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Pool Floats For Adults & Kids: Aqua Zero Gravity Pool Chair & Aqua 4-in-1 Hammock Inflatable Float

Fun pool floaties to have in your swimming pool.

Hey guys welcome back to our channel so today we thought we’d do a review of the aqua four in one hammock and we also have the aqua zero gravity chair so these are some cool uh pool floaties that we got a couple days ago we have unboxed them and we’ve inflated them as you can see over here just wanted to give you our quick thoughts on you know what we what we felt

Was good what was maybe not so good on this so what did you think about the four in one floaty aqua i thought it was really cool because you can use it as like you can use it as a lounge as you can see in the picture and you can also use it as a spare and a drifter and an exercise saddle as you can see on the box was it fun to float on it was really fun because

You can use it for a lot of things yeah and just quick thoughts on you know durability the the four in one thing it’s a simple thing looks durable i’d say you know if you’re a little careful in cleaning and you know not pull at it too much it should be should be pretty sturdy um for the zero gravity chair and this is what it looks like um it has an adjustable uh

Mesh here so you can tighten it up it’s pretty quick to un uh do these little hooks just a quick thought on this these look a little flimsy so you may not want to obviously put too much of stress on it when you’re out of the water in the water you know a lot of the weight is taken by the side so this should be pretty good in my view in terms of you know sturdiness

In terms of comfort and relaxability you know i really like this we did try it out a couple days ago in the pool um today is a little cool for us to be in which is why we are doing the review outside um so overall you know this is a nice relaxing chair uh both of them as you can see are partly submerged so if you’re sitting in it and using it in the pool you’re

Not going to be completely out of the water and dry so this is these are floaties where you know as i said you’re partly submerged we sort of prefer that keeps us a little wet as well as we are lounging and floating around the pool but definitely if you wanted something a floater that kept you fully dry outside of the pool you know neither one of these would be

The thing any last thoughts no but these are really fun yeah we liked it you want to throw it in and see how it floats yeah so that’s the lounger and this is the uh okay boom they both float they both float really well yeah yeah overall pretty pretty good products we would recommend them hey guys so today we would do a review of the pool floaties and i’m gonna

Try this one out as well as that chair over there so so we can use this as a hammock or a chair or anything but i’m gonna try using it as a hammock so this is pretty good it’s really fun and it lets you float it’s pretty good so i would probably give that like um an eight out of ten because it’s a bit hard to get onto but other than that it’s pretty good now

For this chair it’s like a full floatie if you don’t want to go fully into the water so but other than that it’s really good so i really hope this was useful to you and i hope you enjoy bye

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Pool Floats For Adults & Kids: Aqua Zero Gravity Pool Chair & Aqua 4-in-1 Hammock Inflatable Float By Master Influencer Magazine