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Pandemic Board Game

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Hi guys welcome back with me kelsey i’m sitting in the toy note studio and i have found a new game i’m really excited to try you know i’m always on the hunt for a good family game night game something unique and not monopoly because monopoly will rip families apart so this one today we have is pandemic this was actually multi nationally awarded from the usa france

Australia it’s got lots of recognition for being a great game the whole theme is game can you save humanity so let’s go ahead and get it open and see what gameplay looks like with the new game pandemic so it’s time to try our hand at pandemic and see if we can save humanity what i’m liking about this game already is that it’s a co-op game so there’s not a winner

Or a loser necessarily everybody wins together or they lose together now it does it takes about 45 minutes to play this game i’m just going to give you guys kind of a demonstration so you can see where it’s going since nobody really wants to sit around for 45 hours and watch some well play an awesome game so opening it up we have a really big thick instruction card

There’s seven role cards because essentially what you’re going to do in this game is everyone has a role in keeping an epidemic disease at bay so you have seven role cards everybody can have a role seven ponds and that means you can have up to seven players 59 player cards so it’s 48 city cards six epidemic cards and cyber event cards reference cards infection rate

Outbreaks through our cure markers 96 disease cubes so there’s a lot going on here so when you set up the board you’re going to place the board in the middle put the six research stations and disease cubes near i so let’s pull the board out okay so we going to concede most of them ford actually you’re seeing all of it that’s great i’m going to keep supplies kind

Of over the sides here and set things up so we’re going to set up the board and then the different color cube i’ll show you guys these cubes yellow blue gray and red are supposed to text kind of nearby off to the side here now when you’re setting you’re going to set the outbreak markers which are in here you’ve got these little medicine type looking thing got

These two don’t blonde okay so these are fewer markers no different colors and they are going to go down here at the bottom again you see right there and they are color-coded so then we set that up number three step says you’re going to take a card oh shrink rip always so hard to get in when you don’t have good fingernail sync another set of cards to open here

All right now which ones are the infectious deck so what it’s saying is before we get into the cards we have to take our infection rate marker and infect nine cities so we’re going to do is take the infection rate marker and put it over here and then it says to shuffle the infection cards which are these guys here these green and section cards shuffle those up

Real good and flip over three of em one two three so we have begged as taipei and tokyo put three disease cubes of the matching color on each of these city so you would put like gray on this one and red on these and then you’re going to flip over three more cards one two three the ghost of cairo and chennai will put two diseased cubes on each of these cities and

Corresponding color and then three more so this is our nine cities first second and in symbol delhi and karachi so in total by the time you’ve placed all the disease cubes which is quite these guys remember you’re going to have eighteen cubes out each matching the color of the city placed you’re going to put these face up on the in section discard pile up here and

The infection deck is going to go here so everybody’s going to have discard cubes and they’re going to go up here number four give each player cards and a pawn every person get a reference card which is one of these and a roll card you’ll shuffle these all up and then deal them out boop-boop-boop everybody quarantine specialist researcher and contingency planner

Then they’ll get the corresponding colored pod to go with them this is going to be your player deck these are going to get shuffled up and it says to set the game difficulty level by using either four five or six epidemic cars so for an introductory game you will use four epidemic cards which might be hidden in that stack over there all the section decks is you

Know these are all player deck where are we looking at the wrong the reference cards uh-huh i found them they actually look just like the regular playing cards so you got to be careful about that so for standard game the first time you play you’re going to put four of these the other two will set off to the side so you’re going to mix them in with your player deck

And then there’s my full spot for that right down here now moving on to the last instructions it says begin play the players will look at all the city cards that they have in their hand now when you are giving everybody their cards that means each person gets so before you mix in the epidemic cards each person is going to get a number of cards depending on how many

People are playing i have three rolls out sofia three-player game each person is going to get three cards so one two three one two three one two three and then you would take the epidemic cards put them in start playing now when you start playing your hands you’re going to take a look at your hand and see which cities you have obviously i do not shuffle a very good

Job you’re going to have four actions and your play is divided into three parts you’re going to draw it to play your card so these are examples of your four actions you have movement actions such as drive or ferry move to a city connected by a white line to one you are in direct flight discard a city card to move to a city named on the card charter flight discard

The city card that matches the city you are moved into shuttle flight move from a city with a research station to any other city that has a research station there’s a few other actions such as building research stations treating diseases sharing knowledge and discovering a cure depending on which action you choose you will pick one of the original cards in your

Hand so i have paris if i wanted to go to paris i would put it down and then my little pond would move to paris for example the next step of your turn we’ve already done and kind of got ahead of myself a little bit and i grabbed two cars then number three is called infecting cities now infective cities kind of work along with where you are at in the game if you get

One of those epidemic cards that we put in this drawing player you’re going to move this infection right to the right and depending on which where the infection rate is is how many cities you’re going to infect so we’re at two right now i would draw two cards these two are now infected sydney and shanghai i would also put the disease cubes with them that should end

My turn now an outbreak on additionally you’ll need to know that an outbreak is when you have all the cities kind of close together and they’re getting close you’ve got lots of diseases in one area and as that occurs you’re going to move the disease outbreak marker forward and place one cube of the disco disease color in every connected city around that area so as

You think you what’s going to happen got these infected cities you’ve got the disease cube and it’s going to keep moving out moving out moving out and then it’s your job depending on your role to supplement the needed information to end the spread and save humanity now the most important part of this game is what your role is as you can see there’s different roles

Contingency planner dispatcher medic operations expert quarantine specialist researcher and scientist now if you look closely you can see that each of these players have a different assignment or ability that gives your overall team a better chance for example the dispatcher may move any pawn is its owner agrees to any city containing another pawn so it can move

Things around a little bit more the medic can remove all cubes not just one of the same color when doing a treat disease action which is one of the four actions you can take when you start your turn and that is similar for each of these they all have something very special so as you can see i have these roles now each of these guys would have also given actions to

Choose which again you’ve got these research cards so you can remember which actions you’re allowed and then you’ll have a special one listed on your card for example the quarantine specialists says prevent disease cube placements and outbreaks in the city that you are in and all cities connected to it so the name of the game is to play your actions in a way that

Contains or radek ait’s the disease so if you are able to get rid of all the disease cubes off of the table of a certain color say it’s the red color you are able to use your powers to get all that gone before more red cities are infected then that disease is eradicated books it’s gone then no more red cities can get infected and now you’re down to three the goal

Of the game is by the end the play you want to eradicate all of these or everybody kind of loses as whole i like that this game it’s a little bit more complex so it’s going to take some actual reading of the instruction i’m trying to do a good job of like walking you guys through it it is a little bit more of a complex game but it’s kind of a cool co-op game it’s

A different experience it’s a unique game i also like that the board has spaces for all the cards it walks you through the setup and it has reminders about playing these research cards are super handy for what actions you can take and it the game makes it easy to follow if you’re playing for the first time and then of course as you get better it will continue to

Get easier and easier as you’re learning to play and become more and more fun and the race against the clock to save humanity well guys i hope you enjoyed learning to play pandemic with me i tried my best to show you the whole board and kind of walk you through the play time to be honest it’s a little bit confusing until you just start going in and taking it step

By step by step but in the end it ends up being a super cool game and one that’s really unique so there’s not a lot of games out there that have the styling or that kind of cooperative nature which i always like in a board game so guys if you want to be here for more games more new games and award-winning games like pandemic make sure you hit that subscribe button

And keep checking us out at 20 notes comm and until next time bye

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Pandemic Board Game By ToyNotes