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r.i.p dash

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Foreign yo what’s up guys um today is the day uh we gotta uh put my dog dash down now if you guys don’t know dash um he is my dog i’ve had him since i was like eight years old and i’m 21 now so about like i don’t know over a little bit over 10 years and i’ve never ever had like had to deal with like a dog’s death or anything but the reason why we are putting him

Down is because he doesn’t have like he’s really really overweight as you guys know and um you know um he he has lost like power in his back legs so like like he like it’s not funny but i don’t know i laugh so like i can like like be cool and stuff like that but he lost all the power in his back legs he’s fat and he’s old now he’s like 13 years old so like he’s

Old and like he can’t lift himself so he just literally be and pissing sitting down like chilling on the floor like so um we got to go put him down and we feel like he’s in a lot of pain and stuff like that we gave him shots and all types of stuff spent a lot of money on him and my mom’s hitting me like you know we can give him another shot and stuff but you

Know we don’t they don’t know but i always feel like like veterans or stuff like not veterans or like veterinarians or people at the vet they don’t really be caring they just be like uh we just got to kill him or something but i don’t know like but i mean you know i’m always in the best interest of dash so i always want to see what we can do but if we have to

Put him down then that’s just what we have to do and that’s just how life works man and i’m just glad that it had to happen this way than any other way like i wanted him to get old and not be able to work anymore then rather than him get run over by a car or or him you know just any other way passing away so i feel like this is the best natural way and um yeah i

Think i’m gonna handle it why well uh we’re all we’re heading over there because i think we got an appointment like an hour so i’m just gonna chill with him for uh for the day and just chill waiting for like the time of being and stuff like that my sister and everybody’s over there but yeah so that’s just it guys i i wanted to film it because i feel like you guys

Always put dash in my vlogs and i always used to say like it’s not a vlog without dashing it so i feel like it would be weird for him just to randomly disappear you know what i’m saying just never say anything so i want to go uh just experience it with you guys and bring you guys with me so i’ll see you guys on my mom’s crib you try to get you said you’re trying

To get dash hot yeah no i said is he still high you let him smoke or something no grandma has these like high things for dogs if he’s putting them out and chill grandma’s a drug dealers for the dogs i’m good should we give it to him though to relax him more no yes we want to i don’t know i’ve just been thinking like i love you i don’t want to burn i don’t want

To put him down i didn’t want to put him down the doctor said we should the doctor’s always going to say that well no the thing is no it’s about if i was a vet and some ugly ass fat ass dog came in here kill that bro you don’t have to kill that bro i don’t ever want to see that money realistically we can get him a wheelchair like because he still eats he still

Drinks he’s still you know like we could just get him a wheelchair you know the dogs yeah and how does this thing start running hey bro like yeah he’ll be rolling or you got a bbl same take the fat out of him no cut his legs off why don’t we cut his legs off because they don’t work okay give him prosthetics she’s out of the wheelchair huh that’s the wheelchair

You know dogs wheelchairs no i never said no back legs wheels no i’ve never seen no will dear dog bro you know oh like we could do that let me see oh my god that sounds funny dad you want to get on a wheelchair let’s do that huh let’s do that i said i was fine with anything mom said let’s put him down i don’t want to put him down though i got all these videos

Bobby for real let bobby decide what you want to do thank you oh you guys got kai gift cecai run all you guys are going to get for being number one streamer that hard he’s for him is that short and little man you’re taller than me yeah both some short what but you get though is that you’re gonna say next oh what that means he’s straight look he’s smiling

Hey he’s probably like i’m out of here oh he’s smiling now oh you want to put them down stop saying that what do you mean you called me and said that that’s because the doctor said that i asked the doctor i said mom the doctor said we should have been put killed nana but no but after she died we don’t shop we’re not sure shut up new dog shut your ass up she

Said grandma look like harriet tubman that’s up bro you are racist holy grandma that’s crazy the teardrops hopefully you’re trying to make this like i’m not trying to make this sad i don’t want it i don’t want it to happen i just wish something in your mind would just change it i’m just saying even if you were to take care of them 20 you want to take care

Of them 24 7. i think that’s the main thing she don’t want to take care of them no it’s not that’s selfish are you guys kidding me no you don’t none of you you guys take care of them i don’t wanna i have to watch him suffer you guys come over yeah i do want to take care of them we all we um all watch them suffer i’ll be busy don’t i have to hear him crying with

Him okay i watch him i hear him cry all night every night i do i’ve been hearing them crying for the next two days but he’s in here though you don’t come out your room and check on him i change his diaper have you changed one diaper no but i try to i i try to pick him up and have that blood flow to his legs one time out of his home and then i said his leg was

Bent backward you said oh yeah that always happens no it’s not that’s our whole point it’s not easy that’s what we’re trying to get out so we’re i’m trying to find another solution to keep him here it’s not easy no the whole thing is it’s it’s so easy to be sad but when you know something like this has to happen i know i kind of it’s like to me i laugh at the pain

In the sense so i don’t get so deep down because it’s gonna happen we all come here to die you know yeah well seriously i mean it’s just something we have to go through we’re selfish if we want to keep him here under the conditions how many dogs have you had no i said we have a selfish behavior like when my mom selfish no no listen listen i think he doesn’t want

To leave i honestly do really but no i’m not saying is selfish i’m like when my mom passed away i wanted her to stay longer because i felt selfish because i wanted to keep her but it wasn’t in the plan so i’m just saying you know had any dogs pass away oh you’re done yes i did i got two i had two dogs one dog got eaten out by a big dog yeah what are you like

Honestly what do you think though did you know yeah i mean at the end of the day i like i said i’d be trying to laugh like i’ll be trying to laugh but like i feel like you know if he lit i’m not here all the time i don’t know when it’s time to go though right now i’m serious i know i know i know i feel like i’m crying when we get there she’s gonna be crying me no

I’m not i’m good right now i want it once the process happens i think that’s when i feel like man like it’s just like i don’t know bro like if he’s really in pain he really like can’t move and he’s just like pain and he’s crying and all this stuff and i feel you like you know what i’m saying but i’m saying if you got some time in here to to i think he’s crying

Because he knows he’s leaving and he doesn’t want to leave see that’s such a split thing that’s so hard but i don’t know i mean i mean all right i’m fine with either way like you know what i’m saying like like you know he’s laying there all day long yeah i mean how much would it cost person do you think to get a surgery where they would cut his legs off and put

Him in that thing just give him a wheelchair he can’t even scratch he’s not old he’s he’s too old he can’t carry a wheelchair pull the wheelchair with his front legs he’s old and he’s overweight let me go walk he’s irritated by everything around him no one pets him like that he’s peeing all over the place i’m saying he can’t he can’t jump on he can’t walk around

No the person that shows him the most love i’m gonna be real is the shade though i told you i never said he wasn’t i’m saying i still show i show more love than y’all do i know i gotta be part i’m gonna be i’m gonna be real i don’t like i don’t personally like dogs like that you know what i mean i’m not a dog person kisses him every time he’s not here at 24. i

Used to be there when you were living clean up his pigs but that’s not showing love though no i wonder i say you didn’t like to though who likes to clean up if you love a person you will that was crazy i used to sleep in his bed lay in his bed now what was the funniest memories with like younger like younger y’all got any like memories with dash with dash yeah

He got hit by a car like six times no i took it no you really did though he was fat he was fat and i remember he don’t like there’s there is a crush on there’s these girls these girls outside and there’s going to a party i was like you know what i need a reason to go outside so i could talk to the girls and and i was like i’m gonna bring my dog so i brought my

Dog outside to go talk to him and they started laughing at my dog bro they was laughing like what the yeah i was like that fat as hell i was like damn they got in the car left yeah my friends always used to make fun of my dog yeah yep dub i used to always make death jokes now it’s finally coming finally yep it’s like they’re dead just like the midges these

Are not my real empties though there’s others i don’t know that’s what martin no that is yeah we didn’t um yeah dash we’re putting him down today yeah yeah it’s probably gonna be you want to say goodbye okay yeah yeah okay all right i’m gonna go get everything when the doctor said that she said sorry huh but she’s like sorry i was walking in yeah because she

Saw it on the things when he said that when the first doctor said that and then walked out i was like the camera’s right there i was like i couldn’t even leave the it would be mr yeah i mean he’s literally the cat we he’s been alive for like ever yes yes like okay at some point like his kidneys were gonna feel yeah then we would have to come and do the same thing

Something you know like something would have happened he would stop eating and then we’d have to oh wait what happened it was gonna happen anyway anyways yeah i wish you would just like pass away in his sleep but you know yeah but in all of this is something that we could get out of it another time all right guys who’s your baby dash all right so you guys order

A paw print too yeah right the way that i love to do this is um out of my monica holding i like you guys all in the front so you guys could ski okay the way it’s done uh whoever doesn’t feel comfortable you don’t get to walk out as well see that you guys are doing crab information as well correct all right so what i’m going to do is that i’m going to stand on

That side next to your right so like that these are three uh injections that i’m going to be giving the clear one is a flush saline the white one is propofol and then the pink one is super soft does the white one like the white one is just a flush okay yeah the one that usually comes in sedates in mr crook okay see if you guys are ready i’m gonna start okay now

All right this would sedate him a little bit relaxing all right take that edge off make it look comfortable you think he knows what’s going on um i would say he doesn’t no i don’t think he does but this would take that edge off he can still hear you he can still see you his heart is still beating oh all right what happened that’s very very nice yeah all right

All right you guys can see your goodbyes because now it’s coming okay wait this is happening i love you dude bye dash i miss you big time you’ll be well buddy and have fun okay so your permission i’m gonna move forward okay guys okay gosh you’re the best dash i’m sorry for you guys lost guys okay hahaha laughs let me give it a kiss he may be a little

Twitchy because it’s very normal if this happens too long okay so you may see this okay the eyes will remain open okay i’ll still lay back you gonna pick them up yeah anywhere right he ain’t gonna come i have so many questions for you what’s wrong with you are you gonna drive

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r.i.p dash💔 By Deshae Frost