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Hey my lovelies , been a hot mintue since a little video!

Hey everyone welcome back to my channel so today i’m going to be doing a very exciting video i am wearing a top before anyone says anything i’m wearing a bralette tube top kind of thing because i am going to be doing my very first tanning video and the products i’m gonna be using i will list below let me just get them for you so this is what i’m going to be using

I’m going to be doing telling you how i prep for my tan i’ll be telling you how i apply my tan and i’ll also be telling you what i use so this is what i use so i use the bondi sans aero express tan and this is quick dry formula intense hydration and a coconut scent i’ve used this a couple times now and i really do feel like it doesn’t stick it doesn’t stain to your

Bed sheets it’s fast drying it gives you a great color and quite deep brown and when it goes on it’s more of like a deep color but rather than a like tangy orangey color and i also use the bondi sans reusable self tan mint now the good thing about this mitt it is double sided that’s what i love about it and also you can use it multiple times pop it in the washing

Machine and it’s good to use again um so let’s jump straight back into number one step one of how i prep for my tan so the first thing that i do is i take a bath i soak i let my skin rehydrate i let my skin soak i shower i shave and i moisturize and sometimes i do exfoliate but it depends how i’m feeling that day so i’ve had a bath i’ve shaved i’ve exfoliated i

Haven’t moisturized because i don’t feel like i need moisturization before i tan i need moisturization after i tan so my skin it’s not dry so i feel like i don’t need that extra barrier for my colour to actually stick onto my skin and the other thing good thing about this tan is it doesn’t really stick to your dry areas so if you’re someone who really struggles

With dry skin and that it’s perfect it doesn’t it’s not going to stick to those areas and so what i’m going to do is i’m going to apply for you on my shoulders i will do my legs and i’ll show you the color so before i do any tan obviously i’ll moisturize my hands because nobody wants like fake tiny hands so i give it a shake then we get our mitt looks really

Weird because i look naked in this video and i’m really not so we’ve got our mitts then when you put it on to the i met i’ll show you the color so as you can see it’s like a caramelly block like it’s just nice okay like nobody understands unless you use it so let me take my necklace off actually because i do not want that to get fake town in it so i will take

It off ah the town’s like soaking into the mid okay necklace off we’re gonna apply look at that color guide beautiful absolutely stunning so nice so obviously i will be tanning all of my body and then i will be coming back to show you what the finished look looks like and i will also be showing you guys the finished look the next morning so that was a couple

Of pumps and we will do another pump for the other side so fast drying it’s unbelievable the coconut scent is amazing it smells like you’ve been on holiday the color you can see it there for yourself um very good very amazing when i’m tanning my neck i tend not to like i go right up in the ear line um and i just ensure that i cover all parts of my chest i will

Be moving on sometimes i do do like two coats but it’s very like depending on what i’m feeling you know so but so fast drying i mean it’s dry already so if i want to go out and i get stuff i can go out like this i can run errands i can come back and it’s totally done so that’s you can see the color differentiation like differentiation but now between my neck

And my face already i do tan my face i do that less so what i’m going to do is i’m going to tan the rest of my body and you can see how well it’s applied just to my chest there totally nice color very brown caramelly color i’m gonna do the rest of my body and i will show you my arms my legs and yeah then i’ll come back on and i’ll explain what happens next hi

Guys so let me show you okay guys so this is me with the tan on i don’t know if you can see so it’s very dark it’s very like i’ve also put some on my face um let me turn down this brightness just a little bit so you can actually see the color so that’s the color there i did apply i do have a scratches here so don’t mind that but really nice to apply as you can

See i’ve just managed to put clothes on afterwards so that’s not it and this is also my leg so i’ve just applied the tan there so you can see quite a nice color and not patchy on the feet at all i do use a brush to tan those areas anyway but yeah very great good tan to use so yeah guys as i said amazing tan i would really recommend for all of you to try it and

I will link the products that i’ve used in the description below but um the next few pictures you will see will be me with a finished hand in the morning when i wash off i’m all moisturized and it’s gonna be ace um i’ve applied tan on my face it doesn’t cling to your pores it’s not something that will affect your skin and i find that the products are really good

They contain natural oils and things like that and also obviously be a careful when you’re applying your hair but as i said guys i will see you and the finished look okay bye

Transcribed from video