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MY PAMPER ROUTINE | self tan, skincare, & long hair routine

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Hello lay down say hi hello what is up you guys welcome to my fall evening routine in a 2020 you guys just saw me get home from the gym around this time it’s probably like three to four p.m so i just am getting ready to wash my hair i’m doing this like pre scalp treatment from rooted rituals you can find it at walmart but this is just kind of my routine

When i wash my hair because i only do it once to twice a week so i’m just prepping it especially since we are going into winter my scalp is always so dang dry so this helps so much so that i’m just doing that right now after that i just grabbed my scalp massager also from rooted rituals and i kind of just do this like circular motion into my scalp so it kind

Of absorbs the product that i just put in there and then i also leave the product in for about like 15 to 20 minutes it doesn’t really matter how long you do it just leave it in for a little bit and then you can go ahead and wash your hair but that’s not it i’m going gonna go ahead and get my coconut oil and put this kind of towards the middle and ends of my

Hair just to give it a little bit of moisture so sometimes i will use the olaplex treatment if you guys don’t use all plex already i highly highly recommend it’s just this hair bonding treatment and it’s so good but this wash i’m not doing that but i’m just putting some coconut oil in my hair i always use coconut oil no matter if like my hair is clean or not i

Just find my hair get so dry so i always use a progressive coconut oil treatment literally all the time but now it just goes up in a top knot and then i let it sit for you know like i said 15 anywhere from 15 to 30 minutes it doesn’t really matter while i’m waiting for my mask situation to soak into my hair i just get back on my laptop check some emails do

Some client work and just do a little bit more work while i’m waiting for that i’m all done and showered now and since this is a pamper routine i am just putting on my lip sleeping mask from lineage i think that’s how you say it if you guys don’t already have it i highly recommend it is so good i use it all the time not just for sleeping it is that good also

I use it when i go out too because it gives a nice glossy look so highly recommend that and then now i’m just taking my like deep pore mask from kohl’s i guess that’s how you say it guys i am so bad with pronouncing beauty products i don’t know but anyway since it’s a pamper routine you gotta have that face mask in there so i’m doing that i really like this

One because it does shrink your pores so that’s what i’m doing here hello you guys i’m interrupting the vlog to thank our sponsor a mind tan i am so excited to be collaborating with them on this video and thank you my tan for sponsoring this video you guys know that i love tanner i love being tan i love a good gorgeous healthy glow and i’m so excited to be

Working with my tan to share with you guys what makes their products so great i have had the time to try them out for the past few weeks and i can honestly say i am absolutely in love with their products so the best thing about minetan is that they incorporate every single color shade there’s not one tan that they have that fits all they incorporate so many

Different undertones so no matter what your skin type and your skin tone is there is going to be a tan for you so for me i fell in love with their classic caramel and this is just amazing especially with blonde hair i love just having a sun kissed glow and especially as we’re heading into winter i love just being a tan while i don’t like going to the tanning

Beds they’re just really not healthy for your skin i love self tanner so an amazing thing is that i have never seen a tanning company offer a caramel bronzed self tanner so when i saw that i had to get it and i also grabbed a few more that i’ve tried and then also there are tanning drops so you just put this in your moisturizer and it is illuminating so this

Will give you that nice glow as well so another product to definitely check out but i’m going to go ahead and get right into showing you guys how i apply the tanner and what works best for me so i will say typically you leave the tanner on for eight or so hours and then rinse it off so since i really like my tan deep and dark i leave it on overnight actually

So that is what i’m gonna do in this video but i’m gonna go ahead and show you guys how to do it and give you guys a little bit of a demo my favorite part is doing my self tan so yeah since we’re going into fall and winter um obviously i’m not in the sun as much so fake tan is always my go-to but these are the products i’m using i’m using their classic caramel

Shade and their mitt their mint is just so amazing i have never felt a mitt so smooth and it just wipes the tan on so dang smooth so if you guys use self tanner and don’t use a mitt you guys need to it is such a game changer so that’s what i’m doing here this is kind of how i apply my tan but just a little bit more about my tan so all of their products are

Formulated with a clean blend of antioxidant rich botanicals and hydrating natural oils so that is amazing because your skin is also going to get hydrated when you self tan which i think is amazing but you’re gonna see the picture perfect finish with no orange tones and no smelly tan ingredients which i absolutely love and not to mention they are cruelty free

Does it get any better than that next up are the legs so i just do this in a circular motions all over and then i do want to mention to you guys i do have a discount code for them it is a cali 25 i will leave it in the description box below so you guys remember but go ahead and check them out such good high quality tanning ingredients so i highly recommend

That you guys give them a go after that it’s time to do laundry and obviously i’m not excited about it but has to be done so that’s what i’m doing also this laundry basket is from target so cute but now it is on to dinner it’s not the most appetizing looking thing but i just had a cheeseburger without the bun and then some fries so yummy that’s like my ideal

Meal but anyway now it’s on to getting back online for work i had a bunch of work this day so i got back on later on in the evening so i did a couple hours of work and then of course you can’t forget i always do my warm lemon water in the morning and evening so that’s what i’m doing now okay you guys it is the end of the night it’s like nine o’clock and

I’m just watching love island and going to bed comment below if you guys watch love island too i’m like totally obsessed but i hope you guys enjoyed this like pamper night routine and if you did give it a like because i really enjoy making this and it helps support me and my channel so thank you for doing that and don’t forget to subscribe to my channel because

I post wednesdays and sundays and i will see you guys next time bye like

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MY PAMPER ROUTINE | self tan, skincare, & long hair routine By Kali Alexandria