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My secret to beautiful, bronzed, and glowy skin !

All right hi everyone welcome back to my youtube channel so today i want to talk to you guys through my sunless tanning routine because i recently started tanning and i wanted to share with you guys because i have been burned so i gonna ramble too much i’ll just jump right to the video so i’ll talk about everything else right after so without further ado let’s just

Jump right to the video so i still have some tan on my body but it’s a little bit it’s like fading and i don’t really like that so we’re going to be using the ultra beauty ulta beauty and i use the ultra dark one just because i had like a really really dark tan because i mix indian and my skin’s already like kind of tannish so i don’t wanna put his hand that’s

Like medium so imma do literally nothing for me i want the darkest dark as possible thought i went in faith it still has like that like longevity of just like tanning color rather than just like a medium color just fades away and like two washes after this it goes from dark and then it’s gonna be medium and then it’s gonna be that light color so little tanning

Mist you can get back i’ll tell you can get this ultimate get this also i get it online and do whatever you want so now this says leave for one hour for dark tan two hours for extra dark tan 30 hours for ultra dark tan i’m leaving it overnight i always leave my center on overnight because i want that to last so this little pump and then just spread that all over

Honey i like looking burnt you guys like i love the whole like burnt look and then any leftover on my mitt i literally just like put on my farm i’m talking my hand like that today i see just i have like some kind of like color like oh my god i’m just ham little funny you guys one thing that i was like mess up one is the underarms i always forget the underarms for

Some odd reason because we never go like this only have a goalie look that’s not naturally like that’s how white my skit cuz i i didn’t haven’t gotten this yet like my last previous camera i didn’t do this part as you guys can see can you blame me for wanting a little bit of color and then just put that up here yes honey yeah she’s pigmented yeah same thing for

The stomach whoo that tone in there honey i mean if you can tone it tan it know that looks like doodoo okay so like use it there we go honey get your legs yes guys we love the coverage we love that freakin pigment i need to stop doing that and we can’t forget about the bum huh for my face too too little powder brush just like out a little bit on there just like

Orchid and slowly it looks crazy now guys what wants it like develops it literally is like fine this literally gets me still dark and it makes the tan last so much more longer so love that as you guys can see it’s not too dark it’s the perfect amount of tan and it washes out in the morning so i left it on for three hours and i just washed it out i did leave it on

Overnight this is as dark as it develops and it’s a really nice bronze tan did i see i think i said it looks a lot but once it comes off it comes off so that is the tan and this is what my skin will look like right out to the tent as you can see it’s very golden and bronze and it’s not too dark but when you apply it it looks very very dark however it’s not i like

Orange tans i don’t know what happened but i’m just into that hope finval look apparently so i never really talked to tanning ever in my life i started telling about a year ago and i did it once for the summer but then i got over it when i started seeing how like if they did all disgusting and how it just was really patchy and it was gross so i never really like

Bothers to do it again but the chant that i used back then is still my favorite till today it’s the banana boat summer color and it’s this is honestly the best thing ever because it’s a lotion but it has the color built-in already so i sina should put it on you see the color difference and it’s so dark like the deep dark color was my favorite and i bought two of

These and i cut them about two years ago however the reason why i’m not use them anymore it’s because i heard that rumor on the street the new formula is just a white lotion and it develops over time and it doesn’t do much so the bottom is the same but as long as the inside is white it’s not gonna be legit like this one the glow ssin is literally like an orange

Color eric i like that so soon as you put it on you can literally see the color changing and i would leave this overnight and just touch it up in like three days and just keep using that so i’m still using the leftover bottle from like a year ago said it really tan that much but sadly in stores the new formula sucks so i’ve been looking around for a newer like

Better drugstores hands that we can use cuz i want to tell you guys and i want to show you guys the other cancel you can just be size from this because this is a no-no but this was my koko so another one that i definitely really like is this one it’s be tan but i was at walmart and i was shopping for a tan and i also came around like all these like basic generic

Brands and i see this black bottle and it literally says on it i want the dark as possible and i was like oh my god that is like literally me like that’s what i’m looking for and i picked it up and i was like okay excuse directions and those directions are so funny for this bottle like whoever made this bottle to help me know how to market because it i purchased

The bottle i’ve never heard about this brand ever but because of the way that it was like displayed and how everything was just there was humor on the bottle i got it and i was like sold so they’re actually literally says first up get naked or at least naked enough to see on your super hot body make sure your skin is clear and towards the end i said if you want

Crazy dark double coat and leave them for hours until your brown ass period meaning brown ass you know this is called darker and this is what i would literally use to just like touch up like any other color that i don’t like if i do see some color fading i’ll touch it up with like a mousse with even the little gloves because you just some moves so you need a glove

Or you can use like latex glove but whatever you want but i use this and get out whole table so this one was definitely just for a little bit of touch-up if i’m like fading color here and there and i wanted like a brighter tan i definitely like this too so as far as yesterday this was like definitely like favorite like if i’m pale and i want like a really really

Really dark tan i’ll use the ulta beauty self bronze self-tanning ultra dark express tan tint mousse because this thing gets you really really dark and i like that that way it’s like it’s a big depressant it’s like you really see the color so and because this will talk at first dark the week it will fade and by like wednesday if you start off and you put on sunday

By wednesday will be like a nice like goes in color which is then i’ll retouch it with one of the medium colors so i’ll always remain back to like the dark color that makes sense and that’s the same thing you’ll find out with the mousse and i always put tanner on my face just to when i wear foundation you can like definitely see the color change the one thing i

Don’t like about tanning as the foundation color changes and i did not like having to buy a new foundation i would literally buy like three bottles and have them like all wrong at the same time i wanted the color that would be like perfect for when i’m freshly tan and like when my transfers to fado still blend so foundation choosing is definitely the least fun

Part of this whole tanning process but it’s so worth it cuz you look so good so same thing apply with the moves and i use a little brush like this just again on my face and like you guys saw it went on really dark but it just washes off like the next day and for those who don’t want to like juste like at home applications hands you guys actually want to go out and

Tan i used to do that in the uv light at the gym at the gym cuz i totally where i would use this bottle it’s a tanning lotion so it definitely it’s like it’s not sunscreen i would say i mean there’s like spf 4 which is really really little but it definitely helps make you darker quicker so i would use this and i would be dark by like the third tanning session and

It’s like a ten minute like uv light so this definitely was fun for like naturally changing my skin and then it make me bronze like this it made me more like an olive brown color which i didn’t like i like the whole golden orange look but yeah that was all my tanning routine and all my tanning little i wouldn’t say secrets but just my tanning routine ish i used

To like not like things han because i was like oh i have blonde hair i want to be to town and make me look washed out just make me look like dark like i already have blonde yellow and toned hair so sweet you look even darker but there’s a difference between definitely like being and like being vibrant and being vibrant it’s just so nice because it’s like ooh you

Know so that was that thank you guys so much for watching here have any question leave it down below i read all the comments and recently youtube has been disabling all my comments on my videos i don’t know why it’s because they think that having minors in my videos when i like don’t but all my videos happen you know comments is abled it’s not me i didn’t do it i

Would never just in with my comment youtube did it without me knowing so i’m a little mad about that but i’ll talk to them about it anyways thank you guys so much for watching the zone victims up you’ve enjoyed it and i’ll leave all my tanning all the products everything you know in the description box down below don’t forget to follow me on my social medias are

Really fun below and everything’s just elena jenna mean so there’s that anyways thank you guys so much watching and into my next video bye guys

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