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My Tan Routine!

Hello everyone& welcome back to my channel🤍

Hello everyone and welcome back to my channel ignore um my pink eyes because i just want to make it look and it stayed my eyes i just got out of the shower so in today’s video i’m going to be doing my time routine everyone who knows me knows there’s not a day goes by that i’ve got no tan on like i’ll literally have tan on 24 7. so why not film a video while i’m

Doing my time i am doing it on a wednesday night but normally i do it on a thursday but my time was going a bit disgusting so i just scrubbed it off as much as i can in the shower it sounds a bit bit dodge but we’ll fix that up so i’m just going to show you everything that i use um what i do so i just got in the shower like i said and scrub my tan and i use i’ll

Insert a picture because i can’t really bring it out it’s a bit messy it’s a sponge but it’s got like a rougher side on one side and then the softer side on the other side that makes sense but it’s got soap in it so it’s like normally um inspired perfume so i think mine’s jimmy choo and i use that to scrub my body so that when you’re scrubbing your tan off the

Soap’s coming out of it as well and that was so good to scrub your tongue off it literally it doesn’t hurt because everyone knows the struggle of getting turned off it’s a nightmare so this literally gets your turn off in seconds like so good and you feel so yummy after it so i used that um i shaved my legs last night because you never want to shave your legs

At night you tan or the day that you’re doing your time just because your pores are open and you don’t want to be putting his hand into your pores so if you do it the day before then gives it a day to close your pores again so my body is quite dry like my face is quite dry so i use the body shop body yogurt this it’s not like a moisturizer it’s like a gel

It’s so refreshing on your skin like it’s so nice and moisturizing and i’ve got this one i’ve got another flavor i think it’s like cranberry um not flavor scent not flavor because you don’t eat it so i’ll literally show you i just literally put this all over my body and it smells so yummy my hair’s wet as well no i’m just gonna put it on my lips as well i use

This as well like daily after i’ve tanned just to keep your tan looking nice and fresh and not going like 50 50 brand let’s move it on now i’ve been using i’ve been using this for ages now well not ages but like this has been my go-to time for quite a long time now a couple of months and i never really stick to a time like try and use hands and stuff but this

Time it’s coco brown and ultra dark mousse it’s like five pound or something it is so so nice it’s not hard to get off it just goes on a nice color it’s not like an orange color like sometimes when you’re like oh you look orange it smells it doesn’t smell like i don’t really mind the smell of tan but this smells like just smells like holidays it’s actually a

Really nice scent so i use that for aftercare so i’ll use this on a daily basis and then if i want to top my tan up i will use the bondi sans milk um it’s like yeah i think it’s just called bandai sounds milk like moisturizer it’s like a gradual tab just helps top your tunnel then for my face pan on my face always fades quicker than my body because obviously

I do my makeup every day and i’m taking it off so it comes off my face quicker then on a not a daily basis but uh maybe every second day if i feel that my face is going a bit lighter then i’ll mix these tropic drops into my moisturizer these are insane they’ll make your face just look glowing it’s made natural they’re all natural mix two to three drops for a

Sort of change or four to six drops for a sunkissed glow i took these on holiday and i don’t tan on holiday i literally burn but these made me feel like i had a time for going on a night out if i’ve got my shoulders out on my legs or anything i’ll use like something like this so it’s a glow um shimmer body oil so you just shake it and you literally it’s just

Got a little prepared and you just put that in your body and that’s the model’s own one but a lot of brands do though i know cocoa brown does one as well but i’ve not tried that one oh for tommy i don’t use an expensive tam knit i literally just use like one from boots bean and super jug just the normal ones this is just the below tammy deluxe tanning knit i

Got this new the other day this is just a little cute leopard one um these are just really good they’re just really soft and it’s like four pound from boots this is actually softer than we have come on actually let’s get into it i just clip my hair back i now only start with my legs and go all the way up and but for the sake of this video i will start at the

Top so i literally just shake the bottle and so literally i just do this and it comes out of foam just like that just like come on color already you just feel so much better when you’re timed well i do anyway honestly i love it feel like a new person i have no idea where that bruise is from by the way i literally come out of bruises and it’s like where is

That from so i literally just go in circular motions and just rub it in these ones are good because you can see it so you know there’s any streaks or anything yeah sometimes if you’ve got like a gradual one or seeing like a clear mousse now there is i’ve never tried them but i would imagine they would be harder because you’d have to just risk it and hope

For the best i’ve literally been tanning for years i literally think i started timing like when i was like 11 or 12 or something i used to just wear tan and like normally caught nothing better than fresh on lashes no makeup just survive i never get my lashes done that much anymore you spend all the time when i want to do a big makeup look like they just get

In the way and i feel like i wreck them so that’s the reason i don’t really get them done but i do love it when you go on holiday and get your glasses done oh my gosh that just literally disappeared it’s so much harder doing it in the camera then actually in a minute and after that i’ll just like tap it in i really should put music on i don’t want to get

Copyrighted feels really odd um on a wednesday but i don’t even know what day it is anymore thank you my teeth really but it’s hard because i don’t watch school cold does anyone else leave the tea for ages because that is what i do i’ll leave it for ages because i don’t have asbestos mouth like i can’t have hot things i have to let it cool down like loads

It’s not so then for hands as you can tell i’ve not done my hands yet so i just literally put the tiniest bit sometimes i don’t even do that if i’m just doing my arm and i’ve got a bit left i’ll just go down but i run out before so literally you don’t want to go too extreme oh my knees so literally just gliding it in between the creases making sure you get

Everywhere and then you want to do that it’s so hard to do this on camera yeah just make sure you’ve got everywhere so yeah just make sure it’s all blended just going again you just keep going in and going just add where you think you need so i’ll show you the difference so just look at that difference so then just swap over and these mitts are really good as

Well some cheap permits um they like give you a glove as well you know to put in them in um because it goes through but these actually don’t go through that’s not on my hand or anything which is a very good oh you have to be careful with this move because sometimes you squirt it it just comes out everywhere anyone’s got any tons they recommend um just leave it

In the comments because i love trying new tons my favorite hands oh this is my favorite i’ve ever used and i love the sunkissed one an ultra dark i think it’s like either green i like the green top one and i like the orange top one and the orange top one is like an hour express one like a quick one but i sleep in that one as well as every girl does the longest

They could possibly leave them for i’m just literally rubbing that into my body um i like saint mary’s everyone likes good saint mary’s don’t they i try to when everyone was trying new the darker the dark in summer it’s time i tried it before like not before everyone tried it i tried it before i saw the videos like people going green i actually didn’t go green

I don’t know how they got myself that green but i don’t know what i did differently i actually didn’t turn green i don’t like the doll beauty tan i tried that last lock down i’ve got it on a deal with a lip gloss and some lashes for 30 pounds it’s still under the end of my bed but i don’t like it at all i think it’s really sticky just keep patting it in so

Then again for my hands and take a tiny bit actually i don’t um and sometimes if i put too much on i’ll just do that just like crease them in just so i don’t put too much in places make sure you get into every crease i actually can’t take myself serious with these pink eyeballs why did pink eyeshadow stay so much like i literally had this on for like an hour

I literally came home did it kind of been on a walk and i literally took it off like an hour later and it’s still stained sometimes if you want it to be darker you can go in with a second layer once it’s dry and this is a quite good time um for drying quick i don’t know if it says anything about drying quick the stickers over it i can’t really see but it is like

This arm is not sticky it’s dried so i could go in with another layer if i wanted to which i’ll wait so i’ll do my whole body then i’ll have a look what it looks like because it’s a good time like you’d look at the color now and it’s still got time to develop so i’m back my camera died oh now next don’t know where i go up to but i’ve done my top half now i

Think i’ve got a patch so for my face i know i use these for the week i don’t really like using these in like now and i like using the same tan i know you shouldn’t use this because it’s not really face ton but i like using the same tans my body so it just sort of blends but they them drops are really good for in the week so yeah so i’ll just do that again and

I’ll actually just get rid of these pink eyes this is so soft i just love when i admit i don’t know what it has in it but it’s proper glowy oh so now i would normally start on my legs and go up so this would be my last step um but now i’m just gonna do my legs i’ll speed this up so i’ve done one leg i’m just going to do the other leg and then i’ll be back

Once i’ve done my belly in my back and all next year’s back and i’ve finished handing my whole body and struggle to shoot my own back i normally get all warm arses to do by far i just struggle i always get cramped when i’m doing my own back online i’ve not actually tried one and um back hannah’s um you know the mix it’s got a long thing i need to try and run

Them so yeah that’s just all the products that i use all the products to maintain my tan to take my tran off and all that so yeah i’ll be back in the morning to show you my tan developed so i just sleep in this now i’ve just popped on a baggy t-shirt because you want something baggy when you’re in bed with your tanned i just sleep in this now and then in the

Morning i’ll wash it off but i’ll show you the color before i wash it off and then after when i’m all ready so i’ll see you in the morning good morning so i am back my time has been developing all night it’s been i don’t know i did about nine o’clock last night and it is 10 o’clock so yep this is the color of my time i always fix my hands a bit um yeah it’s

Just a really nice color this is the color of my legs i think they just look so nice and as well i’ve done the tick tock curls that i do all the time i don’t look on my instagram story of how to get these curls like how i do them um so yeah i’ll pop that in my highlights on my um beauty page or if you would like to see how i did them i can always do a youtube

Video on it this is a color before it’s washed off really nice golden color my eyes are still stained um pink and all that a lot of dressing gown and i don’t know what happened in my sleep i’m such a restless sleeper but this is never hand happening on the outside i’m gonna go and get in the shower wash this i do sometimes wash my hair when i wash my hand off

Like most of the time i do um but it does take your time off more i think it’s like the conditioner or the shampoo that takes your time off a bit more so literally all i do is jump in the shower wash my body and jump out literally in and out because you don’t want to be like just soaking in the shower because it’s just going to all rinse off yet so yeah i’ll

Be back once i’ve washed it hello everyone so i’ve just been sat there thinking i’ve not done the outro to this video so i’m so glad i remembered when i’m actually dressed so yeah this is me i’ve washed it off this morning done my makeup and everything and this is the color look i just love how glowy this tan is like look at my shoulder i’ve got nothing on i

Set my moisturizer that i moisturized afterwards when i got out the shower yeah i’m going to sneak pee to this makeup as well because i’ve just filmed this makeup look i hope you enjoyed this video and i feel like it was a bit all over the place because obviously i did my time last night and then showed you this morning now i’m showing you now if you could like

This video and subscribe to my channel that would mean the world to me so yeah i’ll see you in my next video bye you

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My Tan Routine!🤍 By Lauren Highlands