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Pro hairdresser tries the NEW Revlon Hair Dryer Plus

Hi Beautiful! Revlon released a NEW one step blowdryer and volumizer and I’m here to put it to the ultimate test. Let’s see if I recommend it for you or not.

Hi beautiful revlon just released a brand new version of their one step hair dryer and volumizer and i’m excited about it because if you saw my last video about this product the older version of it you would know that i am a fan of it is it the all-time greatest best thing in the entire world no is it very affordable and does the job pretty well hell yeah here she

Is i have her in the studio with me this is the one step volumizer plus apparently means it’s better than the last one i don’t know we’ll find out i will be testing her today on different hair textures as well as just going through everything on if you should buy it or not and what is good about it what is bad about it and just really everything you know how this

Goes and then also later i’ll be comparing it to its older stepsister the one that doesn’t have the plus at the end and seeing which one is better so let’s do it i have to say my first impression is this bow is so cute now let me rip it off okay thank you um so here we are it says 75 shinier salon blowouts in up to half the time i don’t know what that means or

How you measure that but um there’s an asterisk on it says compared versus drying and styling separately based on lab testing that actually makes a lot of sense because it just takes half the time if you’re not using like a curling iron and a blow dryer i guess that’s what they’re saying fifty percent less heat damage comparing two there’s stars next to it based on

Lab testing does that mean what are we testing okay moving on i was actually just gonna open the box but i’ll show you okay great i’m gonna open it now i feel like some people like the opening process so i wanted to show you so here it is it is obviously much smaller than the previous version it feels nicer i like things that are smaller for hair i just feel like

You get a better grip on the head you can get that root better and like i can actually wrap my hand around this i don’t know if the other one’s like actually larger but it feels good and i like the fact that you can take this head off and like pack it away like this i like the color scheme i like the matte handle so my hand doesn’t slip oh we also now have cool low

Medium and high i believe the only the other one only had like three options so i guess they just added another option okay the website also claims to give you 75 shinier blowouts in one step i love a good claim and if you don’t know about claims you actually have to have a study done um where people basically blind test your product or your appliance and then the

Study comes back and these are the results 75 is not the highest percentage but it’s not bad either but it’s good it’s fine i don’t know what they’re comparing it to i didn’t see an asterisk on that one but 75 shinier so we’re gonna let’s take that how it is it also claims to have 50 less heat exposure i don’t know what they’re comparing these things to because

Even when it says what they’re comparing it to it still doesn’t make sense so take that how it is i guess that’s good i mean 50 less than anything i guess is good not really though because they could be literally putting a torch on the hair and being like it’s 50 better than putting a torch in your hair like okay thanks revlon we have these plastic bristles on here

I believe from my research this part is titanium which is a new feature so titanium is great for the hair and smooths out the hair amazingly oh this is actually a lot thinner this is 1.4 inches in diameter i also always love this little hole here it’s just satisfying for your finger and while you’re blow drying like i don’t know i like a lot and a little filter

On the bottom a cord oh you know what i actually don’t like about revlon products this is not long enough i mean i guess it is if you’re just blow drying your hair in your bathroom or something but like it’s my arm span give me more cord please like let’s not be stingy also this swivels which is great i love a good swivel because i hate when cords get wrapped up

I don’t like it and i don’t want it so you guys came to see me try this out i’m sure so let’s try it i have two clients here today are they here they’re here send them in they’re here so i’m gonna invite them in and get them prepped and we’re gonna do a little hair we have miss manny quinn one with our straight hair you guys haven’t seen her before she’s looking

Fabulous and then we have our more frizzy wavy coily hair we will be testing this instrument on both of these women and seeing how they perform when we try it on this girl over here we’re gonna be able to see if it gives you a lot of bounce at the root if it gives you a lot of bevel at the ends and just seeing if it gives you all-around volume this girl over here

We’re gonna see if it smooths her hair out and just how smooth it makes it and how shiny it becomes i’m gonna do half their head so you can see the comparison on the other sides and let’s do it what i would do with hair of this texture i would probably put it on medium she does not need high heat we’re gonna see if we can use a lower temperature and still get great

Results just let you guys know i just tried low medium high they all feel relatively the same i’m not gonna lie um hot is piping hot let’s definitely only use that for like coily hair um and really stubborn frizzy hair so i’m just gonna dab in our hair really quick before i start please use a clip and section your hair when you’re blow drying it makes things so

Much easier okay first impression it’s good like i like it i like that it’s really giving me a lot of bounce so far i feel like i was able to get a really good grip on the hair and really like turn this thing into the scalp to get really nice body on the hair so let’s keep going i should also mention that i’m spraying force field in and that is the only product

That i’m using on her hair i don’t want to affect the results but i also want to protect her hair and this protects your hair up to 500 degrees fahrenheit as well as speeds up the drying process by a lot so let’s spray that in it only takes a couple squirts a little goes a long way with that stuff and let’s finish this off well i finished her blow dry and as you

Can see i haven’t really touched it yet but we are already getting beautiful movement in our hair now let me just run my hands through and break it up a little bit and oh my god i’m gonna be honest my guilty pleasure on tiktok is watching people with like really long wavy hair blow out their hair with these revlon blow dryer things her hair looks great i think we

Can both tell it looks phenomenal i put very little effort into this and it looks amazing um this is why i’m a fan of these blow dryer rushes just makes things so much easier look at that like twist we have on the hair that body that movement that shape that is because this is a perfect size for a hair that is this length or shorter or honestly longer if you want

Like a lot of curl in your hair i think it worked really well i think it definitely got hot it definitely burned my hands a little bit is it the safest for your hair i don’t think so is it nice though yeah my next client is here though and we’re gonna try it on the wavy hair hello miss manny quinn let’s try it on you shall we so we’re going to do the same exact

Process i’m just going to wet her hair down on this one side and we’re going to see how easy it is to blow out this wavy furby hair and with this hair i’m gonna make sure i take smaller sections than before and we’re spraying our force field on there of course and let’s bring our first bin i’m gonna use it on high heat today now normally i would put a lot of

Products in hair like this because wavy and curly hair tend to really soak up that moisture and we need a lot of it in this hair texture today we’re not using any so i can really show you guys what happens when you use just the blow dryer alone and it’s not affected by anything else and that’s it i am finished and let me tell you that was really easy obviously

Her hair looks a little crazy because she has so much volume but it is a volumizing brush that is what it’s made for does our hair feel great no but did it feel great to start no is there really any product in it besides the heat protectant no i am not really like judging it based on that but it’s quite shiny and it’s definitely um straight it didn’t take much work

So in my book that was a success i mean look where we came from and look where we ended up i’m impressed and thank you for being here today now before we compare her to her her older stepsister let’s talk about my findings with the new one i dig it this isn’t gonna be the best thing for your hair but it’s definitely going to work definitely want to make sure using

The right products a heat protectant oil a leave-in conditioner a cream all of it and any of it just put it in your hair i do not want to see you frying your hair off with this thing it’s definitely intense but i do enjoy it i think it did a great job of smoothing it was very fast and efficient love the bristles they give you a good amount of grip and i really

Enjoy it as well as the heat settings i didn’t see much of a difference with them but at least they’re there i don’t know i don’t really have much to say about that part but i do think it is a great tool and at target this costs 69.99 a decent price i wouldn’t say it’s like phenomenal but i wouldn’t say it’s bad either it’s pretty much just like a good price so 70

And you get a blow dryer and a brush all in one and it honestly does make your life a lot easier so i would say this is worth it and i do like the plus version of the volumizer blow dryer thing the name is complicated okay listen now the moment you’ve all been waiting for i don’t know if anybody cares but we are going to compare it to the old version except at

The same time on amazon it kind of lists this as like just a different size as well as like sort of a different version also the whole marketing is confusing this one’s a lot smaller and this one’s a lot bigger and this one’s also a lot taller they’re kind of very similar feeling obviously you’re gonna get more straightening benefits with this one and more curling

With this one because this one is smaller and this one’s larger you get it and it has more of that flat surface whereas this one has more just a little bit of a flat surface and then it is an oval this claims to have a 40 longer lasting battery it’s not cordless they mean battery by like the length it lives on for i don’t know they’re not making sense on revlon’s

Website which i couldn’t even find the old one has built-in genuine ion generator which is new for them it’s so confusing this one said genuine ion and this one just said ion who the hell knows the difference because i don’t also on target this one is 55 and again this one is 69.99 so you’re saving like 15 if you buy the old one versus the new one and the biggest

Difference that i could find are two things the heat settings which honestly now that i think about it is not that big of a difference because they both get hot and they both just feel really hot but the other biggest difference is that this one is ceramic which is a cheaper material than titanium which this one is uh titanium is really great for smoothing out hair

And giving you that beautiful shine and ceramic is more of an affordable material and doesn’t give you as much shine i prefer titanium plates over ceramic any day so that is a huge plus so now that we already have one side of these girls heads blow dry with this baby let’s try it with this one and see if i find any difference okay on to the wavy hair i have to

Say so far my findings have been very interesting and i’m excited to share with you okay i have completed the task i have blow dried the other side of the head with the original volumizer blow dryer this is the side that i just blow dried and this is the other blow dryer the newer one they look exactly the same i liked the old one better for this purpose i

Think it was much easier to blow dry the longer hair with the larger brush it took like half the time and all around it felt very very very similar if not the exact same as the other plus version of this but they actually do on amazon it actually says if you have longer hair use this one so i agree with that i think the original is great for longer hair i think

Having the larger brush is just so beneficial and now we have our coily hair as you can see there’s not much of a difference going on here but when i was blow drying i felt like i could get a better grip on the hair with the smaller brush with hair like this i probably would have used a smaller brush like i wouldn’t use a gigantic 4.2 inch round brush to do hair

Like this so i definitely like this smaller one better and i feel like it just smoothed your hair out a little bit better they’re both very comparable though and i don’t know if i would be like gravitating heavily towards one or the other it was a very similar process overall would i recommend you buy the new one step hair gyro and volumizer or the old one for 15

Less and it’s a little bit bigger honestly i think they’re both good i think for this price range this is a good product is it the most amazing astonishing state-of-the-art piece of hair care technology no i would love to compare one of these to the dyson air wrap as well so i definitely think the airwrap will probably outperform these but for the price range if

You’re balling on a budget these definitely do the trick and you can honestly go with either one i’m not seeing a huge difference or a huge benefit to either they’re both very hot do pretty much the same thing one smaller than the other and one’s a little more expensive i would probably go with this one the smaller one just because i like newer technology and i

Feel like i get more grip on the hair i like more body and weight my blowouts and i like titanium plates so that is my choice it would be the new one the old one is just fine girl that was a lot of work i’m sweating i hope i could help you make a decision between the two or if you should just even buy the new one or not it was fun it was legit i’m ready to um take

A shower cause i’m sweating if you guys would like to check out my haircare line or my hair color line please do so we just dropped a new product called super gloss which is an intensive at home glossing product it will literally bring your hair from dull to shiny as in 20 minutes oh and much healthier it’s incredible check it out there’s more information below

Um you can also head to to check out all the other products we have here are all my social media handles this is mine and this is xmondo’s check it out for heron’s bow and just cool stuff about my life that’s all for today guys thank you so much for watching don’t forget to live your extra life and i’ll see you next time bye you

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Pro hairdresser tries the NEW Revlon Hair Dryer Plus By Brad Mondo