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NeilMed Naspira

The NeilMed® Naspira® Nasal-Oral Aspirator is the world’s most uniquely designed system, where several important safety, quality and efficacy features are combined. With our unique 2-in-1 design, you can either use it as a NeilMed® NasaBulb aspirator or as an effective Nasal-Oral suction device where parents can use suction force generated by the mouth similar to sucking through a straw. By using the NeilMed® Naspira®, you can quickly remove nasal mucus safely and effectively by creating a negative airflow of 5 to 10 liters or more per minute plus longer duration of suction, as opposed to simply using a bulb aspirator where the suction duration is less than half a second. In addition, the NeilMed® Naspira® Nasal-Oral Aspirator features in-line disposable filters to protect the parent from contact with mucus. The one-way valve prevents a large volume of accidental air from the parent’s mouth from blowing into the baby’s nose and prevents pushing down of the mucus.

Hello everybody so today i’m going to be sharing with you a very unique and innovative child and baby product this is the neomed nespira and this is made by dr maida the nespira is basically a nasal oral aspirator now this is perfect if you have a sick baby or a sick child and they have a lot of mucus and they’re having difficulty breathing then a spirit comes

In handy because you can help them to get rid of that mucus so that they can breathe easier and feel better the cool thing about the nespira is that it’s actually a two in one so the first way you can use it is actually by placing the tip in your child’s nose and then using the hose and the mouth portion here to use your air force to help suck that mucus out the

Second option is to detach the hose like so and then you can place the cap on the bottom and you can use it as a regular nasal bulb i absolutely love this is a two in one because sometimes all you need is the power of this nasal bulb here to help get those little boogers that might be just inside their nose or hanging outside their nose and this is all you need

But sometimes there’s a lot of mucus and might be a little bit more stuck and you might need more force so that’s when you can come in with the power of this and use your air force to help suck that out for them if you’d like to use it that way all you have to do is replace the hose right here and then you’re going to suck from the orange end now the great thing

About the nasper is that there’s a one-way valve so this means you don’t have to worry about your air going back into baby the other awesome thing is that there is a disposable filter right here so this really reduces the risk of contamination i’m quickly going to show you right now how i use it on my baby and then i will tell you a little bit more about how to

Clean it and about the different parts all right so to use the nespera you just want to have the baby sitting upright in your arms so that they’re comfortable we’re going to insert this part of the nozzle into her nose while placing the orange part in your mouth and that’s where you’re going to suck from while the tip part is in her nose so you just place it in

Her nose and suck just like that and then it will come right down here into the bulb now if you don’t want to suck yourself you can actually remove this portion here and place on the cap and then you can just use it as your typical bulb syringe so you’re going to press it before placing it in baby’s nose whoa and then release once it’s in her nose just like that

So as you can see it was really easy to use my baby didn’t mind at all i was able to suck gently enough so that i didn’t alarm her and she kind of thinks it’s a toy one other quick thing i wanted to mention if you find that the mucus in your child’s nose is a little bit thick and it’s having a little bit of difficulty coming coming out you can think about using a

Saline mist to loosen that up prior to using the naspira a really great one by neomed is called the pediamist now this is for children that are one year and over but this is amazing because you can just put a few couple quick squirts in their nose and it will really loosen that up now that a spirit is made of high grade very soft silicone it’s also bpa latex and

Phthalate free and the dispira is dishwasher safe and the components are really easy to remove all you’re going to do is push on the tip here and then push on the bulb and that will enable these two pieces to come apart like so next you’re just going to detach the hose from the bulb so those come apart like that then there’s the disposable filter which can be

Pulled apart from the hose now the the pack does come with extra disposable filters and you’re going to want to replace them every so often and as your baby gets sick then there’s the hose itself and then at the bottom there’s the orange part that you can suck on and that’s also detachable just like so the only portion of the spirit that is not dishwasher safe

Is the disposable filter and that’s this portion right here however this piece is key because this is what prevents the mucus from entering the parent’s mouth and i know that’s a big concern of many parents when they see someone sucking from a tube straight from their baby’s nose but no there’s no risk of the mucus entering your mouth the spirit can also be

Sterilized there are three different ways that you can do that and the packaging here comes with instructions on how to do that this is what the packaging looks like here but basically the three ways are that you can use boiling water you can use the microwave or you can use certain disinfectant solutions this is what the packaging looks like here and it comes

With the two in one nasal oral aspirator it comes with seven disposable filters and as well as a green carrying netted bag so i think that’s about it on the nail madness spira i love this thing i think this is essential for any parent i love that there’s the added bonus that you can use just the nasal bulb on its own or if you’re having difficulty expelling that

Mucus with just the bulb you can attach the hose and use the air force from yourself as well like i said it’s very easy to use very easy to clean and it’s made of very high quality material so i definitely recommend this thank you so much for watching

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