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Pet Stories: The Robot Vacuum Part 2 – Distractible Animated

In this animation you can’t no clip to escape the smell that lingers in @Markiplier house after his dog Chica left a present for the automaton.

Good evening gentle listener and welcome to distractable with your hosts mark bob and way this week that’s stories i remember the first time you told this story i had tears in my eyes for like an hour afterward i was laughing so hard because the thought of you having to like figure out how to even start cleaning this up yeah and the mystery involved you know i’d

Love for you to tell the story of how exactly you approached that did you have to walk on the poop floor or did you just like how did that start thankfully the access to the kitchen so it’s an open floor plan so there’s like no doors bridging but the kitchen is a separate unit and the living room and the the like the back like not a room but back area was where

The poop was contained so the roomba had only gotten that area a part of the kitchen and all of the living room so there’s another path to get there so i i mean i’m literally in shock for a good ten minutes just looking at this looking back at chica looking at the dead room but looking at the poop like i i have to you know get my bearings and thankfully i had

The foresight in this house to have a mop and a bucket uh but that that kind of like you know me saying oh good there’s a mop you don’t realize how much poop water you create from having to meticulously mop up smeared poop over everywhere and not only that the smell but what i was worried about is that how quickly i got used to the smell which made me think that

My the nerves in my nose got burned away from the sheer quantity of poop in the air like i was it was part poop and that’s why you have to chew your food for five minutes now so you can taste it again yeah all my nerves got burned away in that horrible day so like i’m going at this with bleach right so i got like the harshest cleaners i don’t care about the wood

Anymore like because the wood is already a lost cause if i don’t get at this so literally it’s just like i would mop as much as i could which was not as much as you think like before i could that water was not good anymore and i i spent the next probably like it was day when i started it was bedtime when i was done and so i spent a good four or five hours just

Cleaning this and i would go through it again and again because i worried that the smell would never go away and it still concerns me to this day that it got i got to the point where i was tolerable of it but like maybe i wouldn’t know if the smell was still there that that that was so much poop and she was such a small dog at the time but she pooped so much oh

She pooped big she poofed why don’t you try replicating it and see if you notice the smell again then you’ll know if you’re cured or not oh man i i don’t know it was weird because that was the mo the day that she stopped pooping inside and she understood the concept being smeared for hours and was like oh my god this is what i’ve done i mean what does that do to

A dog’s brain to see that you know you pooped if you’re a dog but then to see this horrible robot that you don’t understand what it is take your poop and put it everywhere it’s like oh god no yeah no i i can only imagine the progression because she probably looked and was like in my house now yeah and then the robot comes and starts then she’s like hey oh he’s

Spreading it around oh cool cool cool wait a minute wait he’s spreading he’s spreading it everywhere wait dad’s gonna come back yeah oh no like she gets to sit here terrified watching this happen for however long an hour or two hours whatever and you get home and she’s like hey i didn’t do it never again before that moment she’s watching this all happen and then

She noticed the roomba paws in the corner and she’s looking at it she gets a glint in her eye she crawls up behind it there’s a lightning strike behind her she’s back illuminated next thing you know the roomba is dead in the corner the story should be the day the roomba was murdered anyway so we have the front porch massacre and the shitty living room massacre

Yeah you’re right about that you’re right imagine like if you called a cleaning service like hey can you guys get someone out here to help me clean today they show up and open the door and there’s just everywhere yeah you know how in movies the cleaners always like we’ve always seen worse this is the worst thing that they’ve seen that they compare it to if they

Walked in the door they get home from that day they’re like it’s happened i officially encountered the worst home i’ve ever seen in my life it was everywhere it was nothing but in fact the house was pristine if it weren’t for the but there was so much and they quit their job that night let’s imagine you on the phone with that and you’re like no listen i don’t

Even know if you want to come like i’m trying to warn you and they’re like hey buddy we’ve seen it i’ve worked at udf i’ve worked at jimmy john’s i’ve cleaned those bathrooms nothing can be worse than that you have no idea i tried to warn you that they were wrong

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Pet Stories: The Robot Vacuum Part 2 – Distractible Animated By Sir Walter Underbridge