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One Brand Hair Care Routine For Dry & Damaged Hair- Schwarzkopf Bonacure Repair Rescue

So my sister and I did a One Brand Hair Care Routine.

Hey guys so today i’m going to be doing a one brand haircare routine however there’s going to be a twist because not only am i going to be doing it but also my sister as well so today the brand we’re going to be trying out is the soir scoff and this is their wanna cure hair therapy cell perfector and all of this line it says here that it has to repair and rescue so

We’re gonna be trying out the deep conditioner the deep nourishing shampoo the hair treatment and also we’re going to be trying out some leave-in conditioners and also some of their serums so we’re gonna go ahead and use this on our hair but first i’m gonna explain the details in what the shampoo and all the haircare products to you guys so that we would know its

Function and then we’ll be trying this out on our hair so you both can see its effect on my hair and on my sister’s hair would just die so that you all can really tell if this really made any difference so let’s go alright so here are the products that we are going to be trying out so the first set are the sports golf wanna cure self perfector repair and rescue

Reverse alene treatment shampoo and conditioner now these haircare products are great for extremely dry and damaged hair because it repairs and deeply nourishes your hair the formula contains self perfector and reverse alene technology that brings back the natural hair movement as well as promoting elasticity and strength so it prevents your hair from breakage

And split ends while strengthening it conditioning and hydrating your hair now the other one is a swatch goth banach yourself perfector spray conditioner and this product is an excellent leave-in conditioner for instantly detangling damaged and dry hair taming down frizz and it also recharges hair with essential moisture keeping your hair hydrated and soft all

Day also it doesn’t make your hair look greasy now the last one is a swatch goth banach yourself perfector repair rescue reverse and lane nutria shield serum and this has a double serum that combines optimal care and protection against styling heat up to 220 celsius or 425 fahrenheit the formula with a self perfector and the new reverse align technology your hair

Visibly transformed and shiny it is also non greasy and it is incredibly lightweight as well plus it gives your hair a really nice fragrance after and you can find all of these haircare products on my shop so i’m just going to leave that in the description box down below if you guys want to check it out ok so my sister decided to use it first so starting off with a

Shampoo so this is what the shampoo looks like and when my sister was actually applying it on her hair she did notice that it was very easy to lather on her hair and also it was very conditioning on her hair because it didn’t make her hair feel dry so instead of applying it just on her roots she decided to apply it all over her hair and then after that she rinsed

The shampoo off and then towel dried her hair because we are going to be applying the hair treatment after this and it requires if your hair should be towel dried so she just applied the treatment all over her hair and then let’s say on her hair for about 10 minutes as indicated in the instructions so after 10 minutes she rinse it off and as you guys can see her

Hair looks super soft here alright so after that she applied the conditioner and the conditioner smelled really good by the way and she just applied the conditioner starting on the mids in the bottom part of her hair and then she left it on her hair for 2 minutes and when she was rinsing it this is what her hair looks like i really like how it gave my sister’s hair

Shine and it did look and feel super soft alright so after that my sister towel dried her hair and now she’s going to use the blonde a cure repair rescue spray conditioner all over her hair while it’s still down but to insure that her hair is going to be moisturized all day and then the last step is to use the bonnet cure therapy repair rescue nutri shield serum

And this is great to use to prep your hair if you are going to use heat on it and of course i let her use this because she’s going to use a blow dryer on her hair after to dry out her whole hair so we’re just gonna use the medium heat okay so it’s my turn to try it so i decided to become a little rebel and not follow the directions to see if it works the same so

With me i use the shampoo on my scalp as you guys can see and then i use the conditioner on the mid in the bottom part of my hair and then after that i rinse it off and i use the treatment on my hair last so i left it on my hair for about five minutes and then i rinse everything off and as usual i towel dried my hair and then also i used to spray conditioner all

Over my hair after it and then i dried my hair using the fan of an aircon i know it’s weird but it worked and once my hair was about 90% dry i then placed the nutri shield serum on my ends to moisturize them and after this we will be telling you guys to full your salt of it so here it is okay guys actually my hair is not who we dry it sort of issue down but my

Sister’s hair is completely dry now her hair is all natural right now she did blow dry her hair but she didn’t use the rollers or anything so this is her natural hair do you want to go ahead and share your experience first yes i’m sure okay so i like all the products so first the shampoo what i really like about the shampoo he said what he touched my hair it was

Really smooth and even after i washed it my hair is still smooth so yes that’s the thing that i’m always expecting with shampoo that you know that you would really know the result right after you just you know just shampooed shampooed my hair yeah actually the same thing that’s what i experienced after i shampooed my hair i didn’t feel like my hair was dry at all

Because usually that’s what you’ve said you know what i want to use shampoo in your hair especially if your hair is dry and damaged it dries up your hair but the shampoo is very very moisturizing for there if you want deep conditioning this get really deep conditioner in your hair and also we talked about the smell mouse mouse it’s really good yeah yeah alright so

Mouth will be conditioner yeah for the conditioner as well it’s really really good my hair feels so soft at the same time it’s smooth it really moistures your hair so yeah actually we did kind of like in a different method my sister used like the traditional like way on how to use all the products i did it my way but the results we find are still the same for me i

Actually applied the conditioner and i felt like my hair was really soft after that as well but you’re so you actually applied this last right yes after yum-yum i’m a treatment after treatment yeah but this one is very nice and very moisturizing for the hair and once again to smell really really good what else can we say for the treatment because it’s yeah really

Just moisturize your hair for a long period of time because usually once again i notice what hair mask if it’s not really like a deep conditioner after a while after you’re washing up cert dries your hair doesn’t feel that soft anymore but i can really tell it’s yeah but it’s really soft and also after you after i wash my hair my hair looks really really straight

Yeah remember yeah yeah i can’t really look straight i am really soft the strength of my hair is not dry it’s not frizzy oh what what are the or yeah it’s just you know it’s just healthy after true that’s the thing as well with my hair i felt like my hair was even coated or like it’s has been wax or something this so that’s the kind of healing for you like you

Know since your hair is like died and she last time my sister told me that her hair really really needs moisture so that’s why i included her in this so for you you really have benefits not this a lot did you see the when when we washed oh yeah yeah yeah i took of it a video that look paris like really shiny shiny very and glowing yeah all right so let’s move on

With the wanna cure hair therapy self perfector and this one is their spray conditioner makes your hair smells good it makes your hair shiny and smooth and also this is also probably one of the reasons why our hair is like very moisturized when it dried it’s because of this as well so especially during the summer i think this would very much benefit our hair here

Especially in the philippines right now because it’s super hot and usually your skin gets dry your hair gets dry easily so this one is amazing to apply on your hair to retain that moisture okay so the last one that we have here is the banach your hair therapy and this is their new tree shield serum oh yes it’s what you’ve said it really works as a shield you know

When you like when you put on your hair it feels very smooth and pasty silky feeling after yeah so basically this protects your hair from drying up so my sister apply this before she blow dried her hair yeah so that’s the thing also that you notice that your hair was feeling kind of smooth and like hydrated even though she applied a little bit of the heat on it so

With me i applied it when my hair was sorta bishop my hair is not completely dry it’s still somewhat ish down but i do notice that it’s very lightweight did like feel sticky on my hair at all yeah and i thought since it kind of looks like it’s a green base it’s going to be kind of heavy or it’s going to be kind of just sex appeal yeah i’ll make your hair stick and

All that but it didn’t do that at all and overall it’s really nice if you want to treat your ends with all the products i think i can rate it 10 over 10 because i have no complaints at all and for human allure yeah i would made this tennis mom exactly so that i think you guys we like all of the products and these are probably going to be included in one of my

Favorite of shampoos and conditioners and also if you guys know me i really like it when my hair smells good so after you’re finished using all of these products it makes your hair like you just got out of a salon and a success here that all of these are salon exclusive but however if you guys want to try this out i’m going to link the products down below actually

Have a shop that includes all of the products all of my favorite haircare products there so if you guys want to check this out or if you want to try it out the link is down below so that is cq all and we will see you on our next video

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One Brand Hair Care Routine For Dry & Damaged Hair- Schwarzkopf Bonacure Repair Rescue By beautyklove