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Products I Use For My Fine, Blonde Hair

Quai Detox Shampoo

Hello everyone and welcome to today’s video so a lot of you have asked about hair care video so that is what i’m gonna do for you today i’ve had my little walk this morning i’ve been up out and early gone to girls got myself a little flat white i love going for walks early in the morning knowing it’s quiet no one’s on the road no one’s gone to school yet just

Took calm before the storm you know so that’s been lovely and i don’t normally have a coffee first thing in the morning so that was weird but it was quite good i quite enjoyed it so yeah right let’s get into it hair what i use on my hair now i haven’t cut my hair for six months i kind of regretted cutting it so short i’m never cutting it that short again i’m now

I’ve i’ve learned i’m like okay right no i just don’t like the way it looks so i like it kind of um mid-length um i’m going to get my hair highlighted again and just trimmed so what i use once a week i use a detox shampoo and i love the way this is great if like me you are a user of dry shampoo so you know like i’ve got dry shampoo in today it just helps to

Really clean the hair up this smells of apple cider it’s got apple cider in it it really refreshes the hair and actually if you’ve got blonde hair it really brightens that blonde up again because it gets rid of all the dulling um darling properties that’s in there so what i will do is i’ll wash with this then wash with my shampoo or i will do a double wash with

This and a really hydrating conditioner it just depends how i’m feeling on my hair but i really recommend getting a clarifying shampoo now i have been using this is nearly finished i’ve got it upside down this is the redken extreme shampooing now i mentioned this in a previous video i think it’s a little bit too heavy for my hair i think the person recommend it

To me actually has very thick hair and that’s why i’ve been feeling like i keep needing to wash my hair like every other day which normally i don’t have to do and the reason why i think it’s so thick is because i got a sample of the way fine hair shampoo and conditioner and wow i’m like this is this is really good and in particular the conditioner because i was

Like you know with a fine hair conditioner i’m like what’s what’s that going to do but the difference when i was rinsing it out my hair felt softer than using an actual mask it was more manageable it was light it was fluffy my hair had bounce volume it didn’t look flat straight away it just looked how i wanted it to look so i’m definitely going to be repurchasing

Or purchasing the full size of this in place of the redken because i think that’s just weighing down my hair i’ve got very fine hair and i normally think that fine hair shampoos don’t do much but this does wonderfully and it’s great for color treated hair leaves my hair so soft and the smell of it is lovely so i am definitely going to get full size for this this

Is what i say i always love getting samples because that is a way for you to try something to see if you like it and nine times out of ten i always repurchase from the samples now um i’ve got another shampoo purple shampoo here this is the orbee um bright blonde shampoo so for example i might wash my hair with this and then second wash with this oh i’ll wash my

Hair with this and second wash with this it depends so if i wash my hair twice a week i’ll be using this once a week depending on you know if my hair is really brassy which is like now when the roots are coming out this is lovely it brightens blonde it doesn’t dull it because some purple shampoos just dull blonde hair and make it dark this doesn’t this brightens

It and whitens it which is what i want so i really like this and this has lasted me a long time this tiny little bottle the conditioner i’ve just picked up is um tony and guy purple conditioner now i remember years ago when i had really blonde hair i’m only talking years and years like 20 plus years there was a tony and guy purple shampoo and it was in a bottle

Like this and it was clear and it was the best purple shampoo i ever used whenever i use that my hair would be like white platinum blonde it’s a bit like that milkshake purple shampoo if you leave it in too long i’ve got a video my hair looks white i love a purple shampoo like that makes the hair white this is a gorgeous conditioner i want to pick up the shampoo

But it’s i can never find it’s out of stock on the shelf so next time i see it i will pick it up because for um for budget friendly this is great it smells great it works beautifully when i’m using a purple shampoo i like to pair it with a purple conditioner as well just to really boost the color really get rid of the brassiness um it conditions very nicely as

Well so i really really like this for like a drugstore very very good now for deep conditioning i’ve got the redken extreme strength builder plus mask and again if i’m using the detox or i feel like my hair is particularly dry and tangly i’ll use this once a week i really like this do you know what this smells of i don’t know if you’re like me but you can pick out

Smells from memories do you remember 90s like 80 i mean 80s chart but it was hawaiian skipper not hawaiian barbie but she was called no was she a wine barbie or her wine skipper i think she was hawaiian barbie anyway those of you who remember hawaiian barbie she had a particular smell i she had a smell right now this if i can open it every time i smell this

I think of hawaiian barbie she came with a little grass skirt and she like blonde crimped hair i think and she had like little bottles of sun cream and her her face laughs smell this she smelled of this this is what she smells of now every time i use this i think of that barbie it’s unreal but anyway that’s what i really like i really enjoy this because i love

The smell of it it’s just a really it’s really weird it takes you back to that that smell it’s you know anyway it’s a very good conditioner so if you’ve got fine hair i would leave out this redken shampoo and just go for this because this is a really good um deep condition of build it strengthens the hair you leave it in for five minutes and it just um repairs

Breakages it’s gotta it strengthens it with the protein ph balance so i think that’s really good so i think i can kind of get away with using just a fine shampoo and then adding in you know your um extreme builders extrude your condition right the other thing i’ve got is this it’s the olaplex hair perfector number three now this is a bit like um philip kingsley

Elasticizer so you put it in your hair it’s a pre-wash treatment which i am not a fan of at all because i can’t be bothered you’ve got to wet your hair and put it in and it’s just a palava but i typically use this when i’ve just got my hair done so i took my hair’s been just bleached so i’ll use that a couple of weeks after my hair’s just been bleached just to

Really build the strength back in um so i think if you’ve got fine hair like me that lacks volume i think you’re better off getting a volumizing shampoo and conditioner but looking for more hydrating treatments um as opposed to using it all together and shampoos and stuff like that because it just weighs it down another shampoo i love is the kerastase bain de

Falls that’s another one that i love builds the protein back in hair and i was undecided whether to get that or these but i just read up that this is fine for um colored hair and um my hair doesn’t feel dry afterwards it’s really good as styling goes once i’ve washed my hair and towel dried i will put in some sort of detangler protective spray because my hair

Is very tangly i need to blow dry it because i need the volume in my roots if i don’t blow dry my hair it’s just going to be flat and it’ll be greasy the next day blow drying the roots gives my hair that longevity that i don’t have to keep washing it now here’s what i do for lengths and ends i use the lvive this is the 10 in one bleach rescue leave-in spray this

Is really good it’s a bit like it’s a 10. um it reinforces uh hair reinforcement anti-split ends increase fiber diameter surface damage shine hydration heat protection that’s another good thing it covers all of the bases which is what i love so i towel dry my hair i’ll spritz this all in brush it through and before i blow dry my hair i then have to add a bit of

Volumizing in so this is my protection my detangler a bit of hydration on the ends and then i need roots now i have yet to find a good root um spray i’m on the market for one i’m currently using up the paul mitchell extra body um extra boost daily boost root lifter um i’ve had this for years and i’m finishing up and i don’t particularly like it because i don’t

Like the smell of it i don’t know if it even does anything but i just use it and i i use it in my roots only because i don’t want puff i want rootage i want lift at the root i want volume so if you can recommend a really nice lightweight volumizing root lifting spray i can’t use mousses and stuff like that i just i it always gets stuck in one’s place and i end

Up with a crunchy piece um so i like a spray and i’ve used some l’oreal ones in the past which i quite like so i might revisit that but um i’m on the hunt for a new one but that’s what i’ll do i’ll put this in my roots and then i will blow dry my hair and i’ll just blow dry my hair upside down nothing too crazy you know i might um use a round brush to just get the

Ends in but most important i just like it kind of you know root lifted so i’ll use that then on the ends of my hair once my hair is dry especially because it’s blonde you kind of lose a bit of the shine and i want a little bit of um shine and moisture on the ends so i really love a hair oil and i’ve got this monoi coconut oil nourishing shine hair oil i got this in

A sample ages go shush um i’ve got this in a box ages ago um and it’s from hask i don’t know what that is and i just put the tiniest amount in the ends of my hair and it just gives that shine it puts that shine back in here so i highly recommend it hair oil for anyone there’s all different you know levels of hair oil and the smallest amount just to keep the flyaways

And keep it stop it looking a bit scraggly and puffy i really really like to put this on the ends then for during the week like i said i love a dry shampoo my favorite is the living proof dry shampoo again this just it smells gorgeous it makes hair clean looks clean when my hair is blonde it makes it blonder um and it just you know gives my hair longevity i don’t

Have to wash my hair every five seconds it just gives it a bit of texture and grit it it feels clean it’s really really nice and it’s perfect when you want to do updos hairdos half up half down buns because it gives fine hair that texture that thickness and i love it i typically only use this like once and then that next i’ll wash my hair i won’t use it several days

In a row i’ll it’s when my hair is like at its point and like oh i can’t really bother to wash it today or i’ve got something to do the other day and i want my hair fresh then so or i want to do a particular style and i then i use this love it it’s the best it is the best expensive but it’s so so so good so there we have it that is my hair care routine i think

It’s pretty basic pretty simple um i do keep it simple when it comes to hair um and i like to use what works when something works i stick with it when it doesn’t i change it so if you have got blonde hair like me you need to have a purple shampoo because your hair just the blonde just gets dull after a while and you lose that bright tone so i highly recommend

Doing that and spacing out your hair treatment so i try to really pull my hair treatments out you know they say you have to go every eight weeks i’ll pull it to 12 weeks so i get like a blend i don’t get like a whole sort of um up to the root uh highlights i get a blend so it’s kind of like a root smudge so it looks a lot more natural when it when it grows out

You don’t get such a harsh root this is six months and only now have i got a harsh root so it has grown out really well so if you’re not somebody that wants to maintain you know that blonde hair that’s going to show in a couple of weeks ask for a root stretch and get a toner so i get a root stretch and i get a toner so it really blends in well you still get that

Bright blonde but it lasts a lot longer it grows out nicer it looks nicer as it wears on if i get full on block blonde it just doesn’t look great um so you’ll see that in my videos the first time around then the second time around i’m much happier with my hair color because of the tone so yes also getting your hair trimmed regularly um i do that every other time

So i get my hair done and then i’ll cut it and then the next time i get my hair done i won’t cut it but then the next time i will so i could do it often on like that um so yes there we are i hope that was really helpful for you i hope you found that informative you know i know um oh i’ve got bits falling out here i know a lot of you asked for this video and

It’s great because it gave me a nice idea so let me know if you’ve used any of the views and you recommend i’m always happy for recommendation and i shall see you in my next video bye

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