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When Popular and Losers meet each other in gym

All right through the legs around the arms and shoulders okay stretch legs and arms now i’m ready to cheer gotta make sure my footwork is perfect footwork is how you win or lose a game go team ow what happened oh i see how it is she was trying to hog all the space so she hit me what an underhanded move also i don’t feel very cheered up you don’t stand a

Chance against cheer squad jake yeah that’s totally what happened how dare she i’ll show her wait what’s he doing to my pom-pom this is what you get for your backstabbing attack no way you’re the one who crashed into me we cannot have this mess that is enough there is only one way to settle this a challenge has been issued fine i’ll show you jake ready good

First up the soda uh are we just supposed to watch him drink i guess you will need this much soda in your bottle put it on the ground and get ready kick it back into your hands that is the challenge what that was so cool yes i knew it was now it’s your turn no problem i’ve got this i mean i’ve got this too just gotta open the bottle too bad opening the

Bottle isn’t the challenge am i right gotta drink quickly if i’m gonna beat jake what the heck he’s drinking so fast no no i gotta catch up done the perfect amount time for the kick it’s up and i caught it it was easy actually watch this that’s right dab i win oh that’s enough soda my turn just gotta kick it with my heel get up in the air you dumb bottle

Oh no it’s coming right for my face oh that had to hurt madison shut up jake it’s fine it’s time for scoring anyway i mean it doesn’t look fine winner of the first challenge jake yeah i won boy looks like a sweet victory to me it is time for the next challenge now for the demonstration once you are in this position put your hands behind your back then return

To a standing position now it is your turn okay that’s a lot of steps first the hands were in front then i’m back got it wait what’s madison doing focus on the challenge at hand fine it’s gonna be super easy though hands in front and down to the ground hands behind stand back up done like i said easy that’s nothing i can do too okay time to get to the ground

Oh i tipped over why can’t i get up bye jake enjoy your floor crawl winner of this challenge madison third challenge we’ll need a can of soda and a straw place it on the ground like so now it is time to do the splits you must drink from the can okay okay this one has fewer steps i can do this hey jake look what i have my ball fetch that’s a good boy all right

Time to shine yes this is excellent cheer go team madison uh what’s going on oh that’s how it is well i’ve got my own tricks this will definitely help me win i’m ready to do this just gotta keep stretching now to drink the soda i did it check this out sorry medicine looks like another failure for you boom handstand soda drink now for one hand excellent jank

What you know what no big deal i can do it just gotta get down low come here you dumb straw looks like you’re having some trouble over there madison i’m so close girls i can’t do it i just can’t reach madison we cheered for you and everything we’re out of here what the heck those traitors abandoned me boom another win for jake madison that effort was not

Good enough ugh it’s not fair jake has won challenge number three thanks to my secret weapon of course that’s right say my name four we return to the bottle we will be using just the cap place it on your arm like so then rotate your arm um how did it not fall off wait i think i know with the right map it will all make sense can’t forget to check the length of

The fingers but i’m not that good at math okay i think i’ve got it this is the spot i need to put the cap okay madison check this out boom rotate oh wait you’re so dumb jake you’re worse at math than me still have to figure out how to win this challenge though just gotta try it and hope for the best what how did she do that it worked i did it young love wait

Ew get away from me jake winner madison yes i did it i’m catching up final challenge winner takes all stretch down like so put your hands up and spin twice like so bend down and touch your toes like so what how was he able to suddenly reach his toes stretching challenge issue this will be easy hey jake watch this how is she even doing that your turn

Jake i mean i can totally do that too how am i gonna do that all right madison prepare to be surprised okay just gotta stretch down one second time for the second part two spins and time for the second stretch phew got down to my ankles the second time jake that was pathetic out of the way it’s my turn whoa where’s she getting such power oh looks like you lost

Control due to tornadic elimination this challenge winner is jake wait i’m back you are too late zero points what i lost yes jake wins the whole contest i’m unstoppable let us know in the comments how you do with these challenges and don’t forget to share this video with your friends and subscribe to 123go school’s youtube page for more great videos like this one you

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