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Pandemic Overview of Rules (4 of 5) – Draw Phase, Infection Phase, and Outbreaks

This describes how to progress through the draw phase, what happens if an EPIDEMIC is uncovered, what happens if you have more than 7 cards in your hand within the draw phase.

Hello this is another movie in a series of movies going through the different aspects and rules of pandemic in terms of setting up and how to play this one is specifically on the other phases within a play round so the first one was each player plays one player plays four actions after a singular player does their four actions then that player draws two cards and

Puts them in their hand now we see here okay we got a normal city card and that will go to the person’s hand but we also have an epidemic so when i incur an epidemic there’s a couple of actions i need to follow if i read the card the first thing says increase move the infection rate marker one forward space okay so this is the infection rate marker i move it up

One space and in terms of the infection rate that will also be discussed in this movie in fact draw the bottom card from the infection deck and put three cubes on that city discard that city okay so i from the infection deck i pull from the bottom in this case sal paulo is infected so i identify sao paulo i put three diseased cubes in there intensify shuffle the

Cards and the infection discard pile and put them on top of the infection duct so i take the discard pile do a light shuffle place them on top i don’t shuffle them into the deck i just place them on top of the deck and then that’s over so now over here it is it describes each round so for each player each player is going to do four actions draw two cards and infect

Cities then the next player is going to drop do for actions draw two cards infected cities you’ll see there’s two notes in here resolve any epidemics we just did that and discard to seven cards the maximum amount of cards you can have in your hand is seven so if you have eight you must discard one the next phase is infect cities so i look at my infection rate in

This case it’s two and that’s how many cards i’m gonna draw from the top of this pile if i was over here on four i draw four different cities okay now you noticed when we did the intensify stage i even reshuffle the south paulo card it’s very possible that south paulo could be one of the cities infected so in this case i have beijing and i have kinshasa for each

One i place one cube of the corresponding color so beijing is red i put one put one red in beijing and concessions yellow i put one in fish awesome okay the round is over play course but continues on with the fourth person now let’s say that’s how paulo was the city drop so let’s say instead of kinshasa in beijing it was beijing and south paulo i go to put one in

Sao paulo but any town that has three cubes is considered saturated a town cannot have more than three cubes as soon as the game makes me put a cube on a town with three with three cubes it triggers what’s called an outbreak and a number of things happen on an outbreak first i move the outbreak marker down one okay if i ever hit the little skull i’m dead next i

Take whatever color in the origin city and i infect every neighboring town with that color so i put a yellow in madrid a yellow and lagos a yellow in bogota and a yellow in buenos aires and you notice here oh well the game told me to put a cube on there but i already have three does that trigger an outbreak yes it triggers an outbreak okay so it’s gonna trigger a

Second outbreak now because they’re next to each other they don’t just keep ping pong back each other if suppose the original outbreak initiator it doesn’t you’re not gonna trigger us second outbreak on sao paulo so i look at point us airways and all touching sao paulo but that’s the one that initially triggered the outbreak but i also do bogota so two went into

Bogota and if there was already two in bogota that would trigger a third one and so on and so forth okay but it only triggered two let’s see so those are the other phases of the game

Transcribed from video
Pandemic Overview of Rules (4 of 5) – Draw Phase, Infection Phase, and Outbreaks By The Board Game Professor