave me and i was like this is my chance so i just one night i was like okay after he said that i got to walmart and i got the stuff and the splat and i just did the ends of my hair no help my mom was

Like just crying like oh my god why would you do it to your hair all the way up in scummy bad it did claim a little bit i didn’t bleach anything i just kind of put it in as is and it was awful the next day i go to school and i hadn’t told him about it i was like look at my hair like isn’t it great and he’s like did you really did you really do that and i suffer

The consequences but besides the point i wanted to make it clear that i did not want to be in their relationship and any time people asked me why i did it i was like this is why and that was kind of it so if you need me personally then you knew this story already but i know a lot of people don’t know me so that’s a thing anyways so then after that i had to get

Like some of my haircut and like i don’t cut it like a lot at a time i was literally just like trimmed it like an inch every like so often and just because my hair does grow back very fast i only ever have cut my hair once and that was december of this year and that was just because um i just need something new and like honestly i was like well my hair is kind of

Dead and i just didn’t like how whenever i’m curly it would just be like just straggles at the end and i’m like okay clearly got to cut that off because it doesn’t look good so i finally cut my hair in december but i do color my hair i use like i think it i can’t even member what’s called if i use box dye because another story for another time anyone who touches

My hair already screws it up i almost said an inappropriate word but it’s how bad it was so keep it a pg it’s hard for me but yes um so hair chalk obviously fine if you were a little kid i have seen people my age i’m 19 by the way my age doing it just to do it and which is fine it’s fine they do do it in a way that looks good and if you know me personally you

Know i’m dragging one person in particular but and i will not show her picture because i don’t want her gaining clout from this i don’t want anything like you know over popular sizin or anything like i don’t want it to be like you know anything like that but yes and it was awful and if you my friends who follow my finster we’re like oh my god and i dragged her

And they were like yes the salt is real and i’m like hey i just i am a very opinionated person so to keep it um in the realm of not just me bashing one person i have looked up some google images failed choc hair stuff like just all that kind of sucks cuz i’m gonna review five and i’m gonna say if hers was better or worse and there you go so the first image and i

Will put them on screen somewhere the first image i mean it’s fine but i don’t think it looks the best not just because like it looks really greasy and here top does look very greasy but i don’t think it looks and none of its gonna look professional obviously it looks like they just trying to do it themselves which is fine but it’s not the best hers definitely did

Look worse than that so props to them whoever took the picture okay this is fine because you can clearly tell the colors that you know they’re going for it’s not like a hodgepodge of just like nothing so i’ll give him props there’s a distinct color but it does look very greasy obviously it looks very stringy not the best but better than hers okay now this i will

Accept it looks like it’s on a child and now i’m not actually people who have color in their hair one of my best friends i think it’s still red she has like professionally done hair and it’s like i’m she’s brunette um not like mine but like a little bit darker i think i can’t really remember and then she’s got like a fuchsia red and it’s so pretty like i love it

And i think her sister did it because her sister is actually a like professional salon girl so i props to her that looks good i’m not gonna bash this kid because you know obviously it’s a kid obviously a parent wanting to do or maybe the parent wanting to help i’m just trying to give the benefit of the doubt but this does look a lot better because it’s like kind

Of like similar like i know with mine whenever i did it it was like very jagged it didn’t look straight across it didn’t look like it was going in a formation but this one does look a lot better than what i have done and the this girl i’m talking about has done so i think i’ll just review one more just a picture that goes like it’s what’s advertised for the normal

Hair chalk stuff and it just looks not good but not bad it just looks like something that a like middle schooler would do not so in my age or older so i’d have to say no it’s just a no now also there are health risk for doing like hair chocolates up they actually have chemicals in them i’m not gonna pull up the article but before i you know wanted to record this

Video i actually did look up like the health risk and everything i didn’t even know it but if you get to on your like hands are like um just anywhere on your skin it can actually not only stain it but put a chemical in it so bad news bears they’re like don’t do it if you want to dye your hair i would just say wait until you’re older and then see if you really want

To dye your hair because when you’re younger you’re just like oh that’s gonna be so cool it’s really not like there’s no real big hype about it like i always wanted how like a little streak of like color right on my fangs whenever i had things but yeah my friend had it a couple of my friends didn’t actually and it looked good on them but once it started to fade out

If you didn’t upkeep the color then it was like that’s not really cool looking anymore but it’s more so like trashy and i dunno a girl that does not read i her hair and she dyed it green for halloween and has not since redone it and she has very short hair so uh look great now i’m not bashing anyone in particular except for one person but i’m also not praising it

Either i just think do what you want like i really don’t care but for me personally and like if i ever have children or like any of my family members like younger than me i do i would say no do not if you want your hair done get it done like obviously there’s really no good professionals to do hair because i have experienced bad stuff but it’s just yeah whatever

I mean do whatever you want with your body but just hair chuck is a no just don’t do it it’s just it’s bad anyways hopefully you guys found this video fun and informative and entertaining educational things i always say and if you like it then like if you don’t then don’t i don’t really care make sure to subscribe if you do like my content and close it down below

Have you ever tried hair chocks like what’s your opinions because i obviously don’t like them i don’t think they look good on anyone except for like maybe a very select few and i only think the children or people who are participating in like a halloween event or some kind of dress-up event should wear them and that’s really my two cents on it so anyways make sure

To follow my check document or in my instagram if you like my content and you just love me and i think with all that being said thanks for stopping by love you

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My Opinion On – HAIR CHALK By Melissa an H