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Nueva base de It Cosmetics YOUR SKIN BUT BETTER FOUNDATION +SKINCARE Resea completa

Beauties que están entre 35, 40s y más, está base se las recomiendo, ya que aparte de obtener una excelente cobertura, también estamos obteniendo un skincare extra a nuestra carita.

I snow night when the lock is here

I notice the tone hello hello how are you welcome once again to my channel today i am especially very excited because i think that this review that we are going to do is a a little focused on those of us who are more mature because well, today we are going to see two products practically in one. the first one is good, obviously they go hand in hand. i tried it, i liked

It and right now i will tell you a little more about this base, without a doubt for those who are sticky at 40 and like me, they lower their 40s. the truth is that this base is very good for them. it is called your skin. cuts from the container of the base this base that promises us we are going to talk a little about it because skincare is supposed that if the brand

Promises that if we use it for two weeks we will begin to see improvements in our skin review we are 40 or over, we need to provide our skin with hydration, that is, an example i used a mac foundation called estudio fix a few years ago, i used it in in a presentation that is matte, which is like hummus, which is for skin that shine a little so before i could use this type

Of foundation obviously over time we need other types of products and that more than have something there are brands like the one that may be able to contribute to those of us who are already mature well bases like this then this base the truth is very promising, little people who have dry skin, even if they are young, they have their skin, i know that the truth is that

This base is highly recommended. in addition to everything, it has 40 shades. i bought the medium neutral tone 33, but i think if i don’t i’m wrong that minute 31 would have been a little better for my tone because i’m a little more yellow, so what’s wrong with this , nothing happens, i tried it, that’s one of the pluses that it also has this base that tells us that it

Fits or adapts to our entire skin tone, which is super important because there are times, like in my case, that it is or that this base is a little more towards pink than yellow, then well, it’s not very pink, but if it’s a little more of a pinker tone than i was telling you, i’m more yellow, so you have to check well that touch of tone is the one that suits us best, huh,

It’s a medium coverage, however, it’s a buildable base that it is medium we can build as layers to make more of a more complete coverage in the finish it is also natural it leaves a more hydrating finish that we will also see how it turns out right now and also all day long it is supposed to work on our with our face, which is super important, that is, it is telling us

That on a base we also have a hydration treatment, the consistency is light and it also minimizes the pores and, well, it is also it is recommended for all skin types, it contains hyaluronic acid which, well, those of us who are over 40 know that hyaluronic acid after 40 is our best ally and our best friend where it is very important that the products we use remain after

Certain age provide us with those extra benefits not like hyaluronic acid like collagen like all these things that we stop producing after a certain age and that we need in our body there also aloe vera extract vitamin e which is also fabulous and b5 that’s more good well, they can get it in a tupperware store and that ‘s where i bought it. i don’t know if they can have

Access. it doesn’t seem to me that they also sell it from the line at sephora, so in mexico i don’t know how much it costs. it seems to me that it cost me about 35 39 dollars i don’t remember but i leave them below the video ok there i leave all the details it is in a brush that is also from egypt cosmetics that the truth ad i have not tried it because i wanted to use it

For the first time with you but i have seen the reviews it is very good the brand is very good this is the bros wolf information brush and it is number 110 here it is from the doctors and the truth is that it is super super super pretty i like it well without further ado we are going to start with our in our review and look we are going to see a little how it is so that

You can see the consistency of the base that is very important i like that because right now i am going to tell you if it is enough fluid, that is, it means that the eye base is not very thick, girls, sometimes we think that if it is not like that, it is super especially something and as it is more creamy, it will not have the coverage that we want, it has nothing to do

With one another ok, i’m going to put it, do you think i’m going to do one side of my face first so you can see the difference on my other side of my face? normally, well, i have different ways of applying my foundation. stop my skin with a sunscreen i didn’t put more because what i supposedly didn’t want was for it to change the result of my base so much by hydrating

It as much as it normally hydrated it and that in the end it didn’t give me the real result that it is promising me the base and that you can see how much this base can suit you i like it i like it a lot if ver is a base that gives coverage but looks natural if i explain it does not look like a supercharged base that is what you are telling me the brand the brand is not

Telling me it is full coverage this movie will look great on you no no it is not a natural finish if it is a natural finish it is buildable and we can give more weight to the base but we are going to see it right now what i wanted to see is that they see how it covers and right now they are going to see here on this side that is where i have, like, more spots, how are we

Going to cover them and so that they can see the coverage that it has, okay, it is super natural, it is also super imp it is important to understand that this foundation is promising us that in two weeks we will have better skin

What does it mean that we can use it daily

Not all foundations not all foundations live them we can use every day foundations that are very heavy are for events they are for brides if you have a photo session if for example you do not have any food it is for more events so that is super super important that they do not take into account that this is a base for daily use we are going to wait for a a little bit until

Our base dries to give it another capita and see how much it will cover us, although what i want is for them to see that the skin is super smooth and that it does cover and that it is also giving us the benefit that it is providing hydration is giving us a plus, which is skin care, which is super important. we are going to add another layer so that we can see the coverage.

I like i like i like i like this base i plan to finish it a and buy my real tone which is 31 it is my neutral 31 is my tone for those who are like my yellower tone i suggest that tone there is no way for you to try it go to the store and check it out this is only a review but that you know the products have many benefits that really appreciate a round of applause please

Well now i’m going to finish my makeup so you can see it and see the final result or willing lip i ‘m back this is the final result and yes it is very important that you use very little mattifying powder because if not, if it comes to that, above all, i will repeat this part of the skin a little more mature if we abuse the powder it will be a disaster because if it gets

A bit dry and finally take off the effect that it has and well in my eyes i premiered this beautiful jewel and palette that in the following tutorial is a new palette a collaboration between murphy with mad and ziegler and the truth is that it is more than beautiful and beautiful, but this is our next review. however, i will show you a little bit of the result and well,

This is the base and i know the tone due to the blue eye that i put on. i did the most summery makeup, like more. a little more illuminator contours, more golden than the photos , you will see it a little better and well, this was today’s review, the truth is that i really like the base, yes, another note is that i would probably put it another capita, for example, if

I want it, i want to use it at night and i don’t want to be so loaded with such a heavy foundation, but if i want to continue looking a little more natural when i talk about natural, it’s because one day they tell me that our natural makeup is how it occurs to you, obviously, my makeup today is not natural because i have eyelashes, blue eyes , super dramatic eyeliner,

So it is not natural makeup when speaking of naturalness. the quality of the base is, i mean how the base looks that is not such a heavy base so precisely and that it is one more base for events. i repeat this base is a base that we can use every day ok well iuris without further ado more for the moment and reminding you not to forget to subscribe activate the bell and

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Nueva base de It Cosmetics YOUR SKIN BUT BETTER FOUNDATION +SKINCARE Reseña completa By Paola Frausto LA FRAUSTO