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OET Speaking Test: Hernia repair surgery.

OET Speaking Test: Hernia repair surgery.

This is the septus which is held in germany international academy the candidate name is anjali ominakuten the candidate number 623710 the interlocutor name is the interlocutory number is one two three four five role play number one provision nursing so aren’t you can i see your identification number yes mom here it is okay thank you good afternoon anju this is

Your english language test for you this is not for your personal language identification so speak naturally i will give the role play card okay and here is a paper if you how many towers please note down is so i will give three minutes for the preparation your time starts now okay anju your preparation time is over i will give the five minutes for the role playing

So you can start your role play now don’t worry if i stop this role play time and over okay your time starts now good afternoon good afternoon my name is sanju i’m one of the richest state nurses work in this hospital outpatient clinic department okay before the procedure recording may i know your name please okay my name is 50 years old okay thank you for the

Verification may know the reason for your visit today okay surgery i just goes through your case record it indicate that you are posted today for the hernia replacement surgery i know i think that you are clear the pre-operative instructions that is given by the doctor yes nurse i follow the preparation instructions which is given by the doctor but i feel some bit

Thirsty so i would like to drink some water is that okay it’s really hard to hear that you become thirsty and i will make sure that you most of the peoples who intervene the surgery they feel thirsty but it’s just calm and anjita and you already know that there is no food for five hours and there is no fluid for two hours this is mandatory so trying to understand

The situation okay nurse i can understand what you’re seeing but try to understand my situations too i need to take some sip of water angela i will make sure that you your health is our priority but i will ensure that you we are providing some anesthetication during the surgery so in order to avoid the vomiting tendency we need to haul down the intake of fluids

By mouth moreover we need to for the clinical observation after the surgery okay okay let me make it sense to you yeah you’re making sense to me i can understand for moving to the first verification can i ask some questions regarding your health could that be okay with you yeah of course you can ask me anything okay uh do you have any recent illnesses or any

Recent medical issues no noise i heart no any health problems okay i’m feeling good it’s happy to hear that but i’m going to do that i’m going to explain the pre-clinical observation steps do you want to hear that what is it oh really i want to hear it please explain it yeah it’s my pleasure to explain to you the first one is that we provide some hospital gowns

Okay you can use the hospital down in order to reduce the infection with providing some compression socks and non-slippery slippers in order to prevent the sleeping tendency on further attacks i hope you’re at the same page yes the important thing is that we need to remove the jewelries and well with from your side i know it’s really a hard part for you but yeah

The situation yeah this is very hard part for me because i want to keep my wash on my side so that i can check the time when i wake up um i suggest you that you if you are wearing the valuables from your side there is a chance for political current to seal the blood vessels and it increases the risk of burns due to the methyl injury i hope you are clear my words

Yeah yeah this is this is the way we need to follow in order to prevent the attraction in order to prevent the further injuries okay i can understand yours what you are saying i will take off my wash okay it’s uh hard to hear happy to hear that next one is that we are going to check your personal and medical records and the most important that we need your consent

Form for the clinical observation i hope the steps are clear for you yes nurse you cleared the all the doubt okay arrangements after the surgery you may know that oh nurse my sister is coming to pick up me after the operation so could you please tell me the exact time duration um angela i know you are eagerly waiting to see your family but i am really sorry to

Say that i know the exact time scale for the discharge because it cannot be insured that just because there are several factors we need to follow in order to for your medical records so i would like to tell you regarding the discharge requirements do you want to hear that of course okay first one is we need to check your vital signs if your vital signs like blood

Pressure temperature become stable and you have the ability to take the fluids and fruit and you get the bladder control immediately we inform your health and health you about your doctor and he is the person to give the distance procedure okay no worries yeah i will make the call after the surgery okay is the nice thing i think that i’m glad to help you here is

The paper you just signed for the clinical observation shall i proceed with the corners no worries i will give the concern for that yes and really thank you for the corporations with me okay okay i think that i’m clear your doubt meanwhile if you have in your queries i’m here to help you always have a nice day thank you okay thank you this is the end of this role

Play hope you are enjoying it thank you

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OET Speaking Test: Hernia repair surgery. By JEREMIAH INTERNATIONAL ACADEMY