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Night Time Routine| Belly Routine| 25 Weeks Pregnant

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Baby you don’t know what you do to me between me and you i feel a chemistry what’s up y’all so we’re just gonna get right into this nighttime self-care routine while i’m 25 weeks pregnant and i’m just starting off by taking out these braids that i’ve had in my hair for about three weeks now i hope you guys enjoy this video and don’t forget to leave a like

And to subscribe on your way out for a minute i like you better on the first day i should have said what’s wrong in the first place foreign but i’m mad at you yeah okay so i’m just going in with this thank god i’m natural moisture rich sulfate free shampoo i like it it does its job but i’m actually looking to change up my routine so if you guys

Have any recommendations let me know i’m trying to get this curl pattern back because as y’all can see i got a little heat damage place i’m just going in and following up with the triple moisture replenishing conditioner from thank god i’m natural so i actually really love maya organics their products make my hair feel really soft and they always make

It look really moisturized so i’m just going in with their rice water deep conditioner you’ll be good it was time to wash that conditioner out and you guys aren’t really going to see me do anything else to my hair because i’m going to be straightening it so i’m not going to put any products in it so i’ll just be air drying my hair okay y’all so i really

Love taraji p henson’s bath caroline it smells so good and it just makes your body just feel so soft and so smooth so if y’all haven’t checked that out yet y’all should definitely go check that out like this okay so i use regular smuggler toothpaste on my teeth but i do use a vibrating toothbrush i like the equip toothbrush and y’all will not see me scrub i

Scrape my tongue but y’all would not be seeing me do it because if you know if you pregnant then you know it’s hard to scrub your tongue without gagging or throwing up now i know everybody knows that their breath is the holy grail as well i know what you did but baby i have been using finney skin for a few years now and it does my skin amazing i’ve never

Really had any big skin issues anyway but as far as the way my skin feels and any breakouts whatever it’s been doing amazing for me what else happened you told me there because all i’m hearing the things you haven’t told me the truth from the beginning so i go in with a towel and pat my skin dry but honestly i have a love hate relationship with this because

Nothing pisses me off more than toweling and as you can see i’m getting irritated anyways i like to use usable pads instead of cotton pads or anything like that i found these at target and i’ve been in love with using them for my toner ever since all you do is pop them in the washer once you use them and then just keep reusing them remember this baby

Videos all right so for my belly care i like to use bio oil i bought it a while ago to heal a burn on my forehead and it completely made it go away so i use it on my stomach and it already made a stretch mark near my belly button kind of become less visible as you can see you can barely if you can see it then it’s like barely there so i recommend the bio oil

I just take it and massage it everywhere all on the sides everywhere that a stretch mark would possibly come in and i love it you always say i got an attitude all right y’all that’s it good night

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Night Time Routine| Belly Routine| 25 Weeks Pregnant By Katelyn Deeleah