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PANDEMIC | Caixa bsica VERSUS Legacy 1 temporada

Nesse vídeo eu faço uma comparação entre o Pandemic e o Pandemic Legacy 1ª temporada, analisando os componentes com o objetivo de ajudar quem tem dúvidas de qual versão comprar.

Welcome to south julio cesar in this video as promised to bring you the comparison of the pandemic box the basic box and the pandemic legacy box regarding the components to play the basic mode of the pandemic every now and then someone appears with doubts asking if the pandemic legacy is a good option if the person does not intend to play it is specifically lega mode if

They can buy this box to play the basic module so in this video i will make a detailed comparison of all the components explaining what is inside the mick pan normal and within the pan of miracles the difference between them to be able to help you are in doubt if you buy the basic box or the box claims which one will adapt better than you expect from the game this version

Of mine here there is still the old version of the tv that you saw with the translated name pandemic the new versions come with the original name pandemic but the component the components here are basically the same the difference a here in the most current box with the name pandemic some mistakes are already corrected so here there will be some mistakes that when they

Appear i’ll explain the difference to you and before starting the comparison here on the card and in the video description there’s a link to the hamburg sindô pandemic boxing with all the detailed components but without spoilers of the legas mode components and also the playlist with a video of broken rules plus a box the first big difference we already see in the size

Of the box the also colleague if you have one box much bigger than the problem that is normal both in height and width and also in depth this legacy box although it is quite beautiful it has a size that is not the standard size of the normal boxes of borges game so if you have a moment to niches, for example, where the neat box for games fits, usually at 30 centimeters,

This one here will not fit very well. i say that because it is important sometimes to people are careful, whether for aesthetic reasons, even having the games all organized, sometimes for a functional reason, they may not have a moment that they use to store their games that fit the light pandemic, so keep that in me until the box on the planet that cool if you will have to

Have a reserved space on your special shelf to be able to fit the box because the box does not have a format under these components here we will not talk about them that are legacy components and here i will explain only from from the basic panic some other components of the minors and there are also some things specific to the legacy but when they appear i will highlight

These here, we will not talk about them in this video in the rules manual, we have some differences and not to mention the visual part of the from the illustrations basically what i realized is that the manual of the program that takes if it explains the basic module in a clearer way than the bank our box b it’s not that the manual for the basic box is confusing, but at

Some point the manual for the basic box is on the margins for a dubious interpretation, this doesn’t happen in the panic legacy manual when it explains the basic game module in contrast here at the beginning of the manual it highlights which are the legacy rules that you will not use productively playing basic mode but during the explanation in the manual these rules are

Mixed with the basic rules and this can end up disturbing the person who does not yet know the rules of the game in differentiating the what is basic and what elevates then summarizing reading the legacy pandemic manual if you are going to learn the basic rules just like they are in the basic power manual you just need to be a little careful not to mix specific legacy rules

These are the characters that we have in the two boxes here the characters from the basic box and here on this side the light panic characters here in side of the planet and colleagues i will soon draw these four cards here only the civilian ones so the legacy exclusive menu we will not compare it now to the other characters we have four that are shared between the two

Boxes that are the scientist the researcher one doctor and a travel agent these characters will have the same skills although some text can be written in a different way in order to make the operation of that skill clearer oprah add some repercussions that instability can cause in the rules module but that does not change the functioning of the characters their skills

Works the same way while in the basic box the character card in the format of a common letter in the legacy box the character in the notebook format here in front we have the character’s normal abilities and the rest of the sheet are the updates you are going to use notes you are going to do but who thinks of playing only mod the basics the only interesting part of the

Character sheet is his face that describes the abilities of the characters that are not shared between the two boxes in the basic box we have these three who are the specialist in contingency plans the specialist in quarantine and the specialist in operations plans and in the legacy box we have a general practitioner who is a character that you don’t find in the basic box

You will find this character in the expansion at the limit so this is the difference that we will have between the characters of the two boxes in relation to the pawns in the box but we have seven pawns that refer to each of the characters each character card has something when you choose your character to play you take the pawn in that color to represent on the board the

Difference here in the legacy box we only have four pawns because as it is a game for four players each player assumes a pawn the player chips sonagem in the legacy box has no body you choose your character and choose the pawn of your favorite color and comparing the pawns between the two boxes there is no difference between them they are the same talking now about the

Game cards we will find some differences that will be repeated in all of them the first is that the pandemic legacy letters are slightly lighter both on the front and on the back but you have to pay really close attention to notice the differences it is almost imperceptible the second difference that we will have in all of them is that the basic pandemic cards have a slight

Texture in how many lightweight cards are flat cards this texture in the basic panic cards for some people is considered a positive point in the quality of the card but the two cards have the same weight the same resistance you won’t see difference between the quality of the cards apart from the texture that the basic cards will have but that’s not even that important of

The legacy taking into account that most likely you will tear the legacy cards so putting these cards with texture is not a big thing to do also that some texts may be different from the cards that have texts in order to make the rule clearer and to add terms when playing in legacy mode but if you have not played in legacy mode these terms will not disturb the mechanics

Of the card will not disturb the gameplay in the basic call they are focusing now that in the city cards they have the same amounts as the ones same cities the layout of the card is the same apart from the common differences that we will have in the legacy cards in relation to the cards in the basic box the cities card are identical on the event cards in the base box that

We have five bonds while in the card box program that takes if we have eight events if the same five events that we have in the basic box plus three more events s which is the borrowed time the distance treatment and the flexible help package these first two events we also find expansions but this last flexible help package is exclusive to the legacy box you don’t find

It in other expansions besides the common change to all the cards in the legacy box in relation to the basic game box the event that is called a financed event because in one of the legacy we have the financing feature there was also this update in the text of the letter but it does not change the operating rule of the letter but when it comes to the cards themselves, we

Won’t have differences apart from the number of years now coming to mma letters, we will have a few more changes first in the font of the letter used in the panic box and legas is a different font the color also changes and the second change that i think is an important change is that in the basic panic card we have six epidemic cards because the difficulty the quality of

The game is regulated by the amount of epidemic cards but in the light panic box we will only have five epidemic cards because when you play in lega mode if you play in standard mode then if you have a box like this and went to play one basic game you will be able to play in the beginner mode with four cards or in the standard mode with five you also have to keep that in

Mind if you plan on having the legacy box as your basic pandemic box you will not be able to play in the oi model because you will not have access to the epidemic card to be able to set up the eco model in the reference cards we will find the same changes are common to all cards obviously also in the opponent’s card that will have the correction in the description of the

Action to treat disease that in the basic box in the period at least in the first versions came with the repeated text of the action of sharing knowledge so here you will not have this error and it is the biggest d the only difference i can say between the two cards is that the pandemic legacy cards have the colors of the pawns and each of the four cards has the color of

One of the worst ones this is for when you chose your pawn you will take the card reference of the color of your pawn just to be able to identify even while in the basic pandemic cards all the cards are the same in the infection cards as they are cards that have no text so the only difference that we will find are those common differences between the two boxes the cards of

The two boxes are practically identical speaking of the cubes we will have the same color of the cubes the four colors in the same amount of 24 clubs of each body the most significant difference is in the finishing of the cubes of the cubes of the basic box they have one is slightly scratched it has a burr it has some small imperfections that is normal for the pandemic all

The pandemic boxes that the first ten editions will have the cubes in the same way but here in the legacy box we notice that the clubs are better finished they are more polluted they are more defined it is even worth mentioning here at this point talking about cubes that all the components of all the components are produced by sema itself in games she does this to be able

To maintain quality control and prevent editions from different countries from different publishers from having a difference in the quality of the material so when there was controversy here in brazil some people complained saying that the cubes were very ugly that the quality was very bad that this is because it is from brazil in the imported one you find it so it doesn’t

Exist the cube was like that in all the boxes i believe that today i can’t be sure because i haven’t seen it yet but i believe that today all the mix pans produced they they come with that quality of cubes but more polished and better finished but this issue of cube with burr it has small defects those between quotes are not because the game is brazilian none of that was

Common to all pandemic games so we will have the pandemic legacy cubes a little prettier than the basic box cubes regarding the markers we will have one extra pineapple and the pandemic lex that the reminder sheet but this here is exclusive to the air modules and the others in which there will be some difference in tonality but because of the material used we also notice

That the printing of the program box markers that takes if one is more defined than that of the basic rate, we can see how it is more defined, the basic box looks a little blurred, we will also see the difference in the printing of the speed markers of outbreak infections here, we already see that it is well the engraving used on the controversial alex’s box is different

From the engraving used on the basic opponent’s house but none of that interferes with the game either it works the same way and seeing the research center they are here are not identical you will not find any difference between a research center of the two boxes now on the board it will have some differences is in relation to the positioning of the game areas but this is

All geared towards pro from a legos mode you want play a basic game on the controversial board and learn the big differences will be that some cities will have different connections some cities will gain connections and other cities will lose connections the cities that will gain connections was los angeles with a magnet is santiago with buenos aires and buenos aires with

Johannesburg and the city that lost connection were baghdad and karachi and madras with bangkok i believe these changes are due to the fact that in legacy mode some cities may eventually be without connection or access may be very difficult so i believe these additional connections were designed to be able to minimize 11 complications a break in the game with some cities

Is being iso sides and maybe the removal of connections from other cities not even to balance the game and this will affect movement and it will also affect outbreaks for example if santiago freaks out if it was going to infect only lime now it will infect other cities putting it on the scale i believe that this will not differentiate in terms of the difficulty of the

Game, it will just be different characteristics, except for this, no point on the tambourine board than normal in the light pandemic and there will be big differences, things that will really influence the gameplay are the number of characters and the number of events the number of epidemics and changes in connections between cities first if you don’t know the pandemic i

Advise you to either buy a basic box or have to play the pandemic at an event with a friend instead of borrowing anyway so you don’t have the risk buying the levski box is an expensive box and you will see a lot of content how about suddenly vo you will not use it especially if you discover that the problem is like a game for you if you do not know the pandemic try it

First if you already know the pandemic and that to have your first box consider buying the basic box because it is the best one answer to your needs and also for the price issue unless you are really interested in playing legacy mode even if you have never played pandemic you have played pandemic and you are very interested in legacy mode from everything you have heard

Of everything you’ve ever seen do you think that something that is really very interesting for you for your group so i think you can buy the game that takes you as your first mix pan but my advice is that you only buy the legacy box if you really want to play read if you are now resolute that you are going to buy the legacy box was your only pandemic box then you might

Consider the the tips to be able to not destroy the components i’ll leave here in the video description the link to the pad light and the geek blog there you can find forums where people explain how you can play light mode without ruining the components and there you go being able to have the basic components to be able to play basic mode whenever you want to continue

Playing your adventure in legacy mode normally well i hope the video was clear to you that i helped you to identify the differences and that it worked for your lives i also hope that my considerations have not raised any doubts anything ask here in the comments for your suggestion of your experience playing pandemic legacy only in the basic module or playing the basic

Module after having played the legacy adventures with everything modified all sticky risky to also be able to help the other people who are in doubt to better evaluate which of these boxes is the most interesting to her that do you want to start playing inside in more to finish the video don’t forget to subscribe to the channel it’s worth the video shared your groups of

Interest and leave your comments with criticisms and suggestions the space is always completely open see you

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PANDEMIC | Caixa básica VERSUS Legacy 1ª temporada By Jogos do Júlio