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Pandemic Legacy Song Parody

A song about the board game Pandemic Legacy, entitled “Play With Yourself”, about a playing with difficult gamer. (No spoilers).

So we’re building a research station then we you’re going to move ahead and do the cubes back in how we do it okay back is how we’re doing it for all the time that you told me what to do and all the time when you would pick up like you you think you found that you’re not for this dinner it’s just an agony you wanna leave and it wouldn’t mind playing with you

It’s not gonna think you’re a dick always i don’t love is a co-op i’m buddy you’ll be an issue was updating your opinion and the fact don’t wanna quarterback malik up don’t lie he likes everyone and i don’t care any rating cause was wrong and you get so caught up in my time blaming me we have one but now i know i’m better playing on my own cause if you like your

Strategy that much nobody you go clean yourself and if you think that i’m here to quarantine kolkata you keeping yourself and when you for me to take another scar my medic diamond guess you republic us and every time you rid aside my character man i’d rather antonio pilates and jane and i didn’t tell you about the game cuz anyone anyone thinking not invited you

But it started showing up this will be a long campaign cuz i think there’s no one out there close to being bosnia singer tapia rado don’t like hughie everyone and i didn’t want to lie to washington and i’ve been so caught up in cairo building in the station so don’t say john that’s not what she should have done is if you want to eradicate that much nobody go play

With yourself and if you think that i’m still having fun come on you you check your mental health i like women suppose like me and you you having fun for all the time that i watch my city bowl it made me sad now i feel nothing at all without you here this games on me to go with i a fool to let you go after all and i didn’t want to fake the news cuz they didn’t want

Anyone thinking i need you i don’t lot dividend my meat up another besties do and the guy we replace you with keep sony building roadblocks there’s only ever lost i really don’t like you but we must get along to save the world from full viral infection and i’ve been so proud of i had didn’t see wasn’t going on but now i know i’ll never win this on my own cause if

You like to have a buffet lunch nobody’s completely myself and if you think you like my wife’s apple crumble well you just go and help yourself cuz if you’re scared of outbreaks in hong kong oh buddy my hold yourself and if you’re free on tuesdays at the work most something we really use your help okay we have to already a process and then we’ll be the real and

Then we’ll we’ll built know we’ll build a research station and then we’ll get the killer okay i’m giving away a copy of the upcoming pandemic legacy season two with this video the winner will be picked a month from today and they’ll receive the game when the game is released to enter simply like this video comment below and subscribe to the channel if you like

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Pandemic Legacy Song Parody By Actualol