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Open your eyes if you are wondering why everything going on in the world feels so terribly off then you have come to the right place a veal has been put over the eyes of humanity evil people in high places have been hiding the truth in plain sight and building a false reality on lines and deception for far too long and now their time is coming to an end it’s time

To fight back to wake up and to begin an uprising now is a time for judgment foreign this is a time for judgment welcome to today’s show i wanted to cover this story about driverless trucks because obviously all the stuff we hear in the news is fake and they tell us that there’s a shortage of truckers still somehow conveniently there’s just all these truckers

Have decided that they don’t want to work anymore and they don’t want to deliver food and on top of that the wages for truck drivers have plummeted so they use that as another excuse and of course they use the one-niner as an excuse and now they’re using even diesel prices as an excuse all of this stuff that’s going on you have to remember there’s so many agendas

That tie into it it’s not just about well they want to create food shortages and they want to spike the price and get us over to electric vehicles they also want to eliminate jobs and they want to eliminate the purpose of human beings and that’s part of this enslavement with artificial intelligence that is going on and i want to just tell you a story here of course

This doesn’t make national news why would it but oklahoma just passed a law debt authorizes autonomous vehicles now they passed these laws and they never ask human beings how they feel about it personally you take we could just start from the basic end of this and look at it and say well what person who drives on the road wants a driverless car on the road the

Answer is pretty much probably like 95 people disapprove and then your zombie five percent will approve because they’re so stupid they either it’s cool i want to drive and see a car next to me with no driver wouldn’t that be funny until it flips over on you and kills your whole family and you know nobody’s held accountable of course because there’s no driver and

You’re not going to sue one of these major corporations that produces the car you’re not going to sue ford or general motors et cetera et cetera so there’s that perspective but what really needs to be focused on in addition to the fact that you know they make excuses for this again with climate change getting people to electric cars which is about control right

Being able to control the vehicle where you go when you go there but also taking the jobs away from people this should be something that all humans fight for whatever their political affiliation is they should look at these things and say no we don’t want you to replace human beings with robots we don’t want you to replace waiters and waitresses we don’t want you

To replace people in factories we don’t want you to replace you know ups drivers with drones we don’t want you to replace truck drivers driving across the country to deliver food with robot trucks but they’ll tell you that this is not just good for the environment it’s also safe and it’s also because all these truckers don’t want to work and if you look into it

That is not true let me start here before i get into this oklahoma law and just show you what this nightmare of driverless trucks looks like thank you your car is good to go spend enough time around phoenix arizona and you’ll spot cars and vans cruising without anyone behind the wheel arriving shortly semi trucks they’re the new frontier in driverless vehicles

Being tested right now how soon could it be before somebody looks up and doesn’t see anybody in the driver’s seat on one of these questions so we want to be always self-driving within the next couple of years boris hoffman is waymovia’s head of engineering for trucking how many millions of miles of testing have you guys done so far yeah so on the car side we’ve

Done uh over 20 million miles of physical driving and then 20 billion miles in simulation is there a concern that humans are gonna see no driver and freak out about a semi on the road uh always something we think about uh we were worried about the same thing on the car side so now for a little test drive and do a test drive and even today while humans like bob

Craps are still technically behind the wheel here we go that acceleration that we’re hearing that’s not bob that’s that’s the truck that’s the truck yep now i know you do this a lot but do you still kind of get nervous i don’t get nervous because bob’s here i trust bob with my life here so uh so i don’t get nervous right now google’s self-driving company waymovia

And several others are using safety drivers like bob to supervise what are basically big rig robots and if you look closely you can see he’s not always touching the wheel instead the semi can navigate by itself using a guidance system of 28 cameras and a whole slew of radar sensors that map the immediate area and can peer over a half a mile down the road how many

Objects can this detect at one time when we’ve encountered dense intersections in a uh in an urban environment for example our cars will detect hundreds of objects all the time pedestrian cyclists cars so with all these sensors and all these cameras how much bad driving from humans have you guys picked up enormous it’s uh uh it’s shocking that is the source of the

Deepest amount of challenge in the entire uh self-driving space where you realize pretty quickly that you can be a good driver and then you have to deal with all of the anomalies that the world throws at you waymoo says right now their biggest hurdle is planning for unpredictable human drivers for bob it’s about preventing the kinds of crashes he’s seen after

40 years of trucking all right i’ve come up on some really bad accidents and most of those accidents are fatigue related you know distracted impaired this truck is not going to be distracted it’s not going to experience road rage the technology comes as a country faces a growing shortage of more than 80 000 truck drivers partially fueled by younger generations

Opting for other jobs closer to home and why is there tech weary generations like bob’s eyeing retirement right now we’re struggling with supply chain issues we’re also struggling with a shortage of drivers is this a solution go look at any trucking company’s website and see about all the job openings they have or visit with a driver at the local truck stop and

Ask them how many phone call i get a day how many text messages how many linkedin messages they get or how much mail they get at home and you’ll see there’s a tremendous driver shortage and what is that doing to the industry well obviously when you have a shortage like that there are goods that aren’t moving in the most efficient way so goods could move get to the

End destination quicker more efficiently so yes we need more drivers i think it’s kind of cool they’re taking a little bit of my my knowledge and it’s kind of neat to see i’ll suggest something and then you know a week later two weeks later it shows up and the truck’s reacting the way that i would react yeah the truck’s driving like you do yeah it’s driving like

Me it’s kind of yeah that’s kind of cool so when you tell your grandkids about that some of these trucks are going to be driving like you yeah part of ground pops in that truck that’s kind of cool so so wait so you have a flip phone and yet you’re driving one of the most technologically advanced vehicles on the road yeah exactly try to keep things pretty simple

You know for him there is still nothing like the open road i have the best office window ever but says when he retires someone’s got to keep on trucking even if that someone is a computer i strive to be a good driver but i make mistakes this truck’s not gonna make mistakes now do you feel safe would you feel safe in a car with your kids with your wife your mom and

Dad would you feel safe if you saw that next to you some people would actually say yeah they’d say i do feel safe now remember these trucks are controlled and will be controlled by 5g and currently they’re controlled by 5g and when it turns into 6g which i mean we don’t need for all we know they could be running on 60 at this point just not telling us yet which is

Highly likely which again factors into everybody is you could just see people are so fatigued and worn down but they tell you that it’s because of uh you know mental health and all that stuff it’s pretty unbelievable but again these trucks will be running on that type of technology which is one of the reasons it’s so crucial for them to implement it now of course

Climate change ties into all of this because every single agenda they have fits under their carbon footprint of monitor tracking taking control out of your own hands and determining where you can and can’t go and they tell you it’s all this other stuff because if they flat out told you that hey you know we’re firing and we’re laying off a hundred thousand truckers

Because we want to replace them with robots there is a small chance that humanity whether they’re republican or democrat whatever their position is would stand together and say well that’s bullcrap you shouldn’t be doing that plus we don’t want these types of trucks on the road well when they tell you that they’re doing it because there’s a shortage and that the

Prices are so low for the truck drivers to drive and gas is so high that it’s really just it’s balancing out now we have shortages around the whole country because of that so we have to have it so that way people go okay well we have to have it we need food on the shelves we need you know stuff on the you know in target and walmart for christmas etc etc and they

Get them conditioned and on board with this stuff as they continue to take away human rights and replace them with artificial intelligence and the rights of artificial intelligence over actual human beings we’re becoming second-class citizens to artificial intelligence and the type of technology that they’re creating and permitting so the new law in oklahoma that

Is now in effect permits the use of fully autonomous vehicles on state roadways and again this is without your permission and nine i’m sure 95 of people in oklahoma don’t even know this and i’m sure 99 of people in america don’t know that laws are being passed that are giving companies the right to have artificial intelligence driving on roads next to you and your

Families truck tips over no big deal what if the truck is a blowout in the middle of the road who’s coming to move it oh no one is or we have like a 17-hour backup that’ll cause more accidents and more prom these are all things that they don’t they just push under the rug kind of like the current administration in the white house they don’t answer questions about

Anything same with this because they’re just going to do what they want they’re going to do without wilt so to speak because that’s the mindset that they have so governor kevin stitt signed into a law a bill to create the framework for the state to regulate autonomous vehicles senator the other senator paul rosano republican oklahoma city has said the new rule

Will protect the public and the roadways the new law authorizes a person to operate a fully autonomous vehicle without a human driver provided that the automated driving system is engaged and the vehicle meets certain conditions outlined in the rule i mean oh yes i’m sure they’re going to hold these big companies accountable meeting the conditions what are the

Conditions i mean it’s not there’s no one behind it we need to go have an interview with the art the robot the computer algorithm that’s controlling the vehicle of course they’re not they’re just telling people that so they feel comfortable with it and again when stories come out because there’s going to be stories of accidents that occur i’ve covered some in the

Past couple years here and there where autonomous cars have caused accidents they are not going to make that a mainstream story on the news they’re just going to say oh it was a little thing nothing at it happening or they probably won’t even tell anyone who is in an accident that it was caused by autonomous driver why would they they don’t want people to fear this

They don’t want people to have a problem with this they want people desensitized to it so stories aren’t going to come out about the negative effects i won’t be surprised in the next six months to a year if stories start coming out about how so many more truckers have quit or aren’t working but the day has been saved thanks to driverless vehicles and 5g technology

Being able to do this now people can eat otherwise people wouldn’t have been able to eat because these big bad truckers and remember don’t think that the trucker con the convoy thing in canada doesn’t tie into this as well where that people have a bad image now of truckers oh the people they were so bad you know the liberal perspective on truckers is their horrible

Bad people so again don’t think that that doesn’t go with this hand in hand it starts with driverless trucks and then it turns to you know pizza hut which they’re already doing it there’s certain restaurants or whatever you want to call them fast food places that are doing it pizza huts etc and they have ridiculous commercials and then it just starts turning into

Humans who do it and again we live in a society now where the younger generations are like fearful to drive they don’t want to drive they’re lazy for starters there’s no reason to be fearful if you if you’re a defensive driver you know how to drive another thing you should fear are idiots who text and drive to me those types of people are the most dangerous people

On the road without a doubt that’s pretty much the only reason people should i mean if you ever see somebody swerve you know you think oh my goodness there’s a drunk in front of me or something like that you drive past them you just see them looking right down at their phone i mean driving a highway i guarantee you you’ll see somebody doing it who’s either poking

Along or swerving in and out of lanes or hitting their brakes or driving up on the right side of the road you know and you hear the grind of the highway the road stop i mean so again those types of things are going to be pushed to promote autonomous driving they’re going to probably at some point start telling you hey there’s more and more accidents because of it

I mean there’s all sorts of mind control that’s going to go into this and more and more states like oklahoma are going to come forward and they’re just going to quietly sign laws that are going to allow autonomous vehicles on highways on interstates all across the country and again it’s people are looking in they’re like that’s not the biggest deal in the world

It is a big deal if i told you 30 years ago there was going to be a car driving with no one behind the wheel you would freak out and you would not be for it people would be you know uprising no cliche there but uprising against it now that these people are desensitized to technology they look you know down on truckers they’re looking at shortages and they’re like

Well we got to stop the shortages oh you mean the shortages that our government is deliberately doing for many reasons on purpose and then we start replacing all human beings with robots and then nobody has any income and nobody is self-sufficient and nobody does anything anymore and i mean i know there’s a good percentage of the population that just wants to sit

Around and do nothing all day but you know human beings are here to work and when human beings aren’t working we become useless to these people who create this type of technology and then they do things like you know create pandemics and wipe out half the population who put a potion into their body but the autonomous vehicle can be operated on state roadways

According to this law law enforcement interaction plan must be submitted to the oklahoma department of public safety the plan must show law enforcement how to communicate with a fleet supporter specialist who is available during the times the vehicle is in operation i mean oh great so and who’s is the fleet support specialist liable of course he’s not reliable

So he’s the guy who’s on the other end he’s like hey i’m just disgusting it’s like having a customer support representative you know it’s like calling amazon or call some one of these places you get some idiot on the phone they can’t even answer the question of anything that you’re trying to ask them which of course they want to eliminate that too and that’s why

More and more of these phone calls that you make have robots on the other end that are useless but it’s the same thing here oh the police are going to have to you know don’t worry about it people don’t be nervous the police the law enforcement are going to have an interaction plan where the person who’s autonomously driving the vehicle even though it’s really just

Driven by an algorithm in a computer but there will be customer support specialists available so when his truck smashes across the median and kills 25 innocent people the cop can call the specialist who could say well i don’t know something went wrong with the technology okay so we can’t blame anybody for it and we can just do these things over and over and we won’t

Even tell society that it was an autonomous vehicle because we don’t want people to not want this type of tech so again this type of ridiculous technology continues to get created the zombies out there love it they love it and they don’t realize how useless they are to these people and how and in general most of the people who would want this type of technology are

Useless but they’re going to come out with data points and they’re going to say that more trucks delivered goods when there’s cars on the road that are thomas they’re going to come out and they’re going to say what they’re going to go there’s less and less accidents statistics have shown less and less accidents with these green energy electric driverless cars and that

Again that’ll be the way that they start conditioning people into accepting it and eventually they’ll be like i don’t remember gas powered vehicles i don’t remember what it’s like to have freedom i don’t remember what it’s like to drive outside of this bubble that they have me contained in and it’s enslavement it’s enslavement by design but it’s also enslavement by

Stupidity unfortunately and this is the world we live in where we allow our government you know our government authorizes this type of stuff passes bills and laws into you know they pass it into place and people just go man it’s not a really big deal there’s a trucker shortage and the truck i mean i’ve read and seen stuff where truckers are like lining up for jobs

And they won’t give them jobs you could youtube videos of truckers who were just like this whole thing is a conspiracy truckers aren’t there isn’t a shortage of people who want to drive trucks they are lowering wages but there’s people who are trying to get jobs and they won’t give jobs there’s truck remember when the whole outbreak was occurring there was trucks

Literally sitting at ports waiting for the goods to be put on the trucks and they were telling us that there was a trucker shortage they want trucks off the roads they want all all of us off the roads that is all part of climate change and part of the green agenda and has nothing to do with the warming of of ice in the in the arctic or whatever the nonsense is they

Spew unbelievable that people buy into it but keep an eye on these types of stories they are important in the long run with what they’re doing here because they subliminally keep inserting this type of stuff in and they can continue to subliminally they’ll tell people that technology is more important technology is better than people and at some point soon there’s

Going to be laws in place where you can’t you know gun down a robot with a flamethrower or whatever because they’re special and they’re people too and these idiot liberal type people will actually believe it i mean it’s going to get so insane you already see what they support and they’re going to say oh we need to have laws in place for them they’re victims i mean

Your humans are going to become third-rate citizens because cockroaches are going to have more rights that’s how bad this is getting and it’s really because a specific ideologies and this a specific type of thinking that the really really dumb people have in this world in america we call them democrats or liberals but they’re everywhere around the world

Environmentalists etc these people don’t have the slightest clue what they believe in and what the purpose of it is i thank everyone for being here hope you’re doing well god bless all of you and your families

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