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This homemade electrolytes drink is wonderful for rehydrating after a stomach virus, influenza, food poisoning or even physical exertion. This energy-boosting electrolyte drink is such a refreshing and healthful way to recharge and nourish your body after an illness.

Hi it’s kristin welcome back to my kitchen in today’s video i’m gonna share with you how to make a super simple electrolyte drink that is much healthier for you and your children than the store-bought ones so we recently had a stomach bug hit our family and i want to spare you the details but it was rough it got all six of us down thankfully spaced apart a little bit

I was the last one to catch it so i was able to kind of take care of everyone while they were sick something i really relied on during that illness was this electrolyte drink so a lot of people will turn to pedialyte or gatorade even when recovering from a stomach bug because we all kind of have been taught that you need to restore the minerals and electrolytes and

Things in your body that you have lost over the course of the stomach virus and the problem with those drinks are that they have a lot of sugar corn sugar which is like gmo sugar food dyes i’ve seen aspartame and some things like that and they are just those things are not good for you on a good day and the last thing you want to be giving your children or yourself

When you’re recovering from a really brutal stomach virus is you know the gmo sugar right you know just refined white sugar aspartame food dyes and things like that so this recipe is just really really simple it uses just a few ingredients that you probably already have on hand and it just made me feel really good that i was replenishing my body and my kids bodies

With you know the trace minerals and potassium attack needs and things like that that we needed to recover so all you will need for this recipe is some sort of juice so you want to make sure that it’s one that does not have any sugar added to it you just want cure you know freshly squeezed orange juice or there’s an orange peach mango drink that we really like

From trader joe’s and i know that the citrus might not think that citrus would be good when recovering from a stomach bug because it’s you know really acidic but this recipe has it really really watered down and i can say from experience that it didn’t bother me at all it was just a wonderful drink to have a kind of a relief and it was just very refreshing to

Have that next day when i was recovering you’re gonna want some juice we just need 3/4 of a cup of juice the next thing you’re going to need is just 2 tablespoons of raw honey and the last ingredient besides just ice and water is the most important ingredient and that is this celtic sea salt so this is a really healthy salt one that my nutritionist recommended that

I use for everything when i was recovering from adrenal fatigue and some other health issues this particular kelp brand of celtic sea salt i’ll link it down below i get mine from amazon but it has over 74 trace minerals in it including sodium chloride potassium magnesium and so this is really really good for you it has really good things in it that you’re gonna

Want to replenish your body with when you’re recovering from a stomach virus so we’re just going to put all of these ingredients in the blender and blend it up so we’re gonna do 3/4 of a cup of juice next we’re going to do 2 cups of water we’re gonna do two tablespoons of the local raw honey i just do a little guess guesstimate there and next we’re gonna do our

Celtic sea salt so we’re gonna use an eighth of a teaspoon of celtic sea salt that and then we’re just gonna add um like about half a cup of ice that’ll make this nice and cold and refreshing so all the ingredients are in my blender i’m just gonna put this on the blender base and get it all mixed up so i just use these wide mouth mason jars that we use for drinking

And i like these nice handy little lids that they have i’ll just pour this electrolyte drink into these jars and put the lids on them and store them in the fridge and i just gave them a little bit out of time to my kids and you know for myself when i was sick and this will last in the fridge about 24 hours and then you’re gonna want to make a new batch and that’s

All there is to it i told you it was super simple and used only a few ingredients and i can tell you from experience that this drink is super refreshing when you’re recovering from a bug and now you have a recipe for a homemade electrolyte drink that is so much healthier for your family thank you so much for watching this video today if you enjoyed it i would love

If you’d give the video a thumbs up and if you’re new around here i would also love it if you would hit the subscribe button and stick around for more videos again thanks for watching and i’ll see you in my next video bye life is a winding no you

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