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Quick view on a R2-D2 Tamagotchi

Finally got my Starwars, R2- D2 Tamagotchi, so I figured I would give a mini discussion on it. sorry about the glare. I’m new to YouTube!

Hey guys what’s going on welcome to my channel um so today for you i have the finally released star wars r2d2 tamagotchi uh it only took i don’t know two decades for them to actually release one of these things but who cares we have it now that’s all that matters so i have already opened this up and started playing with it because i am very impatient and um

I’m not going to walk you through starting it up for the first time see what it looks like when you pull the battery tab out because i don’t want to take all the fun away from you guys but i will open this up again and i will show you the basics of it what it’s like and you can determine from there if you want to get your own i’m assuming if you stumble across this

Video you’re probably gonna want one anyways so here we go so like i said i already opened up the package um i put it back inside i’ll open it up again and i’ll show you what comes in it comes with the card uh tells you the basics on the back of it um and inside there is a instruction manual um it’s in a few different languages so when you’re looking at this

Instruction manual you might be saying what the heck but there is english sections in every part of it and it tells you how to do everything but if you’re like me you’re probably not going to read the instructions you’re just going to jump right into it right off the bat because that is just what we do so there’s a little plastic sleeve you take that out now

When you first open this up you’re gonna have a little piece of plastic that you know keeps it off so the battery’s not draining you pull it out it starts up it does its thing um and then if you can see this you will see r2d2 now just like any of the other tamagotchis that you might have had you have three buttons you have your a button your b button and your

C button so your c button will show you what you what your r2d2 currently wants so if he sets off a chime and he needs attention if you didn’t hear it right off the bat you can push the c button it will tell you what you need um if you hit the a button you can cycle through the menu i’m sorry about this glare kind of hard to get this recorder i’m new to this

Whole youtube thing so just bear with me please um but if you hit the a button you can toggle through the menus you can either recharge him or you can go into this setting which is games one is a fire game one is a holographic chess game um this one i won’t tell you what that is yet if you guys want to like i said um you can either look it up or you can just be

Surprised when you get your own r2d2 tamagotchi so hit the a the b button is the one that you select to um pick what option it is that you’re on now this one feeds r2d2 which or charges him whatever you want to call it um this next one on the bottom it looks like a little hand with a cleaning mitt on it see if i can get that in there um that is to wipe him down

So if you click b it wipes him down he likes a good pat down likes to be cleaned he’s nice and happy um i’ll just show you this one click b it looks like it’s feeding him he charges up his batteries if you will and now like any of the tamagotchi if you don’t push any button for a little while it will you know back out of the menu on its own but let’s just hit

The c button it takes you back out and you see r2d2 just sitting there dancing um when he’s in a good mood if you push the c button he’ll do this little dance and twirl he makes all these cool little noises i’ll do that one more time without talking so you guys can hear it um you hit the c button to see what he may currently need if he doesn’t need anything and

He’s happy go lucky he’s just gonna start dancing and that’s it um there are different things that this does you can uh he will learn different techniques but again like i said i don’t want to spoil it for you guys um i want you to be just as excited as i was when i first got it so um pretty much to sum this up i got this um actually my wife got it for me because

She knows i’m a massive star wars nerd um so she got this for me but i know they go for twenty dollars um you can get it either in this color which is a more realistic um colors of r2d2 it’s the white with the blue striping or you can get one that is blue with white striping um she knows i would have rather had the white with the blue striping but i would have

Settled with whatever i got because i’m not super picky but um this is it guys uh i hope this answers any questions that you might have had i hope i didn’t spoil too much for you

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Quick view on a R2-D2 Tamagotchi By R_Mac67fstbck