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O dia que joguei 1V1.LOL

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Hello hello good afternoon to you who like to eat raw noodles well today i’m in this game come here called lol and basically it’s a copy of fortnite a very hard copy but at least it runs at 120 fps unlike the original fortnite which is heavy and optimized then it only runs at an average of 70 to 80 fps and although the copy has a good fps it has a problem which is the

Sensitivity it is very strange i don’t know how to explain it but it is very strange and the graphics also even at the maximum is a crap and heaven too bro they could be the most realistic isn’t it really ok enough with the baiting let’s go to the video and these are the modes and by the way there is no beto carrero mode i mean beto royale oh yeah he’s here but he’s blocked

I don’t know because then let’s go in this mode here which is mode one come on ah man now i know why the name of the game i ‘m very smart beauty started but where is the guy so i can headbutt his bullets today i won without doing absolutely anything i s or very good beauty now yes it worked but i don’t know where the guy is bro where is that fela da donkey that’s enough

For a person to become death this game is not realistic beauty i’m going to make some super professional constructions of high level for the enemy will be kind sprouted and that’s how he’s in the starting lineup or else just right in his benta for him lying on the ground anyway anyway i’m the winner ok my plan worked they hid but i’m not so the way will be to talk about

His sale really okay, it was soft, i mean i’m the only one now let’s go this way here three times i think it’s three verses 3 yeah, it’s three times three really bro big box must be a big box but i have no idea what that means but let’s go there ah okay it’s because we’re in a box bro so let’s headbutt the enemy’s bullets and look over there a very good victim and the

Other guy is over here and that’s it we won’t be easy wait m but because the match isn’t over i’m going to use my best power here alright i’m very good bro this is the r$ 1000 tablet that surprises me because i was very confused but it ‘s the same girl who killed me so it ‘s time for my revenge hey where is she bro now the game is in the hands of our little friend aline

Go there man i left her very created you can trust the morals i noticed bro a ana shot from behind the wall check out our colleague put the device on, that is, theoretically he is protected, right, but no, the little animal took a mouth right at the foot of the ear and the worst part, ana’s gun went through the wall too and i didn’t want to say anything but i think she

Was a hacker man oh man now i really wanted to play the carreiro movement but i have no idea how to unlock this carrion i already know i remembered another copy of fortnite and i played it a while ago here on the channel and he has b mode attle royale bro so let’s go then bro this is another copy that i played about four years ago when i still used the moto g5 to record

And by the way it changed some things like these skins that i didn’t have before and also put emojis despite being very dubious close but it didn’t help much the graphics are still in my head but what to do let’s go to the first game okay i’m falling on this ship it wasn’t here before oxe the guy’s name is boot 610 but of course nobody plays this game shirt i’m probably

The only person on the entire server lol ok let’s collect some sticks here to see how the constructions in this game work come this way wow what a messed up stuff it comes to build but i don’t know it’s very strange no i know how to explain it, i just know that it’s bad, but i got huge but what’s that good for i can’t even get into this shack here and there are these points

On the map let’s see what it is i’m very good dema it’s cool now i’m going this way here that everything is infinite bro i’m even going to take advantage of the infinite material and train the constructions here to impress the books. ] wow, now i remembered this way bro, we can put a quantity of carrion, it couldn’t take it kkk so let’s put the same amount i put in the g5

To see if it’s holding up yeah, the game didn’t close but here it should be about 15 fps bro wow construction is not leaving but wait i have zero life here bro but i’m still alive so when i get there from a high place the doll entered the ground and of course i’m going to test this here to see if they fixed it alright i think this height ok and if you’re afraid of heights

Keep your eyes open because i’m going to jump

Ok that’s enough let’s give you my score for the games

Here i just played my score is the way out pa it’s like this 10-type ice cream game the game just doesn’t make sense and i kind of liked it so if you also have any suggestions for a game just comment there ok that in the next videos i’ll be playing and giving my note at the end so that’s it thanks it’s us

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