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This video is essentially the second part to the first video. In this video we talk about gadgets that automate your home. This is our list of 6 cool Smart Home Gadgets to check out in 2021. If you liked this video, make sure to give it a huge thumbs up. Subscribe to Tech Walker for more content and comment down below what other tech and gadget topic you’d like to see in a future video. Many thanks for watching!

Nowadays technology can be found literally everywhere from our schools workplaces and even our homes and who can blame us after all aside from convenience tech and gadgets also amp up our comfort security and of course entertainment to a whole new level welcome to techwalker and today we’re taking a look at six cool smart home gadgets you can check out this

2021 first up we have the case of smart wi-fi outdoor plug is it just me or has everything started turning into smart home devices recently believe it or not even those lights on your patio or the pool pumps outside can be turned off via simple commands that you can do from your smartphone that’s right for a reasonable price you can get yourself a case smart

Wi-fi outdoor plug which allows you to control two devices independently of each other with a few taps on your phone or through alexa and google voice commands other than that the case of smart wi-fi outdoor plug also gives you daily weekly and monthly runtime reports which could help you monitor just how many times the outlets have been in use on that given

Basis impressive right the phone soap free uv cell phone sanitizer not only rid your phone of 99.99 of all germs and bacteria but also doubles as a charging station imagine this if you will you head home after a long day of work outside during a pandemic of course you’d probably want to take a shower but what some of us forget at times is that our phones also

Gather all kinds of bacteria we encounter throughout the day and now more than ever it’s important that we sanitize it as well good thing the phone soap free uv phone sanitizer is now available to the masses and it houses two scientifically proven germicidal uvc bulbs that will do the job of sanitizing your entire phone and basically anything that fits inside

You name it up next is the furbo dog camera this is for all of you pet lovers out there the furbo dog cam is a one of a kind indoor security camera dog nanny that you can get to improve your smart home security system it features a 1080p camera with a 160 degree wide angle lens a four times digital zoom and automatic infrared night vision so you could easily

Keep track of what’s happening inside your home as well as know how your pupper is doing whenever you leave the house it also has a barking sensor as well as a microphone and speaker that would allow you to hear and talk to your pet whenever you’re not around and the best part is treats come with the deal in the form of a built-in treat tosser i’m sure that

Buddy of yours approves ifak probe makes traditional vacuum cleaners look like a thing of the past sure it was originally meant for commercial use such as in hair salons boutiques restaurants and other small businesses but it has recently crossed over to smart homes as well thanks to its quick and convenient cleaning enhanced by its high efficiency pre-motor

And dual filter that works by removing dirt and dust molecules around and returning clean air to your home moreover ivac pro offers you both manual and hands-free activation settings making sweeping up the mess so much easier a truly great addition to your smart home if you’d ask me coming up next on our list is the arlo pro 4 spotlight camera let’s admit it the

Rise of security cameras in recent years plays a huge part in why we feel a lot safer nowadays one can argue that technology in itself could potentially pose some risk when it comes to one’s safety and privacy but the key is to always look for the best most trusted gadgets and arlo pro 4 spotlight camera is one of those it’s a high resolution weather resistant

Smart outdoor security camera that lets you see what all the noise outside is all about without having to leave the comfort of your bed the thing is other smart home cameras take a whole lot of your time just for installation but arlo pro 4 installs in minutes and voila it can now start recording in detail 2k video with color night vision worthy of landing

This sweet spot on our list finally it’s about time to introduce you to ampere shower power who doesn’t love taking a shower while singing to their favorite shower advert on play well at least for us here at tech hammer that’s definitely the case but here’s the thing did you know that you can step up your shower game the smart home way you heard that right

Ampere shower power is an award-winning waterproof speaker that is designed to fit any shower head to give you that cinema slash studio vibe that other waterproof speakers in the market just can’t offer what’s even more interesting about the ampere shower power is the fact that you don’t have to charge it because it charges on its own you see it’s a waterproof

Bluetooth speaker that generates a hundred percent of its power from water and on top of all that it’s also made from 100 recycled ocean plastic what’s not to love about this cool and eco-friendly smart home gadget so that’s our list for six cool smart home gadgets to check out this 2021 if you like this video make sure to give it a huge thumbs up subscribe

To techwalker for more content turn on your notification bell and comment down below what other tech and gadget topic you’d like to see in a future video as always thanks for watching

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