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Oral-B Genius X vs Sonicare DiamondClean Smart Electric Toothbrush [UK]

How does Oral-B’s Genius X compare to Sonicare’s DiamondClean Smart? A detailed hands on comparison video explains all the differences.

In this video i’m going to be comparing the philips sonicare diamondclean smart to the oral-b genius x 20,000 now i’m going to cover all of the major differences between these two electric toothbrushes and trust me there’s a lot of differences so to make things a little bit easier i’m going to jump right in with my verdict now for what it’s worth i believe the brush

That you should buy is the oral-b genius x now if money wasn’t an issue the diamond cleansmart is definitely the better electric toothbrush it’s more polished and refined but the price premium commanded of it is such that i just can’t justify that price premium and the genius x is still a fantastic electric toothbrush that will provide you with a superior clean it

Comes with all of the essential features you need of an electric toothbrush as well as quite a few that you don’t necessarily need and it’s still a flagship electric toothbrush so the genius x gets my boat so let’s dig into some of these differences in a bit more detail i’ll try and keep this as clear and logical as possible what i do want to make aware is there are

Different variants of the diamond clean and the genius x which make this comparison much more difficult i’ll endeavor to keep everything as clear and as accurate as possible but there is a for written comparison that accompanies this video which goes into a little bit more detail it may be helpful for you so be sure to check the link in the description for that so

To start with then let’s look at the design well as you can see both of them have got a fairly typical look about them in terms of they appear as electric toothbrushes but you don’t have to look too closely to realize that they’re designed quite differently now the diamond clean smart is the much more premium refined looking one it looks more professional and more

Classy the genius x has a lot more going on it’s a lot busier now that’s not to say it’s an inferior brush in any way in some respects is actually a more practical brush particularly when you consider the large rubber grip runs down the back of the brush handle it’s actually a little bit easier to grip onto but there’s just a lot more going on on this brush handle

Now i’ll come on to the cleaning modes in a bit more detail later but one of the key differentiators here on the front of the brush handle is the genius x has a number of icons to depict its cleaning modes the diamond clean smart on the other hand just has the name of the cleaning motor is very clear which mode you’ve selected with the genius x you have to relate

The cleaning mode name to the icon that is displaying on the handle now both brushes have a cleaning mode button that allows you to change the cleaning mode the difference here is that the diamond clean smart allows you to change the cleaning mode prior to turning the brush on with the genius x you can only change the cleaning mode when the toothbrush is switched

On another small difference is that the same cleaning mode button on the diamond clean smart allows you to change the cleaning intensity that’s how powerful the motor of the brush is you can change between low medium and high but you don’t have that functionality on the genius x so aside from some physical design differences there’s some color differences and

The colors do vary depending on the exact variant of the model that you go for so the diamond clean smart comes in the luna blue that you see here it also comes the kashmir gray which is sort of a silver color and a black the genius x comes in anthracite gray that we have here it comes in black and rose gold now one of the major ways that these two brushes differ

Is their actual cleaning action now don’t get too worked up or concerned about this cleaning action the fundamental thing to know here is both clean the teeth very well but how they differ is as the name implies sonic air has a sonic cleaning action whereas oral-b has a oscillating rotating and pulsating cleaning action so what that means is the bristles of the

Sonic hair brush head sweep from one side to the other with the oral-b brush head the brush tool moves kind of from one side to the other but it does it in a circular motion and it also has a pulsating technique going on as well you will actually see that the brush head size is different the smaller round brush head is a little bit easier to move around the mouth

Particularly crown’d mouth than the larger brush head of the sonic hairbrush which is much more akin to a manual sized tooth brush now there are clinical studies that side with one brand and the other and both do clean the teeth very well but generally when you look at all the data it’s the smaller round brush head of the oral-b that generally wins overall so let’s

Talk about the cleaning modes now that we know the difference between the brushing actions so the oral-b genius x has the following modes there’s six in total daily clean gum care sensitive whitening pro clean and tongue cleaning mode the diamond clean smart has five modes that’s clean white plus deep clean plus gum health and tongue mode now don’t worry about the

One extra mode on the genius x essentially they’re pretty much matched like for like you don’t necessarily need all the cleaning modes but specific modes may be more helpful for one person than another there’s more information on these modes available on our website click the link in the description for that now both the diamond clean smart and the oral-b genius

X do come with four brush heads included in the box now to get the four brush heads with the genius x you do have to go for the lux variant but at the time of recording that’s actually the better value option to go for the standard model only includes one now those four brush heads are of different design of course between the small round brush head and the larger

Ovilus style brush head of the sonicare but fundamentally the different designs can work different ways and potentially better for you you may have any preference now a feature unique to the sonicare diamondclean smart is something called brushing technology and that has two elements to it what that means with the diamond clean smart is when you attach a brush

Head thanks to an rfid chip in the brush head itself actually tracks how long you’ve been using that brush head for and when the brush head being used for the dentist recommended three months and light on the brush handle will light up in a yellow amber color and alert you it’s time to change if you replace the brush head with a new one the light will go out and

The new brush head will be tracked if you brush with too much pressure brush more times a day the light will come on sooner because in theory the brush head has been worn down quicker than a typical user brushing twice a day for two minutes so that’s quite a handy feature another feature with the brush heads is that in a theoretical world specific brush heads work

Best on a specific cleaning mode so the whitening brush head works best with the whitening mode and what the sonicare diamondclean smart does is automatically select the most appropriate cleaning mode based on the brush head you have attached and you can use any of the brush heads on any of the cleaning modes it’s just that the dyna clean smile defaults to that

Preferred cleaning mode if you’re using the appropriate brush head now in some defense to oral-b there whilst they don’t have the mode pairing of the diamond clean smart certain brush heads do work better with certain cleaning modes and in terms of a reminder to replace the brush heads the bristles on the brush head do fade from blue to an almost translucent color

As a reminder to you and there is an option within the app to set a reminder based on the time that you actually replace the brush the app will alert you when it’s time rather than the brush handle itself now both brushes come with a premium travel case that allows the toothbrush to be charged inside the case both brushes also hold up to two brush heads as well now

They’re both nice cases but the sonicare is implemented much better in my opinion with the genius ex charging case that you actually have here you have to connect a proprietary power adapter that comes supplied in the box to the case now that power adapter has a two-pin plug on it designed to connect to a shaver sockets found in bathrooms in the uk and it connects

To the port on the bottom of the travel case here and that charges the toothbrush when it’s connected power and the brushes inside the case also has a usb port but it doesn’t mean you can charge the toothbrush barring usb cable you can’t that usb port is designed to allow you to charge the likes of a smartphone at the same time as you’re charging the toothbrush

So you connect your smartphone’s usb cable to the case and in to your smartphone and the usb port acts as like a pass-through for additional power to your smartphone the diamond clean smart case on the other hand has the facility to hold the handle and two heads but on the base of the case is access to a built-in or hardwired usb cable so it has a standard usb a

Connection on it which means you can connect this case to an internationally recognized usb ports or to a power adapter with much more ease and charge like the brush in the case a lot more easily than you can with the genius x it means no bulky additional power supply is needed to actually charge the toothbrush in the case so a big win for the diamond clean smart

Travel case they’re now both brushes have a built-in rechargeable battery the battery life of the genius x is around about 16 days compared to the diamond clean smart of around about three weeks now when it comes to the battery information i believe the genius x displays this information a little bit more clearly on the front of the brush handle you have a battery

Status indicator that’s broken down into three bars and roughly gives you a rough idea of how much power is remaining and it will flash red when the battery is really low the diamond clean smart has just one battery bar on the brush handle this does light up a variety of different colors but at a glance i think the genius x is a little bit easier to determine how

Much power is left near the brush as far as on word displays this information in its associated bluetooth application as a actual percentage which would be nice to see now both come with charging stands included in the box but there is a little bit of a difference here between these two so the genius x has a charging stand that connects to a two pin chambers

Okay but on the base of the handle you have a recess into which the prong on the charging stand fits the brush sits on top and charges and it generally takes about 12 hours or so to recharge the battery the diamond cleansmart on the other hand has a flat base and it does not fit onto a prong and the charging stand it comes supplied with a charging glass which is

Most certainly bulkier weightier but it does look more premium it almost looks like the type of glass you’d have a stiff drink out of and you actually leaned the toothbrush in the glass and it charges by leaning in the glass both are using a wireless charging technology and but the diamond cleansmart can take up to 24 hours to fully charge both are very nice and

Both work and both can of course be charged in the case it’s just slightly different now another different feature is the brush head storage compartment that comes supplied only with the sonicare diamondclean smart and that is only one specific model of the diamond clean smile the most premium model the luna blue color option that brush head storage compartment

Does allow you to store brush heads in an upright position you don’t get that storage case with any other diamond clean smart or genius toothbrush there is something i should note that i have left out from earlier is there is also the sonicare diamondclean 9100 that’s still part of the diamond clean smart family but if being designed to come in at a lower price

And lacks some of the features so it has less cleaning modes and it doesn’t have the same charging case in the box there’s more on that in the written comparison link in the description so both toothbrushes are bluetooth enabled they’re smart toothbrushes which allows the toothbrush to pair with an app on your smart phone be that android or ios what they’re both

Trying to do is help you improve your oral health care at home think of it like the app being your dentist it’s there monitoring your brushing technique how frequently and how well you do and giving you gentle prompts to do a better job and take to care of your mouth fundamentally both work and do the job and i like both however all be are touting their artificial

Intelligence or ai and basically saying it learns from you and the way in which you brush your teeth and it certainly does do that and it does a pretty good job of it as well however i don’t think sonicare are making a big enough play of their app and i actually think their application is slightly more refined now whilst they don’t claim it uses ai i think the

Same sort of technology is underlying both brushes have sensors in the handle to help detect their position but i think the graphics in the sonicare app interface are actually a little bit better and help you distinguish the areas of the mouth that you may or may not be brushing so well in particular it allows you to identify whether you’re brushing the inside or

Outside surfaces of your teeth in a manner that i don’t see represented quite so well in the oral-b genius application so my preference is actually for the sonicare app but both are very good overall so both electric toothbrushes have a pressure sensor built in a pressure sensor will alert you when you’re brushing your teeth with too much force on the genius x you

Have this led smart ring at the top here now this is another difference really because not only is this the pressure sensor but you can actually select this ring to light up one of twelve different colors from the associated smartphone application but if too much pressure has been applied it will light up red and alert you when the pressure is relieved the light

Will go out now the diamond clean smart also has that feature but it’s implemented slightly differently and that the light is on the base of the brush handle and it emits a purple light that purple light will also go out when the pressure is relieved i think the visual notification of that light is better implemented on the genius x and both apps will actually

Show you in app in real time if you’re brushing with too much force so a couple of final points about the diamond clean smart the genius x doesn’t have has an automatic power off feature so the end of the cleaning cycle the toothbrush will automatically turn itself off the genius x doesn’t do that and the diamond cleansmart also has an easy start feature if you’re

Not used to using an electric toothbrush the power that it uses can be a little bit off-putting so over the first 14 days it gradually increases the power of the toothbrush until it reaches the maximum capability now you can turn this easy start option off if you’re an experienced electric toothbrush user but it’s a nice touch to gradually ease someone into using

Electric toothbrush and you don’t have that option with the genius x the diamond clean smart is also the quieter of the two electric toothbrushes it produces an audible some humming vibrating sound where the genius ex has a much more mechanical sound to it when in operation now to put that into perspective a little bit more if you’re brushing your teeth at night

With someone sleeping in the room next to you when using the diamond clean you could leave the door open when using the oral beat you’d likely want to close it because if you didn’t you’d likely disturb their sleep so we’re getting to the end of the differences now both come with a 2-year warranty is standard register the genius x online with oral-b and you get a

Free third year with the diamond clean smart i do believe it’s now possible to extend that warranty by a further six months so two and a half years in total if you register online but you don’t get the full three years like you do with the genius x and last but by no means least is the price so both of these toothbrushes actually have a fairly similar recommended

Retail price of around about 350 pound give or take subject to the model but in reality the actual selling price differs quite significantly oral-b brushes tend to sell about 50% less so at the time of recording despite the genius x having retail price of around about 360 pounds it’s actually selling for around about 165 to 169 subject to the variant the diamond

Clean smart on the other hand selling around about the 250 pound price point and that includes the supposedly cheaper diamond cleansmart 9100 which i believe has been designed and brought in to be more competitive with oral-b models price is subjective and you may be happy to pay 250 pounds and you get a lot of toothbrush if you buy the diamond clean smile however

On average you’re looking at about a hundred pounds difference and that’s a lot of money when you consider that a genius x is still an excellent toothbrush yes a few things set thing the diamond cleansmart apart but the genius xe is not a bad toothbrush it offers all of the essential features and a lot more you don’t even need necessarily all the features of the

Genius x but they are there and they can help you improve your dental health so the genius x is the one to go for so a lot of difference is there between these two electric toothbrushes i hope this video has helped you if there’s been any confusion you need anything cleared up you’ve got some comments or questions leave those in the comments below you can also go

Over to the written comparison linked in the description for further information if you liked this video be sure to give it a thumbs up for more videos like this click subscribe but until next time thanks for watching you

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