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Good friends it’s been a while since i tried a scooter for a simple reason the legislation is changing and therefore i was waiting for scooters that were suitable for the new law which makes me turn up my nose a little because 20 km per hour maximum speed very good instead the direction indicators that you see right and left here but what are we talking about he is the new

New kqi2 version pros pros and cons but the design is beautiful starting from this daytime running light that always stays on obviously then there is the light but i’ll show it to you because it really gives off a lot of light and is therefore cut like a real scooter light ehm indicated direction also at the rear as you can see also stop light the only thing i like is that

The direction indicators if i see that they are a a little aftermarket in the sense that when we consider they don’t beep and if we don’t notice it we forget it on we risk accidents and there is nothing that warns us that we have inserted it or then we have the bell obviously the brake which is electric at the rear because the engine becomes a generator while a drum on

The front and someone could turn up their noses on the drum on the front in reality i find it very safe because it brakes the right without blocking in combination with behind you will see that it brakes a lot among other things, it stops earlier behind than in front here we have the connector to charge the charged battery it is fast enough in about three hours three and a

Half hours 365 watt battery now the engine at least in the 500 watt but only 300 however you will see that you have km now, however, we get the performance is not the strong point of this scooter the speed performance let’s say that it wins on the stability on the chassis and second also on the design obviously then it can fold but i’ll show it when we draw the conclusions

Just over 18 kg so heavy but not very heavy, the display is beautiful because you can see it in all light conditions like see here battery charge speed turn on or off and bluetooth yes because there is the possibility of the application which is this that tells you the battery remaining autonomy perhaps a little optimistic let’s say that with one charge i managed to go

30-35 km the driving record gives you all the statistics of the various laps you have done and maybe the routes you have done and here you have to give us the statistics divided by day, week and even month but if we go here there are the settings and one that really likes the recovery energy can be activated or deactivated it is the energy recovery that is activated when

You let go of the accelerator so when you do this so it’s not the energy recovery that yes i recommend you brake because there is massimo on the rear wheel but there is almost a guide one pedal i’ll show it to you when i try it and block it quickly because it can be blocked as an anti-theft device or from the application, just do this what happens you see these lights

Come on and when you try to move it it sounds and it also becomes hard to move because the engine behind it really makes resistance now i’m unlocking it here this lock can also be made quick and automatic you have to do this combination of keys and then the customization that goes to decrease the maximum speed but guys, don’t use it already 20 km per hour there are a lot

Here are the 25 were the right ones but with the scooter they go to 40 instead i would puncture the tires i didn’t tell you the tires now i’ll tell you immediately and then oh well speed unit 10-inch tires therefore quite comfortable with the air inner tube i ‘m not anti-puncture let’s go ride it and start immediately from a beautiful climb declared maximum load 100 kg

Maximum negotiable gradient 15% with my weight this climb what it’s going to be like 6-7%. you can do it quietly even the restart you see i stopped and we reach about 15 kilometers per hour and i must say that it is one of the games that you can do plus handling because i can slip into traffic it really is super quiet here too look dunno the beautiful thing is also the

Large steering angle is very manageable with the button you put it in and save therefore battery saving and reaches a maximum of 15 km per hour and it reaches it even more slowly kept very well with these tires 10 inches then 20 per hour guys really limited speed but that i was telling you regenerative braking only by letting go of the accelerator you see it really has

And i have set 18 parameter at most a braking that corrects that to slow down it’s good that it recharges the battery but above all it’s great on descents which among other things can be dosed with the accelerator this is the legislative braking i liked a lot obviously without pressing the brake o and you have also seen this curve i did it in a fairly aggressive way the

Frame could handle much higher speeds certainly 20 km/h on the road almost gets in the way of the others i.e. those 5 km/h more would be needed here you know you are a obstacle for traffic want to spend a little faster if you slow down it’s okay in short, 5 km per hour more we needed when cruising 20 km/h, however, we appreciate the width of the platform above average and

Also the grip but the braking uhm good and as i said before i liked it because it brakes a lot behind even if i’m regenerative and in front the right because it practically stops in the right meters but not to nail and overturn then comes the frontal talent on the scooters ah has anyone experienced them it’s not nice and it curves style racing scooter but let’s go on then

But it’s obvious that it does it well then first there are really good seals really excellent lighting look at the cut and then it also makes a lot of light but the desired test where there is a 20% slope i weigh 60 kg and he makes it and he makes it pietro pochette now i want to see he can’t make it he can’t make it i can make it even a little less leaning just on a bit

I’ll explain but then when he can’t take it anymore he disconnects his engine that is he says no enough i can’t take it anymore even the test okay i must say largely passed because despite not having the suspension the tires cushion well chassis nothing to say really a lot of hold a lot of security i really liked it from that point of view i’ll show you how it folds simply

There is double security just pull this lever up turn it down you see here it releases the hook and just lower everything the nice thing is that here it is designed to take it away and put it perhaps in the trunk of a car that is not very small in size and i liked it so much for the chassis the criticism is perhaps more the legislation which has the m on pad 20 km per

Hour are few 25 were right and perhaps 0 20 should have been more aggressive 300 are not very few even the torque is there i would like it delivered immediately until i get to 20 then maybe 20 let me wall up but for those who are a bit ‘heavy since he declared that it bears 100 kg of climbs in short, if you think more than 80 it is not good if you weigh less. absolutely

Yes. also because it is very safe. average price for scooters with this quality €4909€. hello

Transcribed from video