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NEVER Unclog Your Bathtub Or Shower Drain Ever Again! How To DIY


On today’s episode i’m going to be showing you how you can prevent hair and other particles from going down your bathtub drain so you can finally stop fishing out and trying to pick out all that nasty gunk and hair out of your drainage so stay tuned welcome to fix this house if you’re new to the channel consider pressing the subscribe and notification bell so

You can always be in tune on diys how-to videos and product reviews that i do within this channel so first off i’m going to be showing you a typical bathtub setup just like what you see here and a typical drainage system here is our bathtub there’s our drain this is mostly where you unscrew this just a quick backstory this drainage right here inside clogged a

Bunch of times and i ended up having to pull out a lot of hair showing you where it ends up clogging right here this needs to be cleaned out soap suds the soap and all the hair they start getting trapped and start overlapping each other around this crosshair if you go down further down the pipe that’s where all the clog is starting to build up as well so you want

To do preventative stuff so usually my main go-to tool is just getting a regular coat hanger and pretty much start fishing out whatever you can out of there but how do you prevent that so i came across this product and there’s two versions of this one and it’s called the the tub shroom ultra and the other one is just tub shroom so in my house i have a different

Drainage so there’s also another product from shower shroom and this one is made for that typical one which i’ll show you in a bit when we go back to my house so stay tuned for me showing you how to install this just a quick note i’m not sponsored by any of these products i bought this with my own money and i just wanted to try it out for myself but this one’s the

Tub shroom it’s guaranteed to catch every single hair hmm every single time you take a shower i’ll show you how to install it and we’ll do a good old test it’s pretty much made out of soft rubber now this comes in different colors and pretty much this acts just like a cap you are not going to be using this anymore but i suggest that you save this just in case for

Future use but i had a subscriber who was saying how do you stop the hair from going through there because i’m so tired of using the little pick or the little hair rod that you stick in there to fish out all that nasty stuff it’s the easiest one you can do and you can just insert it effortlessly through here and it’s soft right here so it flexes and conforms to the

Contour up there and there you have it easy as that it sits about about one inch i i took some of my wife’s hair extensions she might get mad at me i actually cut it so i can i didn’t want to use her hair the hair here let’s go see how it goes so it looks like the flow is still going really nice and well and let’s see how it held up so so looks like all that

Hair got wrapped around here and you can just easily take it out like that really nice okay now let’s test out the other one it’s kind of similar this one’s called the tub shroom ultra it’s actually made out of metal it looks a lot nicer and it comes with these other adapters as well so this fits your standard um drain just like what we’re going to be showing

You there later on but you can take this out if you have a bigger drain you can insert this through just like that if you have a bigger larger drain hole in this one as well if you have a smaller one oh okay to accommodate a much smaller hole as well so three different types of sizes we’re going to stick with the standard one if you compare this to this one it

Has the same diameter this one’s a little more expensive because it does come with the optional stopper you can use this for your sink as well this one for your sink too if you choose just plug it in definitely need to clean that but so just this being installed it looks way better it pretty much matches better on the drainage than this one so let’s take this out

And let’s compare it to what it looks like to this see that and if you take this one off put this one definitely looks a lot more sophisticated and looks like it’s actually part of the drainage but does it work the same and it’s effective as this one do the hair test okay i mean it’s still gonna be preventing that hair from going through just by looking at this

Aesthetically it looks a lot better in my honest opinion it’s all about preference they both are going to perform just as good and throw the other one you will have a stopper just like this just in case you want to take a bubble bath or whatnot but price wise this is 14.99 on amazon this is around ten dollars so if you’re interested on this i’ll leave a link on

The description down below check these products out now let’s go test out the third product so this version of the shower shroom i’m going to be testing out now in our shower because our shower is a little bit different it’s not that small opening type so this type will definitely fit our shower so let me show you what we were using before shower shroom version

Is very simple it’s just around here has a perimeter rubber inside is all graded different um it’s metal or aluminum i don’t know what it is but on the middle though it’s on the middle there’s a little rubber smaller version just like what we put on the other bathtub but this one it pretty much collects through there and you can lift it out to clean it and you can

Even just take the whole thing off and clean it from there this is what we were using before as a strainer this is our old one um you i have to use the flathead screwdriver to take this off but on this one this is a little plastic kind of cheap version we just kind of put this on top this get kicks out and it still falls through there so there’s really nothing

Catching and we’re just kind of depending on this to stay in place and this moves around a lot i’m going to take in my flathead screwdriver and i’m just going to pop this off it won’t move around like this so you have two options you can use silicone type this is the supreme silicone this is a hundred percent waterproof this is a mold free sealant so make sure you

Use that and make sure that it is 100 waterproof now you can use that you can caulk around here like there place it on top and it would be just stuck there and that’s what you do but i don’t want that what i want to do is i would just want to place this on top i i’m there’s probably an adapter somewhere over there where there’s a little strainer in the middle where

You can place this on top but i’m just going to customize this because if you look right here there are snaps right there that pretty much if you push on here it pretty much snaps in place and it doesn’t move so i’m gonna do a little bit of customization now again this is optional this is total customization for this if you can find a strainer like this with a whole

Perfect but for me i’m just going to reuse what i have and make do and make it custom find the middle and then we’re going to trace out so there we go using my dremel tool with the easy lock thin cut so let’s clean up the edges and make it nice and clean so we don’t get snagged all right so now we just test fit it so there you go test fitting it fit perfectly

Now this will sit lower to the edge than the existing cap okay so now let’s go inside and test it out and snap it on just like like that get rid of this cheap plastic one probably doesn’t even work that well it works but not that well this one will not slide now really nicely on the top see that see how nice and flush that is now it doesn’t move side to side like

It did before when we didn’t have it i highly suggest that you do this option actually there you go you can just take it off kind of just go and push it in there you go nice and flush that is with the shower floor get it all trying to wrap it around for you friends and there you have it all you got to do now is just lift this up and there’s all the hair tangled up

There nice and clean there and there you go you can clean it right out place this back in still nice and sturdy all good so there you have it friends that’s how you installed the shower shroom on this type of version customize it whichever way you like there’s no wrong way to do it just as long as you make it work for you again let me know in the comment section

Down below if you have any questions and which shower shroom version that you prefer and if you’re interested on these shower stream products again i’m not sponsored check out the link on the description down below i’ll leave all the three types on this the link down below check those out so once again friends if you found this video super helpful please hit that

Big thumbs up press the subscribe notification bell and i’ll see you friends in the next how to diys and product review video until next time foreign

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NEVER Unclog Your Bathtub Or Shower Drain Ever Again! How To DIY By Fix This House