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Our Sad News..

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Good morning guys so um just to kind of fill you guys in we haven’t been posting because dominic hasn’t been feeling the best um it’s been about a week he’s been feeling a lot of pain and his eye and and like we’ve been pushing it off for about a week but last night it got it was really really bad he couldn’t sleep he

Said that he felt like there was like tree trunks in his eye that was irritating it so i was like that’s not normal so i’m just going to be taking care of him and that’s what we’ve been dealing with and that’s why we haven’t been really active and posting on youtube a lot so it’s very scary especially when it comes

To like the vision i really hope everything’s okay i don’t know i hope it is okay um i ordered some bacon so i’m gonna plate it and gonna explain better what’s going on but we’re trying to make the best of it you guys so i’m gonna make breakfast and i’ll show you guys the finished product me the food’s ready

Me guys i wish i could like pick the minute up but he’s too heavy so sometimes i wish i could just go like this come on baby guys and as you can see this is where i usually sit my lip balm is there but my baby can sit here today and even i would give him my blanket but dominic um gets too hot so you guys can let me

Know so basically so i got in the shower wait let me sit beside you so like in the shower i got like shampoo in my eye or something and then like it just started to burn like which is normal and then you know it took water to the shampoo out like i feel like there’s something in my eye like i have a long

Eyelashes so when the eyelash goes in my eye it hurts a lot and then it just feels like that you know so i’m trying to find the eyelash and it’s not there there’s nothing there but it still burns and still kind of every time i blink it’s like it scratches my eye right so anyways just put like a compress and kind of

Just chilled and then just went to bed because it was at night and woke up and it felt a lot better and then at night when i guess when my eyes retired then like it was happening again that every time i blink it’s like when i move my eye it’s like there’s something scratching it or like there’s something you know that

Feeling there’s something in your eye so it’s like it’s just thinking about it and you’re trying to like then like there’s nothing there right so like i’m looking over putting water trying to you know make it better but it’s not doing anything so and the shampoo has little rocks in it i actually thought about

That yeah there’s little rocks in that shampoo yeah so like i was actually thinking like maybe one of those rocks women but like i feel like i would have seen it or like no sometime but anyway so then the next day same thing like it would only happen like during the day after i wake up from sleeping it it’d be fine and

Then at night i guess when my eyes retire that’s kind of when you know the feeling will come back and that’s after a couple days i went online i looked online of what i could tell is maybe a corneal abrasion protective film over your eye that like what i was reading in the symptoms is basically exactly what

I was experiencing like yeah but like a branch in your eye or something that’s like scratching your eye right so then it says it can take up like four or five days to heal so it’s there in my eyeballs what so it was saying online it could take four to five days right so okay yeah it takes four to five days for it to

Heal and like it’s not supposed to be like too major right but then like so like that’s why like after a couple days it was kind of getting better so i was like very optimistic and like i got to a point where it was only happening like later and later throughout the day like at night right but then like i was actually

Thinking one day it’s like okay nice it’s like probably healing or like it’s almost gone but then that same night out of nowhere i’m just laying in bed and then like i blinked my eye and it was like a branch like literally scraped my eye and then like you’re just so much pain like instant pain like if you have

Something in your eye but like it’s it’s bigger than like a eyelash and like it’s just there but like i keep looking mirror and there’s nothing there right so then after that that’s when i was like okay oh and that goes like let’s go to the optometrist so we’re gonna try to find optometrist today to go personally like

I’m like it’s one thing i hate and like because like one of my fears you know it’s stuff of my eye and i hate stuff like getting close to my eye like in my eye it’s like it’s like a fear that i have it’s like one of the things that is a pet peeve it’s not pet peeve but just like a fear of yours yeah it’s like

A will be like a fear like something like in my eye like one of all the things remove your senses like your ears your nose your your breathing or whatever like eyes is mine that is like yo like i it scares me whenever there’s an eyelash in like my eye i literally scoop it out with my fingers like i could touch my eyeballs

Like it doesn’t matter it doesn’t do anything to me but dominic your eye oh my gosh the end of the world so some optometrists look at the reviews and try to head there hopefully today or tomorrow yeah and um he has not much i can do until i get to give me drops to make it here or maybe there is something

That is really deep right so but like now this morning is the first day where i wake up and and it’s still there like usually when i wake up it’s not there during the day but like today after what happened last night like today’s the first day that i wake up and like like it’s very annoying like it hurts it’s not

Fun but the good thing is that like my vision is not blurry yeah so uh you know eyesight is one thing like i say that is really like yeah you gotta be really thankful and it’s one thing that like a very cherished is eyesight right so it’s um health and wealth yeah we’re going to see how wealth but hell graphics looks

Really good i’m sure you guys the food so these are whipped cream is really good usually me and dominic are not fans of whipped cream but it’s he doesn’t like the bacon like the fat so that’s what we are eating that’s the actual food though yeah you know what i’m saying yeah the bacon like that fat the white stuff

Yeah anything you can’t digest it yeah so i cut up that part and this is it mate so we’re gonna eat beautiful the worst is that like i always want to rub it and stuff but you can’t rub it right so it’s like just close i need i need all right guys so quick little update i didn’t have availability today but

Thankfully they have it tomorrow so that’s one thing i do love here is that you can kind of go like fairly soon so have availability tomorrow in the afternoon yeah so by the time you guys watch this we’ll probably have some news which is which is good um but yeah like i’m scared anything like i really it just

Freaks me out like it makes me help but me it’s gonna be okay dominic loves getting my forehead oh i didn’t see it so i’m gonna make um lunch i’m gonna make dominic’s favorite steak rice and plant thing okay and also a green juice needs and i did notice you’ve been a little more tired lately so sucking never stuck on

The house and these things is like a wake-up call like hey you know like take your health seriously because you never know i wasn’t scared yeah and we also watched the uh the show from scratch that was two shots like you don’t have your health you don’t have anything so like don’t let things drag on so that’s you

Know i used to always let it drag on because i was scared of that like i don’t like going to doctors like and i always push it away and i’m just like oh we get better it’ll get better now i get older they don’t get better so and yeah we’re gonna it’s not enough optometrist it’s in yeah we heard it was a you know how to

Say it no no i don’t really know how to see it too or or formula just yeah so uh sorry if i butchered that but it’s not optometrist but anyways so specialists for the eyes basically yeah i’m gonna get some words as well yes yeah get some stuff done too okay bye see you soon all right guys so i just finished

Cooking so here we have the steak the plantain the stir fry and the veggies and then i’m just having a lasagna with a heart on it crazy you see that it’s good hello guys it’s too windy out here beautiful sunset yeah enjoying our evening tea was tired yeah i’m very tired well yeah tomorrow we have a long day uh kind of give

You sorry if this is kind of like a boring video but you know we kind of wanted to give you a little updates and uh instead of leaving you in the dark you know like we were gonna wait till you know my eye gets better 100 get back in it you know and do a couple things but it wasn’t so we’re like okay well it is

What it is but thanks for watching guys thanks for hanging out with uh thanks for hanging out with us thanks for all the well wishes me pray everything goes well tomorrow we’ll give you a update and yeah so we’ll see you in the next video guys smash that button comment subscribe and talk to you soon

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Our Sad News.. By Naka and Dom