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Philips Sonicare 4100 Series vs Oral-B Smart 1500

Jon explains the key differences between the Oral-B Smart 1500 and the Philips Sonicare 4100 Series.

Both the sonicare 4100 series and the oral-b smart 1500 are excellent power toothbrushes these are both the best overall choices from their respective brands but it is the smart 1500 that is my choice the 1500 takes the edge because of the cleaning technology visible pressure sensor and the long term value for money hey it’s john from electric teeth here let me

Talk you through all the key differences so you understand why i have come to this verdict the first and most significant difference between these models is the cleaning action the sonicare offers a sonic cleaning action which means the bristles move from side to side in a sweeping motion compare this to the oscillating rotating and pulsating action of the oral b

The bristles do move side to side but the circular shape of the brush head means the cleaning action is rounded oral b just about takes the edge according to the data both are proven in clinical trials to be effective and have the backing of leading dental professionals and organizations around the world however in truth the difference is very slight if you focus

More on ensuring you are brushing with the correct technique twice a day for two minutes each time you will likely gain the biggest benefit to your oral health than simply selecting between these two toothbrushes the brush heads supplied with the electric toothbrush are slightly different too the 1500 has a small round brush head whilst the sonicare has a slightly

Larger oval shaped head the small round brush head is generally a little easier to position in the mouth particularly for those who have smaller mouths with crowded teeth an oral b head tends to clean a single tooth surface at a time whereas the larger sonicare brush head tends to cover two to three teeth the 4100 comes with a c2 optimal plaque control brush head

Compared to the cross action brush head on the oral b smart 1500 both clean the teeth well but clearly noticeable is the fact many of the bristles on the cross action brush head are angled both brushes have a typical look to them they are similar in physical size but the 4100 is marginally slimmer it is two a bit lighter at one ounce less than the 1500. the 1500

Is available in four color options navy light rose jet white and black compared to the six different options sugar rose white black deep pink azure blue and dark forest of the 4100 the 1500 is slightly more grippy in hand thanks to the rubble panel on the front and the dimpled texture that runs the length of the back of the brush handle it is not the most grippy

But more so than the smooth touch plastic of the 4100 all things considered both are functional and look good but the sonicare strikes as the more premium option around the neck of the smart 1500s brush handle is a clear panel this is a 360 degree visible pressure sensor whilst the 4100 has a pressure sensor it is not visible like the 1500s well in truth the brush

Head replacement light on the handle does flash when the sensor is activated but it isn’t exactly comparable the 360 degree light ring will be lit red when the sensor is activated it is a bold visual warning that you are brushing too hard a feature which the 4100 has that the 1500 does not is that the handle is vibrated differently when the sensor is activated this

Is a nice touch and the pattern of the vibration is different from the standard vibration so you do notice it the 4100 series has one cleaning mode but it does have two brushing intensities the high and low settings use different amounts of power from the brush motor and give a different brushing experience when in use therefore the 4100 can be said to offer two

Brushing modes the smart 1500 does offer three different modes in total these are daily clean sensitive and whitening the power of the clean from the electric toothbrushes can be off-putting for new users particularly if they’re used to a manual brush this is where the easy start feature of the 4100 series really stands out over the first 14 brushing sessions the

Power of the brush is increased it starts off by offering a slightly more gentle experience before gradually increasing the power to the maximum available in use the sonicare is the much quieter brush to use the 4100 produces 60 decibels compared to the 75 of the 1500. at the end of a cleaning mode the sonic does too turn itself off automatically whereas the 1500

Continues to operate until you turn it off another difference is the brush sync technology that is built into the 4100 the handle tracks each individual head attached via an rfid chip in the head this subsequently alerts you via an led on the brush handle when it is time to replace the head both oral b and sonicare heads have bristles that fade in colour and act as

A reminder to replace them but the sonicare goes one stage further the 4100 brush head reminder system gives you the prompt to change just when you need it by tracking the number of brushing sessions brushing time and pressure applied essentially if you brush more frequently than most and do so for longer it will alert you to replace the head sooner than it might for

Most because your usage pattern is different both toothbrushes have rechargeable lithium ion batteries inside the handles with a claimed life of two weeks on a single charge the 1500 achieves around 20 days but the 4100 achieved only 17 days where the 4100 series perhaps takes the edge again is with the feedback you get from the handle about the remaining charge

Although both have an led to offer feedback the 4100 is more comprehensive the 1500 shows either green for a good charge level or red when the power is low the led on the 4100 on the other hand is lit green yellow or orange subject to the charge status the handle will vibrate too when the power is really low as another form of notification both brushes come

With a charging stand but the one supplied with the 4100 series supports 100 to 240 volts compared to the 110 to 130 volts of the oral b it is a small difference but if you travel frequently it can have an impact also affecting things is the power cable for the stand itself both have a power cable hardwired into the stand but the sonicare charger has a usb male

Type a connector compared to the 2-pin us power adapter on the oral-b charger the usb works well for charging from various power sources and can still be powered from a normal outlet you just need to source or supply your own adapter you don’t get one in the box and lastly the 4100 series has the lowest retail price at 49.96 compared to the 79.99 of the 1500.

Both models are often discounted with around 20 percent to be saved you should be able to purchase the 1 500 for around 65 and the 4100 for around 40 although the sonicare is quite a bit cheaper it actually works out more expensive over several years of ownership this is because of the cost of replacement brush heads a single oral b head costs approximately five

Dollars compared to ten dollars for sonicare the rfid chip built into the head is partly responsible for this premium based on one user over a three year period the smart 1500 cost 120 dollars compared to 150 of sonicare you need to pick the brush that is right for you but if money is a key consideration the oral b is the more affordable option do be aware things

Are subject to change i’ve done my best to ensure everything is correct at the time of recording linked in the description below is a full written comparison which explains some of the differences in a little more detail there are also links to buy either brush you

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Philips Sonicare 4100 Series vs Oral-B Smart 1500 By Electric Teeth