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Hello and welcome back to another video with me your host Garner, if you like the video and it helped you to have clean teeth please subscribe thanks. Remember to brush tongue also as alot of people dont and its because the tongue never gets brushed thats why people have bad breath. Well todays toothbrush is fantastic to use and can be purchased here Its like the one i had before accept for the printing on the handle. I myself use to use a manual brush up until 2016 when i was given the Oral B 600 electric toothbrush as a present from family. Since trying it once i am hooked and will no longer use a manual ever again, accept for a quick prepare of mouth and to brush tongue before Oral B takes over. It has a good battery life and the rotating head is great and can be changed for different heads each doing diifferent things to aid in brushing. I recommend this toothbrush alot its fantastic.

Hello and welcome back to another video on the ghana collective youtube channel how’s everyone doing today if you liked this video and it helped you to have a cleaner thief please subscribe to my channel check out the list of videos on my channel because a wide variety on the video section and i hope you enjoyed the video let’s get started so as you can see in front

Of me now we have the oral b pro 1 600 toothbrush by braun and i’ve got this today from amazon prime delivered the next day because my existing toothbrush i had before since 2017 that suddenly packed up and that was the oral b600 which is a good toothbrush and i was a fan of it but when it packed up on me halfway through brushing my teeth i was a bit upset because

I didn’t want to go back to the manual brushing because you do not perform a better cleaning like an electrical toothbrush so i’ve got these delivered today and this is the oral b pro one by 600 by brawn and it comes with a pressure center to turn it on enough and a two minute timer on it as well and it also has a special type of head which can get in between

Your teeth and gums and then move more like a plaque than a normal manual brush and as you can see here now this is actual um two push itself on the charging stand which looks the same as my 600 version apart from a few differences and you can actually buy different types of heads you can buy a softer head for gums or a harder head for uh for stronger teeth

Cleaning i used to use a manual brush all the time and i was giving it to the 600 version but i didn’t use it until eventually when i did use it and i was hooked because with a manual toothbrush you do put more toothpaste on the brush than you would with electric one because we’ve electric ones need a small amount to do a good clean and i was very impressed of

It so i said before and it says on the box as well it cleans 100 more plaque than a normal manual brush and it comes with a round head and a two minute timer and it tells you when to clean how long to clean for and it does come with a 30 day guarantee if you do it like faulty or you don’t like it but you don’t know why you wouldn’t like it so i took the contents

Out of the box but i’ve not used it if i use it after the video and don’t forget to brush your teeth i’m sorry to brush your tongue as well because mostly the bacteria of bad breath is caught on your tongue because the amount of people i’ve talked to in in my jobs before and you wish you hadn’t spoken to him because like the smell of rotting meat it’s horrible so

Remember to brush your tongue as well as your teeth so here we go let’s look at the contents of the box so in the box itself we have the oral b um two push itself i need to stand on the motor it’s not fully charged yet on off on off and it comes as well with the um one year get warranty for free and tells you like uh things about the company and so on that’s

There and also we have the oral b charger type and also like uh information on the orabee company in the booklet and so on and it comes as well with the charging um things we do just like when you want to charge your toothbrush just place it on top of this like this turn it around sorry so this cleans the clip top that holding is connected with the hole here and

It fits on there securely like that and when it’s plugged in the lights flash to show how it’s charging and because it’s like a strange weird sort of two-pin adapter you’re gonna need a special adapter like myself i’ve got here for my old one just a normal like adapter to turn into like a uk blog so you just do that get this plug that in there and there we are

Straight away into the uk socket and it also comes with a free head which is here somewhere and that’s it and the head the head will just fit securely on the top of the toothbrush and when you turn it on the head would like spin and rotate so that when you’re pushing your teeth it will actually um clean in between the gaps and stuff like that so i do believe

That the two minute timer it says on here now is not going to be a digital like a sort of face on it as you can see on here it’s actually like a you turn it on when in two minutes or up it will start going beep or like make a little like multisound rotate to another part of your mouth so you get all this in the head and the brush like i said before it’s better

Than a manual brush and it will clean better than the manual brush as well because it gets in between your teeth and the charging it says on there this will last about a week before you go to charge it again but it will let you know why uh the lights at the very bottom will start flashing red meaning that you’ve got to charge it soon because if not you’re going

To be stuck halfway brushing your teeth and it’s going to go dead on you got a nice weight to it and it feels good in your teeth when the mouse is going as well i said before you can buy the heads on amazon or anywhere really aliexpress do the heads stuff like that that’s what it means pulsation stops so it’s not actually meaning the timer itself it’s meaning

The pulsation from it you know it’s about 24.99 delivered on prime so i’m very happy with this i can use yesterday then so thanks to time for your patience and hope you enjoyed the video i hope you subscribe if you haven’t subscribed already and uh i will see you next time next video coming soon thanks a lot for your time and your patience and i’ll see you later goodbye

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