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Petcube Bites WiFi Pet Cam Remote Pet Treat Dispenser 1080p Video 2 Way Audio Night Vision

Petcube Bites

Hey guys digital david here today i’m super excited about this product i’m going to be unboxing for you this is the petcube bytes so it’s an interactive home wi-fi pet treat dispenser with the camera a two-way audio that sort of thing really sweet packaging and awesome device i’m so excited just sitting on the box – you can tell it holds two pounds of treats so this

Is a big-boy item and i’m really excited so you’ll have lots of fun throughout the day and you can just tell it’s going to be a great item that your pet will not destroy so that was one of my main concerns we’re just seeing it this is going to be perfect so that being said let’s take a look at it’s got a nice carrying case right here really cool packaging great

Graphics great media presentation so plenty finance with treats 1080p and night vision two-way audio to speak to your pets and they can hear you and then you can hear sorry with two-way you can hear what’s going on that and so basically two microphones so use your phone it has microphone there too yeah really cool here’s the side view with that handle it’s cloud

Recording options you name it they have it there’s the bottom there’s the back so really sweet also i believe there’s some free treats included with this which is great so we’ll see how pets like those as well basically just showing you maintenance on the side closed container lid detached treat container there’s a cleaning made simple so detached as you can wash it

It is dishwasher safe they said to or you can even watch it so that’s awesome so now let’s just go ahead and jump right in and open it up so looking at the box this way it’s going to show you basically the back of the device which is cool and then decide to show you the front night vision flat usbc cable easy mounting on a surface or wall which i think is awesome

You can mount it on a wall there’s the maintenance again here’s just the replacement options where should you place the device and then just some recommendations here to 10 or 30 days of video cloud recorded timeline history which is cool shows you what’s in the box so now we’ll go ahead and open it up oh before i forget go ahead check out the description below

And see the product links i’ve provided for this go ahead click on a let me know if you think go do some more research and if you’re gonna order please order through those links that would really help out my channel and petcube directly so we just appreciate you guys being here and watching this unboxing so go ahead and check out those links and now i did cut this

I guess i didn’t there we go somehow it’s stuck back here it is wow cool alright first thing out of the box a mounting guide perfect super handy some stickers to reset pin for the device it just shows you on the back it’s great your start guide if you can see this got do’s and dont’s product info installation treat recommendation that’s great shows you different

Sizes compatible with amazon – replenishment which is really cool if you have that option again just shows you what’s in the box that sort of thing always hold on to this and definitely look over this and now go on this side to go ahead 9 foot usb type a to usbc cable we have the us power plug option so you’re just your usb adapter with slides right in you can

Put your back out if you need to or switching to a different country and they give you your wall anchor kit which is great they give you a couple different anchors to four different types and then two really long screws so that’s great that’s everything you need and now let’s go ahead and pull this beauty out of the box so cool that’s it for the box get that out

Of the way here is the pet cube treat dispenser superduper exciting looks awesome let’s take that plastic opportunit the finish really cool really happy really like the black yeah just really awesome you can see where you can mount it on the wall right behind but here’s how it’s gonna be it’ll dispense the treats right out of there and your camera so you can watch

Really exciting stuff we’ll see if we can go ahead and get in there to get the treats out i guess i could’ve done two different ones pet proof hopefully it’s not a digital date improve – so it gives you wellness treats great so they’re gonna do some treats to start with so really excited for that really cool canister container right there now you can just pour the

Treats in and we’ll actually go ahead and look you can see where they will be dispensed through and now if i shift it back the side for the usb to plug in for the power there’s a spot you can access to through the bottom which is cool so really great design this rubber is nice really cool at the bottom see it pretty easy to get if you gotta clean this out just

Slides right back on like that pour your treat in plug it in and you will be good to go so i like this size this is perfect you have enough room there you’d be gone for a couple hours your dog just gets kind of free-range of your house while you’re gone and you want to send us some treats or even put some food in there shoot it out for it you’ll have plenty to do

So you want to be home in like ten minutes because you ran out of treats so this is great really an awesome device like i said before go ahead check out the in my video description below and i’ll definitely posting a follow-up video we will see this in action with my dog doug maybe my sister’s cat tigger and yeah i’ll try to fall up – it’s an app interfaces so we

Can see how that whole process works and what the user face is like and how user friendliness so this is an awesome device super pumped and excited for this really cool really excited gonna have the most spoiled pet on playing it and i’m okay with that so thank you guys so much for watching this video and i will see you in the next video you

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Petcube Bites WiFi Pet Cam 🐕 Remote Pet Treat Dispenser 🐕 1080p Video 2 Way Audio Night Vision By Digital David