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Physio Neck Exercises Stretch & Relieve Routine

Physical Therapist neck exercises from with Physio Michelle who guides you through this 5 minute exercise routine to stretch your neck muscles and relieve neck and shoulder tension.

Hi i’m michelle and welcome to pelvic exercises. today i’m going to take you through some neck exercises to help you take tension out of your neck muscles relax your neck and shoulders. so these exercises should feel really comfortable they shouldn’t cause you any discomfort at all throughout the little series that we’re

About to start with. so first of all i’d like you to sit nice and tall where you are. you can be sitting to do these exercises. think tall, lift the crown of your head towards the ceiling, shoulders are back and down and relaxed and let’s start by just taking a deep breath in rolling the shoulders forward up and

Back and around and breathe out and down take the tension out of your shoulders. let’s go again breathe it in rolling forward and relax down just moving your shoulder girdle. and one more time breathing in and breathing out and take it down and relax. alright let’s just slowly take the chin down towards the chest just

Within the range of comfort. you should feel a little gentle stretch through the back of your neck and lift back up. and once more take the chin down towards your chest just gently and lift back up you can provide a little bit of overpressure just very gently by taking your elbows wide and taking your chin

Down. remember to stay sitting tall that will just increase the stretch very gently and lifting back up and lowering the arms down let’s now start to stretch into the sides of our neck. so i want you to sit nice and tall relax your shoulders down and just take one ear you’re not rotating forward you’re just taking

The ear directly down keeping the other shoulder down if you’re sitting in a chair you can hold on to underneath the base of the chair to stabilize that shoulder. and slowly back up and the other side just very gently taking the ear across the shoulder feeling the stretch down through the side of your neck staying nice and

Relaxed keep hold of underneath the chair on that side and lift up and you can repeat these again if you choose to. i’m just going to move through them fairly quickly we’re going to rotate now and nose around towards our opposite armpit again i’m holding underneath the chair nose around and down i can lift my hand

Up and just gently guide my nose down towards my armpit. the stretch is down through that side of your neck so i’ve got my left hand underneath the chair nose right now nose going down to my right armpit. and lifting up slowly taking the right hand underneath the chair left hand on top of the head just guiding my nose

Down gently towards my armpit and lifting up and taking it down. now we’re going to get a little bit fancy here, we’re going to stretch the muscles down through the back into the shoulder below to the back of the neck down to the shoulder blade this is a really nice little stretch if you tend to shrug high

It stretches out those muscles that lift the scapula or the shoulder blades. so again taking the arms back this time back behind the chair a little bit bring your right hand up just take guide your nose down towards your right knee your body holding on behind the chair and you should feel that stretch right down

Into your left shoulder blade should feel really quite comfortable and release. and you could repeat that again on that side if you choose to i’m going to move to the other side so right hand down behind my back holding on underneath the base of the chair left hand over the top guiding the nose down towards the

Knee so my left knee i’m feeling the stretch in the right side right shoulder blade and lifting back up slowly. and link all your fingers together push your shoulders forward reach your hands forward right in front take your chin down towards your chest. and if you can reach out behind reverse big stretch up behind and

Bring the arms down and if the head back up. breathe it in, lift the shoulders breathe out and let go of any tension. and again once breathe in and breathe out and let go of any tension. and to finish nice tall posture lifting up through the crown of your head shoulders are relaxed back and down. and i hope

You enjoyed that little neck routine look forward to exercising with you again soon, bye for now.

Transcribed from video
Physio Neck Exercises Stretch & Relieve Routine By Michelle Kenway