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Purrfect Packs October 2018

Finn unboxes his first Purrfect Packs subscription box. See the cat toys and cat treats inside the October 2018 cat box. Please like and subscribe!

Hello today finn is unboxing his news subscription box from perfect packs so perfect pax is a subscription box for cats you can get a 1 3 6 or 12 month subscription i think with the 12 month subscription the boxes are $27 a month if you just order one it’s $36 a month finn is obviously interested already i guarantee there’s some catnip in here so let’s see what

We find you ready finn all right let’s see what we have in stock in the box the first thing i see our kitty cravings crunchy cat treats with real tuna finn loves crunchy food his favorite thing in the world is kibble so i know he’s gonna enjoy these he’s already found a toy next thing our whisker lickin’s buy purina salmon flavor salmon flavor soft and delicious

Treats fishies and hearts finn has had these before he does like them this is what we use when he escapes from the house and we’re trying to lure him back in so i know that’s a hit what did you find finn what did you find can i see can i piggy get away eeks and the rest of it is in another language i’m not sure what it says but is a catnip toy it’s like a kind of

Freaky looking a little mouse here and it is already soaking wet because he’s already eating it you like that finn oh here we have a giant compressed catnip ball to chase around so finn’s gonna love playing with us on the hard kitchen floor because he can bat it all all over the place with his pots still in love with that mouse next we have zoom around the rum try

To get that to focus 100% organic catnap so that would be great with right over here we have his scratch pad so he loves it when we add a little fresh catnip to that it gets him all excited about it over again oh it’s a clip on one toy it has this little uh jingling ball with feet on it and says it’s a doorknob teaser so you can clip that to your door there’s a

Little picture of how it works you can clip that to the door for the cat too bad at i know he’s gonna like that one as well so lots of stuff in this box lots of different products we have the catnip we have two kinds of treat we have the catnip ball the doorknob toy and the ever-popular catnip mouse looks like he’s ready to try out some of these other ones so hold

Tight and i’ll be back these are the kitty cravings crunchy treats what do you say finn i’m a kitty cat approved where are they can you find oh you still have a piece i’m pretty sure these are kitty cat approved so there’s just a few more things i want to say about the perfect fact before i go one was that the doorknob toy was not a hint hit for her finn he’s a

Little bit of a chicken in the doorknob toy was very loud and he seemed more terrified of it than anything else the other thing i want to tell you was that shortly after eating those crunchy tuna treats finn threw up now he does sometimes eat you fast and throw up because of that so i can’t guarantee it was from the treats but it will make me more nervous to try

Them again with him in the future all right finn doesn’t want to be part of this video anymore say goodbye to your fans good thanks for watching see you next time on finn’s fied

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Purrfect Packs October 2018 By Finn’s Finds for Cats