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Nivea Sun Mattifying Face Sunscreen | Shine Control UV Face | No Shine Sunscreen 2022

Having difficulty finding a sunscreen for your face which is not shiny? I have the holy grail of sunscreen for the face. A sunscreen which can be used right before makeup application, which will still give you the same level of protection from the sun. #sunprotection

Hey everyone i’m rob venus welcome to my youtube channel how are you all doing so today i’m going to share with you something that i’ve discovered recently in the form of sunscreen for one’s face now i’ve been having trouble finding one that doesn’t make me look really greasy and oily and wet which is why i found this one really good so if you want to know what

It looks like when applied and listen to what this professes to do do stick around subscribe if you’re new please so let’s get into this so this nivea sun uv fashion control mattifying effect uh this is definitely something that i need uh because like i said i don’t want to look greasy um it’s factor 50 with uva and ub uva and uvb filters with immediate

Protection light and non-greasy and on the box it said made especially for your delicate facial skin immediate and ultra spectrum protection protect against premature aging light skin feeling skin compatibility compatibility dermatologically approved a lot of long words here uh protection that cares for your skin this highly effective sunscreen with you with

Outer spectrum protection provides protection against uva and uvb induced skin damage as well as from high energy visible light blue light effects such as premature skin aging the light formula offers an instant and long-lasting mattifying effect the light and non-greasy skin feeling makes this sunscreen ideal for everyday use does not sting eyes now let’s see if

I can pronounce this word because it’s a bit of a tongue twister ophthalmologically yay approved and never cares for your skin in the planet ocean respect free of uv filters okay let’s have a look at saying these words octanoxy oxybenzone and optokrylene whatever those are tell me in the comments please so i thought i would do an application of this and i’m

Told that for the average fish need about a teaspoon worth of product in order to get a proper barrier from the sun just to say i’m not a dermatologist or any skin expert whatsoever i’m just telling you what works for me so have a work with your doctor or gp or dermatologist whoever you’re going to see about your skin care yeah i’m not a professional so it says

Important usage instructions apply generously before sun exposure and reapply frequently after perspiring swimming and tooling applying sufficient product will lower the level of protection now i didn’t know this next but avoid intensive midday sun between 11 am and 3 pm so that’s like peak sun time so yeah just don’t go out during those hours if you’re really

Prone to sun damage a lot of jobs are completely avoid contact with textures and hard surfaces and to prevent staining keep babies and young children of direct sunlight even when protected avoid overexposed exposure to the sun as this is a serious health threat right so let’s get out of the box i got this from boots and it was eight pounds and that is for 50

Milliliters once opened is to be used within 12 months so let’s get some of this on i’ll show you so it’s not runny it’s quite a creamy consistency and i think this is really good well hello it’s barney hello he’s like what are you doing i’m talking to my friends yes let’s see if he says hello to you hello there you go i know i’m talking i’m talking yeah

So let’s get some of this on so as i’ve been really getting into skincare recently and because i’ve been using retinoids uh i really need to protect my skin because when you use retinoids it can be even more prone to sun damage so i need that extra protection i can’t see any white cast which is good over the rose if you can hear a whistling noise it’s because

It’s windy and the windows tend to make a whistling noise it’s got this habit of licking my arm and i tried this out yesterday that was before i shaved off most of my beard and if you’re someone that’s got a beard it doesn’t stick on the hairs actually absorbs into the skin rather than just clinging onto the hairs oh itchy nose hair fever does anyone else got

Hay fever i do take antihistamines but they want to help too i’m very mild degree oh you’ll be able to see how it is with hairs here so this is just the application for the face i’ve got other sunscreen for the rest of my body this is just for my face i hate that noise and then just use the rest of it here hmm yep it’s not too shiny so what i’m going to do

Is i’ll go away for 10 minutes and then come back and let you see how it looks it’ll be completely absorbed by then so i’ll see you in a second but for me it’ll be 10 minutes so see you in a second hi i’m back so let’s have a look at how my skin’s looking so as you can see it’s all absorbed into the beard area it’s not made me look too shiny it just makes me

Feel a little bit soft and yeah i would like really wow i really like this so if you want to get this it’s great for prepping your skin before you put on your moisturizers and then you make up and things but this has to go on first if you want the proper sun protection so yeah if you have enjoyed this video or if it’s been of use to you big thumbs up that really

Helps the channel out like you would not believe comment below if you’ve any other product recommendations and if you’re new here please subscribe i would love to see now some i would love to see some new names here so thank you for spending some of your time here with me i really appreciate it i will see you in the next one take care be kind to yourself and others bye

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Nivea Sun Mattifying Face Sunscreen | Shine Control UV Face | No Shine Sunscreen 2022 By Will Venus