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My Self Tanning Routine! Better than My Loving Tan?

Hi everyone!! I hope you enjoyed this video!! I will leave links to everything I mentioned in the video!! Thanks for watching! Associate links are in the description!

Hello everyone if you’re new here my name is tanya and in today’s video i’m going to be telling you guys how i do my self tan routine my dog literally doesn’t want to go anywhere but besides in my lap i’ve been trying to film this video for i don’t even know how long now and he just wants to be close to me so he’s gonna be joining us in this video until he’s ready to

Jump down you need a haircut so i have been self tanning for years now probably ever since i was around 21 and the reason for that is because i just didn’t want to age my skin i didn’t want to develop any kind of skin cancers so spray tanning for me was just really the way to go and honestly i think it’s the best way to tan if that’s what you’re wanting to do so

The self tan that i have been using for years now is tomas this is the liquid spray tan this comes in three different types there’s the spray there is the airbrush spray and then there’s a lotion this one is my favorite because you have a little bit more control of it and it also comes with a mint so you get a fresh mitt every time you purchase the product which i

Love you can pick this up at your local sally’s you can get it off of amazon just really which is easier for you but i just know that when i’m ready to tan and i don’t have any self-tanner it’s easy for me to just be able to run down the road grab my spray tan and then i’m ready to spray tan when i get home the one thing that i love about this product is the price

Point so this is around 14 to 15 um whether you get it at sally’s or on amazon either way it’s still just cheap it comes with a mitt so i just really like that about it i don’t have to purchase them it separately and spend more money that way and this bottle will last me for around five to six months and i apply it probably about once a week once every couple of

Weeks i’m just very frugal with it it’ll last me for quite some time well i have tried the my loving tan i’ve tried the bondi sands i used to try um there was a brand at walmart i think it was made by l’oreal actually and i’ve tried that one and it turned me orange this one will not turn you orange it’s green and red based it also wears off beautifully so i’ve

Noticed that with the my loving tan and the mooses that i use it just gets real clumpy it gets patchy it gets muddy looking and it just doesn’t come off in a nice way i love this one so much because it just comes off beautifully it fades very well so i really like that about it the first step for me is to exfoliate so with this self tan it wears off beautifully

It doesn’t get patchy and you’re not having to really get off the excess tan from this i just like to exfoliate to get off any dead skin and make sure that my tanner applies flawlessly so you don’t really have to get fancy here i just like to use this do you want down baby i feel like this works just as good as any exfoliating mitt or exfoliating scrub that you

Can buy and it’s a lot cheaper so step number two after you get out of the shower and exfoliate i really like to either shower the night before i spray tan or if i’m going to shower the day of i will take a cold shower and the reason for that is because i don’t want my pores to be open and for the spray tan to get in those open pores and cause little small brown

Dots on my skin from the spray tan so i just feel like that helps so much it’s cold shower or shower the night before so now once you’re fresh and clean and out of the shower it is time to moisturize so i’ve tried different moisturizers it’s really good to get a really thick one and this is the one that i’ve been using um this is the tsc spa i really love this

One it looks like this sorry if you can’t see it but um my no lady actually got this for me it was gifted to me before i started using this one i used another one made by nivea and i really like that one a lot i just ran out of it because i used it so much and then i just started using this one if i can find this one somewhere i’ll link it down below this is a

Really good moisturizer just to use on a daily basis so i’ll start by moisturizing my hands and my feet and my elbows just anywhere that i don’t want that tanner to get built up on any parts of my skin that are dry i’ll just go ahead and moisturize those spots so i like to apply this spray tan directly onto the skin and rub it in that way if you don’t want the

Cleanup or if you don’t want any part of your house to get spray tan on it i would just suggest spraying it onto the mitt and you can apply it to your skin that way the only downside to this spray tan is it can get a little bit messy so i would suggest just using it in your bathroom if there’s tile in there or you can just use it in your shower that’s normally

What i do but during this demo i was in my bathroom i have tile floors so i wasn’t too worried about it so whenever you’re starting to spray tan your hand i just take whatever is left over excess from the glove off of my arm and i’ll just bring that down onto my hand i don’t apply any onto my hand or any onto the glove i just take it directly from my arm and bring

It to my hand so once i get to my hand i just start making rotating circles and i’ll just kind of place my hand in an awkward position kind of just open and that way you can get in between your fingers and you can also get those cracks and crevices that you can’t get when your hand is laid straight out so i’ll just do that and just make sure that i’m getting an

Even tan this spray tan has a guide so you can see where you’re placing it at and that’s another thing that i really do like about it once i’m done with my arms and my hands i move down to my stomach to my side to my chest just wherever i need to get to have a full tan when it comes time to do my legs and my feet i’ll do them the same way that i did my arms and my

Hands so i’ll spray a generous amount onto my leg i’ll rub it in really well and i’ll just work it down to my foot making sure that i’m getting every little spot getting in between my toes just making sure that that also just turns out to look nice and natural so once i’m done with my spray tan i’ll normally just throw on a robe this spray tan dries really quick

So you don’t have to worry about it being sticky or tacky but i do just like to wear either long pants a long sleeve shirt that way i’m not getting it on everything else around the house unknowingly so i’ll just wear those things if i’m going to bed i like to sleep in this product at night and i’ll wake up in the morning it’s normally takes around like eight to

Nine hours to develop but if you do end up getting it in your clothes or on your sheets on your bedding this comes out with one wash you don’t have to worry about it staining anything so when i get up to shower the next day i’ll normally just clean off whatever was left over from the spray tan and it just rinses right off of the shower if you get it somewhere in

The bathroom don’t worry it comes right off so once it’s time for the showering process i will just get in the shower i’m gonna make sure not to scrub or use soap that way that the tan is going to last a lot longer than what it would if you were to use soap i just want that first initial shower to not be so harsh after that i’m going to apply a moisturizer if you

Apply a moisturizer every single day during this tan it’s going to last you a lot longer so i don’t spray tan my face but with this self tan you can if you want to i just don’t like to personally because i’m applying moisturizers and serums and acids to my face and honestly i’ll just take it off of my face anyway i just want my products that i use at night and

During the day to just work how they’re supposed to so if you’re someone like me and you don’t really like to spray tan your face i highly highly suggest that you try the botanical bb tinted sunscreen this is spf 50 this comes in the shade it’s just it just says for rich to deep skin tones and when i picked it up i normally don’t get this shade but i was kind of

Happy that i did because it really blends in with this spray tan very well so let’s kind of show you what it looks like i’ll show you what the package looks like you can pick this up at walmart cvs and off of amazon that’s why i got this one but i really like it and i’ll just show you kind of what it looks like on my finger so it is it does look a little bit dark

But when you rub it in i’ll just kind of show you i know this is my hand but it just transforms into very matte and it just looks so just beautifully sunkissed and i just love that but if you are wanting to use this and wear makeup this goes perfectly under your makeup i love using this as an everyday sunscreen anyway um i can just only really use it after i’ve

Spray tanned so i really like this one a lot it also has a really good price point i will link it down in the description box below in case if this is something that you’re also interested in so that is it for today’s video i hope that you guys really enjoyed it if you did please give this video a like and subscribe to my channel also if you have any questions

About this video just leave it down in the comments below and i’ll be more than happy to answer your questions i hope that everybody has a great day and i will see you in the next one

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My Self Tanning Routine! Better than My Loving Tan? By Tonya Kay