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P&B Picks: Huge Deals on Knife Sets, Massage Pillows and More!

Lifestyle correspondentĀ Rachel Smith from is back with more great deals on the hottest items of 2019.

That’s why we partnered with our good friends at morning save calm the ultimate deal makers and launched our ongoing p and b pics rachel smith thank you today okay don’t have any wine lovers in here oh no no one like well prepare to have your life change okay yes let me tell you this here is pure wine the 10-piece wine filter an aerator bundle i know sounds crazy

But listen up here if you ever get a headache maybe after drinking wine you’re not alone it’s actually something that’s very common because wine contains allergens in it and note the allergens actually cause headaches congestion and of course that like dreaded hangover feeling so the filters the aerator they’re actually gonna remove those allergens from the wine

Wow but they’re not gonna affect the taste at all which is what we want right we don’t want our taste to be affected there so all you have to do here you have here actually the aerators to this you just simply insert into the bottle and then you’re gonna pour your wine and so it filters as it’s poured into the glass over here we’ve got the wand so you’re just

Going to pop it in there you’re gonna give it a little swirl and then you can leave it in there for a few moments like a tea bag but for your wine it filters it out so then you’re gonna remove it and then you can cheers enjoy your wine with how’s the headache and the hangover right retail for as high as fifty five dollars but today it can be yours for only twenty

Five a savings of 55% let’s move on great for anyone who loves being in the kitchen well great chefs know that great knifes are so important for your cooking experience right it’s all about efficiency precision because a lot of the prep work for the food and the slicing and dicing takes a lot of time make sure things are precise so this nine piece set from ky luna

Is y’all seriously it’s really beautiful it is very art it is like art no i noticed that you’ve seen obviously there’s like this this hammered finish to it yeah yeah it looks pretty but it actually serves a purpose as well that’s gonna help prevent the food from sticking to the knife while your slice isn’t that cool yeah looks good but it’s functional as well so

This is a nine piece set here so you get four high carbon stainless steel kitchen knives and then you also get those protective sheets put that protective sheath on there i feel like i’m gonna get my hasn’t been not a good combination right but then we also get here a premium t-butyl way too cutting board which is really nice to set out on your counter the knives

Here they’re hard sharp bends they’re perfectly balanced what’s def that’s cool okay knife like this can put you back as much as 180 bucks but now you can get them for just $39 while supplies last all right next up this is my scene right here this is what i like massage it sure is guys start this up imagine a luxurious spa treatment anytime anywhere now you can

With this bad boy right here this is the shiatsu pillow massager and it’s from rock-solid deep kneading notes there they’re rotating in that is going yeah every 30 minutes to stop that’s gonna relieve tension any aches and pains that you might have as well there’s kelly’s eyelashes grow it’s amazing unbelievable what this can do it is so good but that organ amish

Ape it obviously fits perfectly right there at her neck but she could put it back as well 30 minutes you know also put it on your quads your hamstrings your calves whatever needs to have a little bit of attention let’s go you can see the motion of the the apparatus – exactly do you feel that it has a gentle warmth to it as well yes it has a great little heating on

In there but you also get two different attachments for it so you can plug it into the your wall outlet at home or you can even plug it in in your car a typical massage pillow can reach out for as much as not dollars but you can get yours for only twenty nine bucks oh look it’s like a picture that’s like a sixty-seven percent savings we could use this so you guys

Fabulou that’s unbelievable this here is the ultimate spend cleansing system so it’s really great effective for your skin care routine but it even makes it kind of fun – why not right i got to do it i love you guys i know the travel case is great it’s gonna make it very easy to you know to take with you when you go on a trip hmm so you’ve got two different settings

So a lower speed and a higher speed this is actually the exfoliating brush that we have on there but it comes with right here this one’s the exfoliating brush then you also get a cleansing brush one is a silicone brush which was nice but basically what it’s gonna do is it it will gently exfoliate your skin but it’s also gonna remove any sort of like bree that might

Working deep in your pores you know so it’s gonna take away impurities and things like that it’s gonna get your skin so much cleaner than you can with your hands or a washcloth that travel case is nice to have as well i love the case right cleanser like this could sell for as high as 125 bucks while supplies last this deal is yours for only $20 you

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P&B Picks: Huge Deals on Knife Sets, Massage Pillows and More! By Pickler and Ben