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It Cosmetics released their new It cosmetics your skin but better foundation & skincare foundation ! I will try it on for the first time and give you my first impressions thoughts!

Happy video day guys and happy tinted tuesday so on some tuesdays i try to give you guys a tinted moisturizer cc cream review but today we’re going to jump in a different direction because a brand that has one of the best cc creams on the market released a new foundation and it’s it cosmetics so it cosmetics released the your skin but better foundation and skin

Care and this really really attracted my attention because they did claim that it was kind of like a cc cream but even better so i was like okay so when it’s gonna have like cc cream elements to it but it’s gonna give me foundation coverage that’s what i was thinking that’s honestly what drew me in so i decided to pick this up i actually got it on the cosmetics

Website but actually it’s available right now at ulta too so i’m going to list it down below for you guys so i’m actually pretty excited to give this little foundation a test drive for you guys i’m going to wear it the entire day i’m going to be giving you guys a follow-up on what i’m thinking about it and i’m excited it retails for 39.50 us dollars and honestly

Guys i’m excited to give this foundation a go so if you are excited for this video please don’t forget to give me those like thumbs up and if you’re new hit the subscribe button so you can see more of these videos i do try to do tinted tuesdays as much as possible where i’m trying to find the best cc creams and tinted moisturizers and you know what sometimes a

Foundation or two so let’s go ahead and let’s get into the video right now first let’s talk about the outer packaging of this this is actually a glass bottle which i haven’t really seen glass bottles that often anymore i’m pretty impressed to see a glass bottle so it does say that it improves your skin within two weeks and i did see this on the website as well

They’re claiming that your skin is supposed to look a little better after two weeks i kind of feel like wearing this for two weeks and seeing if that works um i did pick it up in medium 31 neutral and it has a great shade range there’s 40 shades in the shade range so definitely check it out on the website try to see if you can find a good match but i do feel like

This was a very good match for my skin tone some of the cool stuff that they were saying about it is that it’s a hydrating foundation with buildable medium coverage it has microfine pearl powders that provide a natural radiant finish which you kind of do see them they’re a little bit of like little tiny small little glitters when you put on your face it kind of

Disappears but you definitely do see a little glitter here and there moisturizing hyaluronic acid and aloe vera extract it has vitamin e and b5 so it does say it minimizes the appearance of pores and imperfections and that is supposed to give you a hydrated natural look throughout the entire day they’re also claiming on the website that it’s suitable for every

Single skin type so i have it on right now and i kind of have a few thoughts about it so i’m going to show you guys me applying this for the very first time and show you guys my reactions as i’m using it and then we’ll get into some thoughts and wear tests and final thoughts so let’s get into it right now all right guys i am so thrilled to be trying this so it

Looks just like this the packaging looks just like this when you get it so it’s just gonna say it cosmetics your skin but better foundation and skincare and this is a very cute bottle really nice and i actually picked up the brush as well um i think it was if you purchased it on the it cosmetics website when this first released which i purchased it a while ago um

You got a free brush so i got it so i can get this free brush i think this is their new brush it’s the heavenly skin brush and i don’t know i wanted it i think ulta was doing a deal too but it was a different brush and i wanted this one so the brush looks just like this and it looked like a cute brush so i got the free brush okay so the color that i got mine in

Is medium neutral 31 is my color i swatched it on my hand the other day and i really think it might be a good color so you guys can see the consistency of it it’s a little bit more watery but man this felt so good when i put on my skin the other day so i’m excited okay i’m excited so let’s just put this on i’m gonna put on with the brush i literally feel like i

Just didn’t put anything on my skin right now it like feels feels like i don’t have anything on this is so much more lightweight than the cc cream if you guys like the cosmetic cc cream this literally feels like nothing on the skin right now and it’s doing a very nice coverage very nice i’ll do only half my face you guys can kind of like get an idea first i’ll

Tell you the brush i like it it’s not my favorite just because since it’s a little bit softer i find myself pushing a little bit stronger into my skin so i think i just need to get used to this kind of brush it’s very very very soft but it’s a cute brush i want to try this with sponge but just so you guys can kind of get an idea that’s what it looks like this

Finish right now looks amazing here’s none here’s on you guys can tell that it looks really really good right now so let’s try this with a sponge i’m going to put a little bit on my hand again and i’m going to tap this into my skin with a sponge this formula is like so silky when you put it on you literally feel like you want to keep on putting more and more and

More but it literally feels like you’re not putting anything on but i am seeing the coverage so this is kind of cool my first thoughts are i like the sponge but i feel like if you want more coverage go in with a brush do your more full coverage and then pat over with a sponge that’s what i’m thinking so far so what i’m going to do now is just kind of like i’m

Going to put a little bit and i’m just going to kind of dab it in the areas that i have a little bit more acne scars just to kind of see how much coverage i can get wow that really covered that up pretty damn good did you guys see how good that covered i’m pretty impressed with the coverage right now literally i feel like i am building this up to a very strong

Medium coverage if you don’t have too much acne scars or anything you may be able to just say that this is like super full coverage for you but if you have a little bit of acne scars that you need to cover building it up you can definitely get to medium coverage i feel like this coverage is so good that it’s almost the same as what i get with the cc cream from them

And it feels so much more lightweight like literally i have nothing on my skin right now i don’t think i’ve ever felt such a lightweight foundation that’s pretty impressive so there we go personally for me i like putting it on with a brush to get a little bit more coverage and then pouncing over with a sponge just to even everything out i think either way you go

You’re gonna like it if you use a sponge you’re gonna end up using a little bit more product because it is a little bit more liquidy if you use a brush you’re obviously going to use a little less and i think it applied both ways beautifully so i’m i’m i’m really excited right now it looks like it has a little bit of like sheen to it so it’s not really like it’s

Not dewy but it has like a sheen to it i’m really really liking this okay so let me put on some concealer i’m actually going to use my it cosmetics concealer finish off this face of makeup and then we’ll get into some stuff hey guys so i finally finished off the makeup i just used my violet voss essentials too this is what i got in my boxy charm this look is

Going to be up on my instagram so if you guys want to know how i got to it it will be up on christina brooke beauty but i have to say guys i’m pretty impressed right now so how i see this right now just like first impression i’m gonna wear this for the entire day and i’m gonna tell you guys at the end of the day whether i like it or not i feel like it looks like

A really nice lightweight medium coverage foundation that i think is going to work really good on even more mature skin the reason i’m saying that is because i do have some forehead wrinkles i don’t feel like it’s in those wrinkles i don’t feel like i see it under my fine lines everywhere that i kind of placed it i feel like it’s sitting really really nice this

Moment right now i think dry skin and oily skin might enjoy this because it doesn’t feel too dry it doesn’t feel like it’s oily it actually has a really comfortable feeling like i don’t know if i have felt such a comfortable foundation before i really don’t and for the coverage that i have right now i don’t feel like i have makeup on like the feeling isn’t there

Now the looks wise it did it does look a little bit more like a foundation so i would say somebody is going to be able to tell that you have makeup on you know how sometimes you can wear a cc cream and it’s so skin like that people would kind of have a little bit of a hard time like oh i think maybe she just has a little powder on this one definitely looks more

Like makeup it’s giving you a very strong coverage too it’s giving you a medium to almost full like for me this is almost full coverage i would just cover a few little red spots with some concealer but honestly it’s it’s very high coverage i believe so i think the dip the main difference that i’m feeling right now from the actual cc cream if you guys know that it

Cosmetics cc cream which is like super super popular is that this it cosmetics cc cream actually feels heavier when you put it on and this one feels a lot more lightweight coverage wise i think that they both cover almost the same the cc cream might be a little bit less coverage and maybe a little bit less makeup looking this one might have a little bit more

Coverage and a little bit more makeup looking but i really like this one right now it looks i think it looks very even it looks really healthy it has a little bit of like a glow to it and like i said it doesn’t really it’s not really inside of any of the pores i have a few foundations that i love the coverage i think it just looks so full coverage and gorgeous

But when you get really close up you almost can kind of see your pores a little bit more like i don’t know if it’s just because it dries more or because it’s so thick it kind of gets a little cakey looking this one doesn’t do that i almost feel like my pores look really good and my skin looks really nice when i swatched it on my hand i saw little tiny micro

Glitters like almost like little tiny glitters in it and i do feel like there is some type of glitter in here but when it’s on your face i don’t really see it anymore like it’s not like i see glitters anywhere but on my hand i almost felt like i saw little glitters and if you look at the actual bottle you can almost see like little glitters on it i don’t know it’s

Kind of interesting but when you put on the face i don’t see it anymore so i’m really enjoying this right now i’m going to wear this for the entire day and i’m going to give you my final thoughts at the end of this video but if things hold up like they’re looking right now this could be really really good and i believe for me personally this could be an everyday

Foundation like to go to the office you do your daily activities with maybe if you need something a little bit stronger than a cc cream but you don’t want to get to a heavier foundation that feels heavier this one might be a go-to now i would say for me right now i’m looking at this one as a competitor for my anastasia luminous foundation the luminous foundation i

Feel like sometimes it looks a little thicker on the skin this one looks a little bit better than that one so that’s why i want to see what it looks like at the end of the day but right now i’m happy so i will see you guys in a few hours and i’ll tell you guys my final thoughts alright guys so it is time for my final thoughts so it has been many many hours since

I’ve been wearing this so it’s gonna be like 8 30 at night right now and i have to tell you i think that that foundation looks actually really really really good especially on the forehead area look at this glitter i have in my head what was i doing today so over here all of this looks really really good it actually looks more like my skin so one of the things

That i noticed about this foundation is when you first put it on it looks a little bit more foundationy and then as your oils and everything start coming through within like an hour or so all of a sudden it starts to look a lot more skin like so it’s actually quite interesting like right now my skin looks very skin like but at the same time very flawless and

That is something that i started seeing throughout the entire day so i love this the longer you wear it so that’s actually a huge plus in my opinion because a lot of foundations they start looking bad you know the longer you wear them and this one i just feel like it actually progressively looked even better so it’s the end of the night at this point i would be

Taking it off and i’m telling you it still looks pretty pretty good i went out a few times today but it was not like i was outside the entire day and but i was wearing it and cleaning and doing a lot of stuff so it has definitely held up and i actually really like this i really do and i like it so much more than when i first put it on i think the staying power

Is really nice and like i said i love the way it looks the longer you wear it so it’s a it’s a plus plus for me guys i think that this was a fantastic foundation but like all of my foundation reviews i’m going to continue wearing this little guy so i am going to keep on wearing it and trying it out for you guys and i will give you guys another follow-up as you

Know i’ve worn it for a longer period of time but as of right now and how i like foundations this one looks like it could be a contender to be a really amazing everyday foundation and i’m gonna go on a limb and say that if you like the cc cream from it cosmetics you actually may like this even more than the cc cream because the cc cream even feels oilier on me

At the end of the night and this one doesn’t even feel like that much compared to the cc cream so i definitely think that this is worth a shot so so i hope you guys enjoyed this tinted tuesday like always i hope you guys enjoyed the video leave me your comments down below if you guys purchased this product and if you guys liked it i want to know from you guys and

Yeah i’ll talk to you guys later bye

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