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New Air Purifier for my Baby & its really worth the money | Best Air Purifier | Not Sponsored

Best Air purifier for Home in India which is Safe for Kids and Adults.

I always had a mindset of getting used to living with that! despite that, the reason for buying this air purifier is… the important reason for buying it for 10000 rupees is… we’ll surely put extra efforts to do something special for them! there’s no ventilation in my room, and it’ll be completely closed… and i’ll always keep the window closed because of mosquitoes!

The main reason for dust accumulation in my room is… because of this storeroom that is attached to my bedroom… the dust from this room will also get accumulated in my bedroom! i get heavy sneezing as the dust keeps circulating inside… but i didn’t take it seriously… i just adjusted and moved on! now itself, he started sneezing like me because of the dust! so,

I spent 10000 rupees and bought this mi air purifier for him! and this is not at all a paid promotion sponsored by mi! i just bought it with my own money for my son and family members! now, let’s use and see the level of dust accumulated in the room… and will also show you how well the dust has reduced after using it! you’ll get to know from this video if it is working

Or not! but before buying, we shall first check if it is a worthy product! it has a hepa filter here… we don’t have to see much about that… i thought it was not included… glad that they have given! usually filters have a lifetime of 6 months to 1 year… it’s a big thing if it lasted for 6 months in my room! actually, i don’t know where to connect this plug…

Am searching for a long time to figure out where to connect it! yes! you have to connect the plug here at the bottom! the length of this wire is just 1.5 meters, and it’s not that long… we are buying it for 10000 rupees, but i don’t know why they are being so stingy with the wire! have turned on the switch… and removed the sticker on this… it shows as filter

Remaining 100%… and the fan started running inside! when i turned it on, this room’s pollution level was around 30… after turning on for 10 minutes, it has dropped to 8… greenlight glows, and this indicates that the room has a perfect air purification level suitable for breathing! now the pollution level of air in this room is around 5-6… i’m speaking silently

As my wife and baby are sleeping here! now am turning it on… and i hope they don’t wake up by the sound… you can see that it has raised to 18 as this room has some dust particles… hence, it shows a higher pollution level than that room… you can see that how well the hall area is accumulated by dust particles… but, the hall has a pollution level of around 55…

Hence, we may know that the hall is highly accumulated by dust! now, we shall see how the hall’s pollution level reduces… that is… to check if it sucks the dust in, am gonna collect and keep some dust near to that! now, you itself have seen that how it has sucked in the dust! after running it for 15 minutes at the maximum speed, i have also shown you a live demo

Of the dust getting sucked in! am testing it in multiple ways as am gonna use it for my baby… i’ll be satisfied only if it worked perfectly and that’s the reason for doing so! have also shown you a live demo of the dust getting sucked in! if you have sinus or dust allergies because of the minute dust particles present in the air… the pressure created on this side

Will suck all the dust inside… … which will be purified by the filter and fresh air comes out through the other side! i have confirmed the working principle when i showed you the live demo of dust getting sucked in! as i have bought it for my son for 10000 rupees, i was worried that it might get wasted! i think no one will test by keeping the dust nearby… i think

No one will show in any of the air purifier videos by keeping the dust nearby and test if it really sucks & filters! but i thought of testing it as i bought it for my son and family members and not doing it for a paid promotion… now only, am feeling satisfied as it’s worth the price! will leave this product’s link in the description below… am leaving the link

In the description below as it is really working! and if you wish to have clear air for you and your kids without any dust particles, i was worried about the sneezing problem that my baby had like me… i hope luckily both of us won’t have that problem hereafter! will leave this product’s amazon link in the description below! you can surely buy it after reading the

Amazon reviews… i have tested it in various location as am personally buying it for my son… and also finally tested by intentionally putting the dust nearby… will leave the link in the description below… if you need it, you can buy!

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New Air Purifier for my Baby & it's really worth the money | Best Air Purifier | Not Sponsored By Shadhik Azeez