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My Tamagotchi Forever || ios game play


It is so dark in here it’s like i ain’t got no lights on this is this trash i’m sorry guys jj sweets and welcome back to my channel i was looking through the app store as you know i usually in big bold letters i’m at download that that was so quick anyone knows me you know that i am what i was tamagotchi crazy when i was probably 10 11 i have up to 12 time over

Cheese i’m in my twenties now and i still have a tamagotchi okay i want to play this tamagotchi game i just downloaded the game i haven’t played it yet so i want to play it while you guys watch me playing okay but i’m wearing the headphones all right let’s do this okay my time i got you forever i’m not gonna stop whatever and i you know got to you got to me we

Got each other i am finished this so tree pet me i think it was the third generation tamagotchis when they came out it was a way that you could take your tamagotchi into the internet rome and it was a hammer town when you actually went into fell apart when you actually went into town the town this is the kind of character that they look like i said out of 3d but

Yeah let’s get the trailer there’s no more let’s buy some okay so i’ve got 2000 gotcha coins i’m assuming that’s what they called i have no idea okay that’s what we put in them today butchy quite let’s get it apple apple okay so i put it in super kawaii i need to go to the toilet my mum will never find out like it’s because i remember when she found out that i

Had an addiction to tamagotchis let’s just say between you and me i woke up one morning and i had one time i got chilling and that’s wrong let’s take a bath i don’t like the fact that obviously with the original tunnel got to you when you first get it you have to wait for the egg to hatch and then you decide with me then it’s as if you’ve got a girl or a boy do

You know i mean but i’m just coming into some random time i gotcha laughs i think it’s a name and more nothing so i don’t even know how i really feel about it is okay maybe this is just a tutorial i’m hoping this is just a tutorial i guess yeah then stop the game like the canada table oh it’s the best passive how many try something else i’m a little

Bit disappointed wait is that neck tuck the egg to okay i’m going to tablet artistic character brunch don’t worry can come visit me anytime okay i’m really lucky what is this you do that so much you never get a free gift yeah okay let’s see give you some food it’s a baby oh can’t give it this kind of food so if it’s a blonde she is my baby okay oh my

God i said i like the fact that we had um eggs to hatch so when i saw the little egg egg hatching i really enjoyed that and not gonna lie to you i think okay cool she’s so cute i’m finished now this has taken time ago chichen whole any level okay no cj okay so you have to keep feeding it and serve the green goes all the way up top i’m only just noticing this couple

Cool we can do that you wanna play careless play their games to uncoil cool remember games cost energy rule is less they plan it huh okay let’s try this again this is easy oh do you know what that’s gonna miss man that was fun let’s go back oh it’s so cute what is this present that’s what something ok whatever going i’m gonna buy another cuz this ok so yeah we get

To see pictures of the babies toddlers teens and adults so you feel it and they’ve got the um the original picture of the babies on the actual tamagotchi game which is so so adorable i can see myself really enjoying this was manjula i’m gonna be a little bit okay my dogs are getting hillier excited they think i’m talking about oh

Outfits bear you’re still a baby so you cut having my face just go back home let me see there used to be a little bit where well when you have oh there’s a taco yeah when she’s eaten too many sweets or easy and too many sweets it gets sick and then it gets like a little tooth cavity and you guys did the medicine you did medicine yeah so i meant to say do the

Medicine now i am a sucker for tamagotchis okay let’s play another game i thought this match three okay so this is a basic match the team will be getting me oh you can meet a woman two hours later i can already show that this is gonna be my favorite game on this planet oh yeah no that’s cool we’re done with the game we’re gonna exit out okay the progress

Will be lost oh okay we try another game hide-and-seek okay what is this this is the debit your friend was the play either z are you ready hear about that night that was really really cool i really like that game so i’m kind of happy so much fee less teabag tactics tap the notes with way reaches the bottom later ah oh that’s daily challenges at the

World tap a hundred and twenty green towels in band practice okay that’s cool i’ll do that they are really show you that’s it that’s it this is the tamagotchi game i’m think i’m gonna give it a 8 out of 10 only because i am missing the original excitement of watching the egg waiting for the egg to hatch hearing this noise when it hatches my life is

A girl or a boy and then on top of that naming your tamagotchi so on all definitely gonna give it a turn for now thank you guys for joining me don’t forget to subscribe if you want to see more of me okay and i’ll catch you guys in my next video

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My Tamagotchi Forever || ios game play By JayJay SweEtsZ