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Olaplex Hair Perfector No 3 Repairing Treatment

I have not been blessed with wash and go hair it is oily at the roots so i get no volume naturally it has a slight wave to it and it’s fine so it’s also frizzy it doesn’t um lay nice and smooth even when i use expensive hair products in it the only time i can ever get it to look smooth is when i use heating tools and i’m concerned about using heating tools

Because i’m growing my hair out to donate it again and i try to keep it healthy which means wash and go is the best thing but it’s just so unattractive i mean it’s just not a pretty wave or anything so i’m using this olaplex number three it’s not a hair conditioner it’s a bonder so you use it you leave it on to process and then you wash and dry your hair after so

That’s what i’m going to do i’m going to take you on the journey with me so the first thing i noticed when i opened this up earlier is that it kind of has a sweet smell to it and so let’s go ahead and put some in my hand here and it comes out kind of like a light conditioner it’s not super heavy and the instructions say to run it through your hair until it’s

Saturated so that’s what i’m going to do and i’ll finish this and let it sit maybe for an hour maybe two hours instructions say for at least 10 minutes um i’ve never used this before so i don’t know what to expect i don’t know if i should leave it on too long i don’t want to make my hair flat um i just don’t know what to expect i feel like i should use a little

Bit more it just seems to be really soaking in so i’m gonna use a fourth dollop of this it wasn’t cheap so if this really works i’m happy if it doesn’t work then it was a very expensive uh purchase for for nothing there we go now it feels like it’s um getting saturated okay that feels more like it so i left the olaplex on for a little bit over an hour and then

I showered and i used the exact same shampoo and conditioner as i used on my before video i let it completely air dry and then i slept on it which is also what i did for my before video and i’m not noticing a huge difference in the frizz factor i still have you know kind of this frizzy not attractive look so it’s not a miracle cure for all things um but i can

Say i have more body which is interesting and um and where the really big difference is how it feels it’s extremely my hair feels much softer and my ends on the before video felt really dry like straw and these are feeling much much softer um see if you can see that i do need to trim but i really felt the difference in the ends which is where you know those are

The biggest troubled spots for me because as i grow my hair out that um i’ll buy it again i’ll probably rate it three or four stars i’ll see how my hair styles today i’m going to use some heat styling um if it styles differently then that will be probably the the deciding factor and how many stars i give it so i was able to get some soft curls out of my hair i

Used some volumizing spray and a one inch barrel curling iron i’m trying not to use heating tools but we’re going out on nate on a date today so i wanted it to look nice and the curls are nice and soft and i have about as much body as i want

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Olaplex Hair Perfector No 3 Repairing Treatment By md nure alam