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NordicTrack vs Xterra TR150 TREADMILL

One of the easiest ways to get fit is to add some cardio, such as walking or jogging, to your routine. For this, we recommend getting a treadmill since it allows you to get that cardio exercise without being hampered by bad weather. As a bonus, most treadmills now have a lot of workout programs and entertainment options to keep you going.

Welcome back lifestyle enthusiasts we’re and today we’re in the lifestyle in this video two treadmill brands will be going head to head we have the nordictrack t-series treadmill and the xterra tr 150 folding treadmill one of the easiest ways to get fit is to add some cardio such as walking or jogging to your routine for this we recommend

Getting a treadmill since it allows you to get that cardio exercise without being hampered by bad weather as a bonus most treadmills now have a lot of workout programs and entertainment options to keep you going for today’s video we will be pitting two top contenders the nordictrack t-series treadmill and the xterra tr-150 folding treadmill against each other in the

Battle of style and substance both of these treadmills have earned five badge ratings from our team at ensuring their quality durability and performance however there is only one room for a winner so sit back relax and watch as we battle it out in today’s brand wars if you’re interested in other treadmills that we have reviewed do check out

Our treadmill review video linked below if you want direct links to the products themselves all these links are also listed below too so without further ado let’s start the brand wars the first category that these two treadmills will be going toe-to-toe with is their size and form factor to accommodate different sized people it is important that the treadmill’s bell

Size be considered before purchasing for taller people who are over six feet in height the belt size should ideally be 54 inches for comfortable running or walking aside from that the weight and design of the treadmill are also important factors to consider since they will take up a lot of space in your home folding treadmills offer you the capability to neatly

Fold the machine and tuck it away somewhere more convenient the nordictrack t series features a 20 inch wide 55 inch long running belt while the exterior tr 150 is slightly smaller at 16 by 50 inches both of these can accommodate users of many sizes and stride lengths so you shouldn’t worry too much if you are a bit tall or oversized additionally the nordictrack

Treadmill has a folding design that saves space when you fold it up and tuck it away in a corner the xterra tr-150 on the other hand has built-in transport wheels and an easy to pull knob for folding and unfolding allowing it to fit into any space in terms of convenience of design and form factor the nordictrack t-series offers more for a variety of users for this

Reason we are going to award it the first point for this battle the second category that these two brands will be going toe-to-toe with is their cushioning and stability if you plan to regularly run on the treadmill then we highly suggest getting one with a running bed that’s able to absorb shock well a treadmill should be safe and stable so it should not rattle or

Shake when using it because it can potentially harm the walker or runner the treadmill frame should also remain stable while exercising so that the run is smooth and easy this ensures the treadmill’s long-term durability and improves your performance and comfort as well the nordictrack t-series features flex select cushioning which allows you to engage dampeners to

Soften the impact on your joints or stimulate a real road running experience with a single turn the extra soft of the xterra however is equally impressive as it is specifically designed for maximum impact absorption this ensures that you protect and keep your joints safe and it makes your workouts comfortable over the long run on paper it’s hard to see a significant

Difference between the cushioning of these two treadmills but we would have to say the xterra t150 feels just a bit more stable and comfortable so it takes this round and ties the score up at one to one the third category that these two brands will be going toe-to-toe with is their incline functions the incline controls on the treadmill directly impacts your workout

In terms of intensity it is a wonderful way to increase the calories you burn with each workout most treadmills have inclined settings anywhere from five to fifteen percent with one percent being considered to be the same resistance level as an outdoor surface without an incline the nordictrack t-series offers inclined control of up to ten percent which will surely

Take your workout to the next level the exterior t150 also offers you three levels of manual incline so you can control the intensity of your workout as you prefer if we were to nitpick however exterior’s incline is not a true incline feature instead it actually just makes adjustments on the bay for this reason we are going to give this round to the nordic t-series

It’s true 10 incline control allows you to turn your workout up a notch whenever you’re feeling like conquering a challenge the fourth category that these two brands will be going toe-to-toe with is their horsepower another detail to consider when searching for a home treadmill is the machine’s horsepower horsepower is a general measurement of power for any engine

For runners and sprinters 3.0 horsepower of continuous duty is recommended for walkers and joggers the engine should have around 2 to 2.5 horsepower the nordictrack t-series has a 2.6 horsepower engine while the exterior t-150 is 2.25 horsepower although the difference in power between the two treadmills is indeed substantial it is worth noting that both of these

Machines should serve more than enough purpose for casual jogging and risk walking if you’re more of an athlete however we highly recommend choosing the stronger engine of the nordic treadmill in terms of raw strength and power the nordictrack t-series decisively wins over the competition and so it earns another point for this round the fifth and final category that

These two brands will be going toe-to-toe with is their smart features it is also important to consider if a treadmill has other features such as speed calorie and pulse monitors some treadmills even offer a facility of an mp3 player or bluetooth connectivity needless to say these additional features should be considered as a cherry on top since they add some much

Needed versatility and depth to these workout machines the nordictrack t-series offers a free 30-day ifit family membership plan allowing you to stream live and on-demand workouts anytime anywhere its immersive 10-inch interactive hd touchscreen also provides easy stats tracking lastly it features bluetooth headphone connectivity for an in-ear audio during workout on

The other hand the xterra t150 features an easy to read display with a simple intuitive interface that puts your most important stats like time speed distance and calories front and center unfortunately it doesn’t offer any bluetooth connectivity although both treadmills offer intuitive user interfaces that make viewing stats and navigating through settings simple

The nordictrack t-series goes the extra mile with its free 30-day ifit membership plan and bluetooth connectivity for this reason we are giving it the final point for this battle finally we have come to the end of this battle of treadmills between the nordictrack t-series and the exterior t150 with the final score of 41 the nordic track treadmill decisively wins

This battle as much as we would like to keep going on about the wonderful features these treadmills offer there can only be one victor today and the nordic track t series treadmill has already claimed its throne as it awaits for yet one more battle with another formidable opponent and there you have it folks the battle between the nordic track t-series treadmill

And the exterior fitness tr 150 folding treadmill has finally ended if you have any contenders for our next treadmill face-off which you would like our team to test do drop it in the comment section below and we’ll be sure to assess them for our next update if you like this video and it helped you in any way please do give it a like and hit the subscribe button

So that you can stay connected and updated with all of our research into everything that makes our lifestyles great we look forward to seeing you at again soon

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