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QUAL ALEXA COMPRAR? Echo Dot, Novo Echo, Echo Studio ou Echo Show?

A Alexa é a assistente virtual da Amazon e se tornou a queridinha dos brasileiros. Uma maneira de interagir com ela é através dos dispositivos echo. Acontece que muitas pessoas têm dúvidas em qual comprar: Echo Dot, Novo Echo, Echo Studio ou Echo Show? Quanto custa a “Alexa”? Aproveitando a promoção do Prime Day 2021, eu trouxe esse vídeo para esclarecer de uma vez por todas a diferença entre eles e ajudar a escolher o modelo ideal para você.

Hi alex, the time to record you are a great friend is a photo that alexia da água just became a virtual assistant darling of brazilians and then you liked the idea, you went there and searched for alexia’s sound box and you came across a lot of devices eco e for example, here on my table are three devices eco ecodot third generation ecodot fourth generation is cochou 5

And there’s also here the fire tv stick light which also has built-in alexa there are still other devices but relax that you are in the right video because you will understand what is the best option for you which one you should buy and more if you are watching this video on the days it was published you will be able to buy an echo device with a very good price because

The best is happening promotion and let’s go i’m going to tell you about it so before i explain the difference between all the devices i need to tell you about amazon prime day the best day for you to buy on amazon is like a black friday from amazon with very nice discounts it is the second time that it happens here in brazil last year was a success i myself bought a lot

Of electronic devices even tools there are more than two million promotions during the two days of the campaign that will take place on the 21st and 22nd of june that is if you are watching this video on the date it was published monday and tuesday and yes there are discounts in all categories i will be following this so all those i check that they are really worth it i

Will send it to my offer groups on telegram and facebook if you are not part of the links will be there in the description access there and then one of the days i will also do a live here on the channel so stay on if you are not subscribed , sign up there activate the notification bell to find out about everything first hand the event starts tomorrow but amazon has already

Advanced the discounts of the d devices is so this is your chance to pay very cheaply without a doubt it’s the best day for you to buy a device with alex so if i were you i wouldn’t waste time because there’s a risk of running out of stock last year even the cheapest ecodot quickly liked it after you were able to order it but it took too long to arrive the only requirement

For you to participate in these offers is that you have to be a prime member you have access to a series of benefits for only nine and ninety a month or 89 a year that is at about seven reais, 42 cents a month, you will have exclusive offers, you will have free shipping on several products on the site. prime music series 12 million songs if you still have access to prime

Red with hundreds of e-books and magazines, you can access them on your smartphone pc or even on kindle and to finish this series of benefits you also have the prime game you have the possibility to download games and redeem items in the games a lot of mass it’s worth it too much i’ve been a prime member for almost two years and then you register 30 days free participate

In prime day if you don’t want to continue you can cancel anytime you want so just to finish this part of notices all the links will be here in the description well separated well organized watch the video then check the links further description and buying through them you help a lot channel phew let’s go so first i’m going to talk about everyone who doesn’t have a screen

I’ll leave the ones with a screen for the end ok how to start so with more basics the entry day which is the ecodot third generation was my first acquisition and it was the gateway for me to buy the others as well as tom the chevrolet that you can activate alexa ask her to play music control your smart home devices sensors lamps sockets alarm weather forecast making calls

Between devices is and so on it has a speaker 4 microphones as well as a basic bluetooth box all of them you will be able to connect via bluetooth and play whatever you want there on your smartphone, you can also connect a speaker here because it has a connection for a 3.5 mm audio cable, the famous p2 and today it costs 199 reais. interest but remember it could be that

You are watching this video later and the values ​​have already changed next is the fourth generation ecodot that is also here now we have a spherical shape and also a speaker and it is directed towards the front the ring of light now sits underneath it has a little better sound than the third ecodot and has all the alexa related functions i already talked about from

The ecodot three s and a function that is also not cool, the alarm is ringing you place your hand on the top and then you put the alarm in snooze mode it will also have a connection for an audio cable right now in this promotion it is costing 249 reais we also have it its version with a clock that will basically change is the clock you will be able to see the clock there

And also see alarms and timers and the version with the clock you will pay without extra reais, it’s r$ 349 the next one is the new wednesday echo generation also the spherical shape but bigger now we are going to have three speakers we are going to have a better sound it also works as a misimi hum for you to control smart home devices that use the zigbee protocol and the

Cool thing is that it has a temperature sensor and so you can trigger routines through the temperature there at the moment if there are so many degrees it will trigger the air conditioning for example it is the function that it adapts to the environment and it gives you the best sound quality it is also possible to pair it with a fire tv stick at the moment it is on the

Promotion of 549 reais there we arrived it is not with a studio that has the best sound quality it has 5 speakers they are strategically positioned right it has strong bass you can connect it through an optical cable to your tv it has the be a we have several with fire tv stick it also has that function of adapting your mind to deliver the best audio quality and also has

An integrated zig hub at the moment it is costing 1399 reais well then we arrived at devices with a screen let’s start and how is the show 5 i even have a speaker here at the table sound quality is very reminiscent of the ecodot third generation this disc that what is the advantage you will interact with alexa normally as you would with other devices but you will have an

Extra interaction there with some things on the screen which makes this experience even more pleasant it is possible for example watching netflix prime video you can have a return from your smart camera as you can see in the video it is possible to make a video call it also has a drop function which is basically an instant call without needing the another person accepts

It and yes it is very cool this function you make a call when the camera is not closed, you can see instantly what is happening in the field of view of his camera which has 1 megapixels and has a 720p hd quality is cool here you can also activate your smart home device you have an extra interaction it’s like a tablet zinho i even made a video of this guy’s boxing here

On the channel i’ll leave the videos in the description there’s also a wine very complete of the fourth generation ecodot then you check everything at the moment it is costing 399 reais just to finish its small screen is five points taxis have arrived marked show 8 which has an 8 inch screen here we are going to have a much better experience than it is not cochou 5 we

Want two speakers much better sound quality we will also be able to perform all the functions i mentioned about the eco show 5 the camera is also 1 megapixel but of course the screen has a better quality of experience to use it will be better for you to watch something maybe put it in the kitchen there to see a recipe or watch a movie something that here is not a show 5

Is not something so cool if you are far away at the moment it is costing 699 reais and finally we arrived at eco show 10 latest amazon release but before talking about it or if you still haven’t left that like sapeco thumbs up there because it helps a lot, see the good thing is that show 10 is the top of it, it has a 10.1 inch screen, it has 3 speakers, here we have a 13

Megapixel camera and it has a very cool function that it follows your face guy at the bottom function you can walk around him he will accompany you so you can, for example, make a video call while you are doing some other task he will accompany you this is very cool there not to mention also that you can use him as a camera security and it rotates 360 degrees it also has

A zig hub and all the functions i mentioned deco show five is that the show hi and even on sale it has the saltiest value it is a product that is not for everyone anymore for those demanding people who want to enjoy the maximum that amazon devices can offer at the moment that i can of this video it is not yet on sale. amazon a fire tv stick light is also on sale for r$

200 there is even a video on the channel, it is the simplest of them. today we have a new fire tv stick that has a more complete control although later you can invest in and also that it will work here at light and we also have the fire tv stick 4k but until then the promotion is only happening with the fire tv stick light any news i will post on my social networks at i

‘M also going to publish my offer groups on my website now i’m publishing on my website and i’m going to publish something about the 10th generation kindle, a really cool device, i’m also having my first experience now i’m enjoying my album a lot, i’m even going to cheer it up to read more from now on i also hope that it goes on sale last year it went on so let’s wait

Too how then that’s it guys summing up ecodot third and fourth generation for those who want to have that first experience with alexa it was very worth it it was see the first device now if you want to have a little better sound then you already get the fourth generation ecodot if you want to have a more complete experience with even better sound with other functions

Temperature sensor review my the new eco fourth generation for third experience with black screen the show 5 the ideal to stay at your work table very close to you in the created right there next to yours bed is not the most ideal for staying away, but more ideal for staying a little further away is the eco show 8 or eco studio is for those who really want to have sound

Quality but also have a more complete experience with amazon devices and finally the eco show 10 is for those who are more demanding, i even had an even more immersive experience with the ar device but it will only lose out in sound quality to the echo studio. your doubts take advantage of the promotion for nobody it’s the best day for you to buy these devices all the

Links will be here in the description if you’re watching this video too another time no the problem is just access the links there sometimes you’ll get a nice price if you still have any questions you can leave them here in the comments and i’ll answer you don’t stop following me and especially on instagram i’ll post a lot of things in the stories feed here also in the

Description, you will not only have the link of the devices but also of other categories in smartphones notebooks a lot there if you want to understand a little more about smart home just click here above or here below to understand more about computer networks and i’m max this was another tip for you one what up what up

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QUAL ALEXA COMPRAR? Echo Dot, Novo Echo, Echo Studio ou Echo Show? By Max Dicas