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Pandemic in about 3 Minutes

A short summary of Pandemic in about 3 minutes

Hello and welcome to pandemic in about three minutes it’s 6 a.m. on monday morning at the cdc and the reports are in four massive epidemics have hit the globe at the same time you win this game if you manage to find cures for all four diseases ravaging the world you need to draw a player card and none are available or you need to place a disease cube and there are none left

Card management cards are needed to make cures but have many other uses at the start of the game each player selects a role and gets some starting cards and a character pawn actions can be done multiple times if desired and include; some actions need a city card to be spent to do so, those include; you can move between research stations as if they were adjacent but the main

Purpose of research stations is to find cures while at a research station if you have five cards of the same color you can spend those to discover a cure cured diseases are easier to remove from the board as well once all four of your actions are done you draw two player cards pull a card from the bottom of the infection deck and place three cubes in its location place it in

The discard pile, shuffle it and place all of those cards on top of the infection deck the final part of your turn will be to reveal as many infection cards as the infection marker says if you would ever have to place a fourth cube in a city there is an outbreak place a cube and every adjacent space and advance the outbreak marker unless the game is over, play then moves of

A next player there is a reason that there are no less than seven other games in the pandemic series it’s a hugely important and influential design that has helped to popularize cooperative gaming its success is largely due to a theme that people can connect with instantly, each player has their own role on the team and those different play styles can suit different players

If you’ve got someone who just wants to smash disease cubes hand them the medic there also event cards which can be held back and used at strategic times the best thing about this game is that after a decade of owning it and countless games it’s still one i’m happy to play however there is zero private information in this game and that can lead to a situation this is known

As quarterbacking or alpha gaming and is frequently mentioned when people are critical of the game back-to-back epidemics can turn a game from manageable to a loss in a few turns with little the players can do to stop it if you’re looking for something similar there’s all the other pandemic games i mentioned but my favorite game by this designer is thunderbirds a co-op game

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Pandemic in about 3 Minutes By 3 Minute Board Games